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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Glory to the REAL Heroes… Salamdzheri Alikhanovich Kokaev

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During the VOV, his comrades pulled Salamdzheri Alikhanovich out of a blazing tank, badly burned, with his hands gone. However, he survived the loss of his hands, earning a Doktora Nauka in historical sciences, becoming a professor at North Ossetia State University (SOGU).

22 May 2016

Diana Dzalaeva



Friday, 19 June 2015

19 June 2015. We Won’t Get Neoconned Again! This is What Happened in the Last American Proxy War

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As bad as the Republican neocons are, the Democratic “Humanitarian Interventionists” are worse than they are. That’s to say, Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden are FAR more evil and nasty than McCain and Rubio are. That’s why Bernie Sanders has created such enthusiasm. He’s the only candidate not in the pocket of the oligarchs. Make no mistake on it, Hilly and Biden are as much in the pay of the oligarchs as are Rand Paul and Bill O’Reilly. Please, though, take a care with groups purporting to support Bernie. Some are really pro-Hilly groups in drag… they talk about not allowing criticism of Hilly and other Dem sellouts, so, if you see that, it’s a sign that the group is phony-baloney Sanders, and really in favour of Hilly. I got fooled myself, to be frank, but that’s OK… we all make mistakes, and we all learn from our mistakes (or we should).

Hilly hasn’t renounced “welfare reform” and she’s still persona grata with the grasping Waltons of Wal-Mart. That is, the only thing that she deserves from all decent people is damnatio memoriae. Have a care, there be cowpats on that there road, and shit is hard to clean off one’s boots…


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

24 September 2014. A Blast From the Past… DO NOT Rile the Bear… He DOES Tend to Get Feisty n’ Gnarly…

00 Russia and South Ossetia. 2008


There’s much rot written about the 2008 South Ossetia War, especially by Anglo Americans. Let’s state some home truths. The Georgians started the war with a sneak Grad attack on sleeping civilians in Tskhinval. They did so with the full knowledge and approval of their American puppeteers (captured documents at the American base in Gori made that clear… yet the Anglo liars continue to deny, deny, deny). Russian forces defeated a Georgian attempt to attack the Roki Tunnel before the Grad attack… it’s not clear whether the attack was merely American-led or that Russian forces captured Americans special ops sorts and sent them back home quietly (I’ve heard both stories; I don’t have enough evidence to vet either one definitively). The Russian forces won because the Georgian forces deserted and went home en masse. The way to Tbilisi was open, but the Russians didn’t go there. That is, they could’ve, but they didn’t. That’s because Russians are qualitatively better people than Anglo Americans are… they don’t believe in “winning is the only thing” as greed-crazed Americans do (we’re sinners… we know that… we don’t view ourselves as “exceptional” and beyond all laws as the demented Anglo American toddlers do). We don’t view ourselves as perfect models for the whole world to emulate as Anglo narcissists do.

Russia won fair n’ square and the Anglo Americans still pout over their defeat (for defeat it was). It’ll be worse after the Americans lose in the Ukraine… betcha that rightwing pukes like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will hold hearings on “Who lost the Ukraine?” I’ll tell you why the Americans will lose in the Ukraine… as in Georgia, they backed pure and unmitigated evil. Full stop. Thus always to tyrants…


Monday, 20 May 2013

20 May 2013. Where Do They Get Their “Attitude?”

00 Glory to God! I'm a Cossack 01. 20.05.13


One wonders… is Cossack attitude inborn or is it taught? I, for one, vote for it being part of one’s being… that is, you “get it through the tittie”. That’s not only true of Cossacks, it’s true of all the Orthosphere peoples… be they Greeks, Armenians, Copts, Ethiopians, Russians, Serbs, or Hillbilly Ossetians (don’t mess with ’em, y’ hear; they DO know how to take care of themselves, they proved that in the recent war). We have not only a religion, we have a culture that comes wrapped indissolubly around it. That’s why it’s so difficult for newbies to “get it right”… it doesn’t come out of a book, “it comes through the tittie”. A whole new world has to be born in a convert’s soul to receive the Truth… which means that they have to walk away from the whole lot that they once believed in. They’re not doing that… ergo, they’re not truly converting. Sad, ain’t it? However, for how much longer can we afford to tolerate posturing semi-converted Anglicans amongst us (I know real Anglicans… they don’t have the hangups that the konvertsy have, trust me on that one)?

You can have the books or you can have the iaias and babas… that’s what on offer… I think that you know where I stand…


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