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Sunday, 30 October 2016

30 October 2016. A WRY Point to Ponder…

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Sit back and laugh… for doing the right thing! Trust me… there are people who love to hate and write hateful things all over the net for the whole world to see. I may oppose Whiteford and Dreher… but I forgive them… the first one isn’t overly bright and the second is nothing but an opportunistic mercenary. Neither one is a heavyweight… so why should I attend to what they say about me? Kids… the rest of you should take the same attitude. Pay no mind to asshats, praise God, and love life… now, that’s the ticket.

Pass the jug and cheer! The plug-uglies can only hurt you if you let them. Come join the happy warriors and roll out the barrel!



Thursday, 23 June 2016

23 June 2016. A Thought From Oscar Wilde…

00 Karol Nienartowicz. Stairway to the Castle. 2014 Oscar Wilde. 220616


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Religious Fanatics Gatecrash “Blasphemous” Theatre Performance

Public Speaking


Orthodox fanatics burst onstage during a rendition of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband and berated Moscow theatregoers for tolerating blasphemy. In a video of the incident posted on LifeNews, one sees Dmitri Tsorionov, AKA Enteo, leader of the group God’s Will, and a young female supporter disrupting a performance on Thursday evening at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre before being dragged away by security, who handed them over to police afterwards. When security led the girl from the auditorium… still crying out, “Why do you so hate Jesus?”… some of the audience members began to applaud.

Alexander Cheparukhin, the audience member who recorded the footage, wrote on his Twitter account, “Most of the public were certain that Enteo’s monologue was the director’s most successful find and an extension of [Konstantin] Bogomolov‘s boisterous PR campaign”. A police representative told RIA-Novosti that cops arrested two people for hooliganism at the theatre and brought them to the station house, without naming the people in question. The authorities haven’t yet decided whether to charge them.

Enteo said that they went to the theatre to see if reports from shocked believers about the play’s content were right, but couldn’t restrain themselves at a pivotal moment in the performance, saying, “We went on stage and appealed to the hall’s conscience. We explained that an infernal blasphemy was happening on stage… a naked woman hung from the ceiling representing the crucified Jesus Christ and an actor playing a homosexual priest was worshipping her. This deeply offended us”.

Konstantin Bogomolov, whose provocative productions have lately become notorious in the theatre community, directed An Ideal Husband: A Comedy, based on Oscar Wilde’s play of the same name. The play received a nomination as the Best Large Scale Production in the 2014 Golden Mask Festival. Enteo and his followers claim that the production violates the so-called blasphemy law… passed into law earlier this year… which criminalised offending religious feelings. Enteo wrote on Twitter, “We’ll strive to have Bogomolov receive three years in jail for offending the feelings of believers”. Three years is the maximum possible sentence under the blasphemy law. God’s Will is known for organising rallies against homosexuality and Pussy Riot.

29 November 2013

The Moscow Times


Editor’s Note:

These nutters don’t represent the Church or Christians… the official Church doesn’t endorse them nor does it condone their nutty actions. No, the Church doesn’t like blasphemy at all, but it doesn’t “bless” fanatics to disrupt public performances. It writes against such, it advises people not to attend such, and it takes a public stance against such. However, it doesn’t do what this barmy lot does. I do know of those amongst us who do applaud such shit, but they’re unrepresentative of real Orthodox and real Orthodoxy (but they’re “oh-so-religious”, dontcha know). You can oppose something without making a fool of yourself and the Church, too. That’s that…



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