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Sunday, 30 August 2015

OFFICIAL DNR Government Statement on Local Elections in the Donbass

00 Referendum 01. Novorossiya. Russia. 11.05.14



On Monday, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko will address the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. Today, he signed an official invitation to this them, requesting that they come to the Republic to monitor the DNR local elections. These elections shall occur on 18 October 2015, pursuant to the Minsk Protocol of 5 September 2014 and the Set of Measures of 12 February 2015. The Elections will follow the DNR Constitution of the NPT and its laws, as well as the provisions of the Law on the Special Status of the Donbass. We hope for a positive response from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. We guarantee the safety of the mission members; we’d provide every means for their effective work.

Maksim Leshchenko

Head of Administration for the DNR Chairman of the Government

29 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Ex-Ukrainian Border Guard Asked OSCE to Help His Family Because Junta Security Organs are “Putting the Bite” on Them

00 lugansk is a russian city! 0.08.14

“Lugansk is a RUSSIAN city…”


Sergei Sergeyev, a former Ukrainian border-guard soldier who rallied to the LNR, appealed to international human rights organisations to help his family cope with pressure from junta security organs, as they live in fascist-occupied territory. Sergeyev, Kursant* Artyom Molchanov, and several other Ukrainian soldiers recently rallied to the LNR. Currently, Sergeyev’s kin live in the village of Luganskoi. He said:

After my video message about rallying to the LNR, the security organs pressured my parents and close relatives. My parents live in parts temporarily occupied by the Ukrainian Nazis. I didn’t think that they’d pressure my folks, because every human life is sacred. However, nothing’s sacred to Ukrainian fascists. They claim to be officers… no… the concept of honour and dignity doesn’t exist amongst them. Therefore, I appeal to international human rights organisations, I ask anyone who could help influence the Ukrainian side, to help my parents and kin.

Sergeyev gave his appeal to a member of the OSCE mission, who promised to pass it on to his people in Kiev.

  • Kursant: what Western forces call a “cadet”, an officer-trainee

29 August 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


Monday, 17 August 2015

DNR and OSCE Mission Agree on Steps to De-Escalate Donbass Conflict

00 OSCE observers. DNR. Novorossiya. 24.03.15


On Sunday, Vice-Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet D V Pushilin said that the OSCE Mission and the DNR outlined three steps to de-escalate the current conflict in the Donbass. The first step would be to verify the pullout of weapons with calibre under 12-cm from the Contact Line by the conflicting sides, and the OSCE mission would monitor and verify such withdrawal. Secondly, the OSCE would monitor shelling at night, in an attempt to stop such incidents. Lastly, the parties involved would intensify efforts to prepare and sign a document on the withdrawal of weapons with calibre less than 10-cm. Pushilin told reporters, “We agreed on several high-priority items, which the OSCE Mission would discuss with its leadership, and [the DNR] would also prepare to implement these [three] steps”.

16 August 2015

Sputnik International


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Plotnitsky sez LNR Might Get 2 Million Euros for Reconstruction of Water Supply Facilities

00 Igor Plotnitsky. Lugansk Peoples Republic. 22.03.15


LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky told journalists on the TV show Час Главы (Chas Glavy: An Hour with the Boss) that Germany should confirm a proposal to allocate 2 million Euros (144.11 million Roubles. 14.2 million Renminbi. 144.73 million INR. 2.23 million USD. 2.91 million CAD. 3.02 million AUD. 1.42 million UK Pounds) to repair destroyed water supply facilities in the LNR, saying, “Talks are still at a tentative stage. I’d like to think that such a respected country would keep its word. For them, 2 million Euros really isn’t a lot of money. I’d like to see a confirmation of these intentions at least.  Besides this, Germany also offered to address the topic of paying out old-age pensions to pensioners living in the Republic. However, strangely enough, talk about pensions segued into talk on the Contact Line. We said, ‘Sure, keep those paragraphs about the OSCE mission, for our citizens’ protection’. For some reason, no one agreed to the mission’s presence at these locations”.

16 August 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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