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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

21 April 2015. The Workers and Peasants Red Army Liberated the Death Camps… Galician Uniate Nationalists Helped Run Them… and That’s Not “Deceitful Russian Propaganda”

00 Holocaust memorial day 2015. 16.04.15


The Galician Uniates are screaming about “deceitful Russian propaganda”… well, in 1945 the Workers and Peasants Red Army LIBERATED Oświęcim… Galician Uniate nationalists helped run the camp and they rounded-up people for the Nazis. I seem to see a difference there. The people who honour Lenin, honour the Red Army heroes who liberated the camps. The people who honour Bandera and the UPA, honour those who helped the Nazis run the camps. That’s not “deceitful Russian propaganda”…



Sunday, 27 January 2013

Auschwitz… History to Remember… but Never Repeat

00 St Maximilian Maria Kolbe. Hungary. Auschwitz. 27.01.13

Catholic St Maximilian Kolbe, who died in the Auschwitz extermination camp… not all of its victims were Jews


On January 27, a Russian exhibition will reopen in the museum devoted to the history of World War II in the Polish city of Oświęcim, better known under the German variant of its name… Auschwitz. During that war, during the Nazi occupation of Poland, one of the most terrible Nazi concentration camps was in Auschwitz. In 1947, the Polish government turned the former camp into a museum, with the aim of it to be a constant reminder of the Nazi horrors, so that we wouldn’t repeat them. The organisers chose 27 January for the Russian exhibition’s reopening because the Red Army liberated the Auschwitz camp on 27 January 1945.

In particular, the Nazis intended this camp for the killing of nationalities that, according to incoherent Nazi “theory”, were “underdeveloped” peoples. More than 1.1 million people died in the Auschwitz camp, including about 900,000 Jews, at least 140,000 Poles, and about 23,000 Roma. Every day, trains brought thousands of people, including many old people and underage children, to this camp from more than 30 countries… Romania, France, Czechia, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, the Netherlands, the USSR, Poland itself, and others. The Nazis immediately killed the majority of new arrivals comers in the gas chambers. Witnesses said that, every day, the camp’s crematoriums disposed of about 8,000 corpses.

Those not immediately killed had to perform debilitating work. The daily ration consisted of 300 grammes of bread and a cup of watery soup. After several months spent in such conditions, people turned into living skeletons. Besides, medical experiments… if one could call sophisticated torture medical experiments… were performed in Auschwitz. One of the doctors (if could call sadists doctors), Josef Mengele, dubbed the “Angel of Death”, was especially notorious for his cruelty. When the Red Army liberated the camp, they found only 7,000 people alive there.

The organisers of the Russian part of the Auschwitz museum’s exposition don’t hide the fact that they want it to upset visitors. Hard as it may be, such horror would help people to realise one thing… we must never allow Nazism to rise again. Olga Sokolova, One of the Russian organisers, said, “The visitors should realise that they’re witnessing a hideous occurrence. Of course, only the part of the exposition devoted to the camp’s liberation by the Red Army should produce positive feelings”. There are eight expositions in the Auschwitz museum, devoted to this-or-that particular country, from whence the prisoners who suffered in the camp came from… Poland, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Czechia, Austria, Hungary, France, and Belgium. A part of the exposition is devoted to the Roma people. For the last five years, the Russian section remained closed. Officially, it was under renovation, but the real reason was a cooling of relations between Russia and Poland.

Victor Skryabin Deputy Director of the Moscow Museum of World War II and one of the organisers of the Auschwitz exhibition, pointed up, “Russia and Poland might have certain disagreements concerning politics, but I believe that these disagreements shouldn’t affect the two nations’ need to commemorate World War II’s victims. After all, many Soviet people, including about 15,000 Red Army men, died in the Auschwitz camp. One of the aims of our exposition is to show the criminal nature of Nazism. We also wish to emphasise that the Red Army liberated the camp, and, of course, to commemorate the dead”.

The camp in Auschwitz was the largest, but it wasn’t the only extermination camp in Nazi-occupied Europe. There were ten such camps, four of which were in Poland. In total, about the Nazis killed 3 million people in extermination camps.

25 January 2013

Maria Dunayeva

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Horrid as it was, the Holocaust wasn’t unique. Mankind has indulged in mass murder throughout history, especially, when others lived on land coveted by this-or-that group… two prominent examples being the Israelite ethnic cleansing of Old Israel (the Biblical version of events) and the American campaign against the Native population (justified by the racist doctrine of Manifest Destiny). I’m four-square against anti-Semitism, but I’m equally-against the white-washing of the historical record to fit a convenient mythos. Never forget this… ordinary human beings carried out the Holocaust. Ordinary humans could do it again… and DID… in the Rwandan Genocide and the Cambodian Genocide. Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee…

One last thing… the agitation by some Jews against the Carmelite convent at Oświęcim was unjustified and hateful in the extreme. Edith Stein, a Carmelite nun, died there. St Maximilian Kolbe, a Franciscan monk, died there. They weren’t the only Catholic victims of this horrific place. In short, some Jews were upset that the Carmelite nuns were praying for the soul of Edith Stein… a convert from Judaism to Christianity. I hate religious bigotry of all sorts… I despise anti-Semitism and Jewish anti-Christianity equally. Thank God, only a small minority of Christians and Jews actually engage in such filth… but it should be a warning to all of us… the urge to evil exists in all groups. Never forget… just as there wasn’t ever a “pure” human group, there’s never been a totally-evil one. We should keep a watch over our hearts… Solzhenitsyn reminded us that there’s a bridgehead of evil in every soul… we forget that at our peril…


Monday, 5 December 2011

5 December 2011. Lest We Forget… There WAS an Extermination Camp at Oświęcim (Auschwitz)


The above image shows a Red Army man with prisoners at the Nazi Vernichtungslager (Extermination  Camp) at Oświęcim in Upper Silesia. It’s better known by its German name… Auschwitz. 1.1 million died here… if you were to say one name a second, it would take you almost 306 hours, almost 13 days, nearly two weeks, to say them all. That’s 24 hours a day… seven days a week. I find that Holocaust Deniers are amongst the lowest form of pond scum on the planet. I’m no fan of Zionism and of the policies of the Israeli rightwing, but history’s what it is. The Judenmörd (Massacre of the Jews) DID happen… the Nazis did kill millions in four short years (1940-44). Yes… unscrupulous Zionist politicians “used” it… but that doesn’t undo or mitigate the horrid human tragedy of it all. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve come to despise the rightwing. They do their best to deny that the Nazi brutalities occurred, just as they deny the present American brutalities in IraqAfghanistan, and elsewhere. It’s a seamless whole, isn’t it? I find no difference between the Nazi belief in the Master Race and the American Right’s belief in American Exceptionalism. Both are violent… both argue for a Master Race… both are nothing but excuses for the brutalisation of weaker peoples. The Jim Crow laws were nothing more than a Southern US version of the Nürnberg Laws; it was an American version of the “Yellow Star”. Makes you think, doesn’t it? It’s why I’ll never relent in my opposition to the Radical Right’s noxious lies (and why I’ll never relent in my opposition to Orthodox rightwingers such as Paffhausen… to speak at the extremist “American Enterprise Institute“… that’s unforgivable).

On 27 January 1945, the Red Army liberated the death camp at Oświęcim, a day celebrated throughout the world as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. NEVER FORGET… and never forgive those who deny the reality of history (unless they publicly abjure their lies, of course). ONE DEATH is too many… but 1.1 million? What kind of soulless brute must you be to do such?

The Spirit of Auschwitz lives today… only it uses UAVs instead of gas chambers and ovens. It was wrong then… it’s wrong now. I know where I stand… what about you?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 5 December 2011

Albany NY 

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

3 November 2011. Lest We Forget: They All Had Faces… They All Had Names… AND THEY STILL DO


The above is the mugshot of Czesława Kwok, a 14-year-old Polish girl arrested by the Fascists in November 1942 and sent to the death camp at Oświęcim in Upper Silesia (better known by its German name of Auschwitz), along with her mother. They were both dead by February. In the eyes of the Nazi racists, they were Untermenschtumen… “Sub-Humanity”… Lebe ohne Leben… “Life without Life”. The spiritual descendants of the brutal murderers of Auschwitz live today… they’re found in the boardrooms of transnational corporations, the hushed corridors of Langley and the District, and in the cloistered precincts of think tanks and academe. They no longer use concentration camps… they use “outsourcing“… they call it “globalisation“… they hide their crimes by committing them in compliant Third World dictatorships. If you vote for the Republican Party… if you listen to Rush Limbaugh… if you agree with Paul Ryan and Dropout Scott Walker, that’s what you assent to. The McMansions in American exurbia, in large measure, are financed via the brutalisation and maltreatment of workers in Third World countries… who aren’t as “human” as we are, dontcha know (that’s what they believe, kids).


Afghan kids forced to labour instead of going to school… THIS is what the rightwing wants throughout the world… think deeply on that before you mark your ballot…


They haven’t changed one bit, not at all (don’t forget… Western interests allowed many Nazi killers to escape via various “rat lines“). In the ’40s they oppressed Jews, Slavs, and Roma people. Today, they kick around people in Latin America and Southern Asia. The venue has changed… the brutality has NOT. Then, they used slave labour openly. Today, they hide it in foreign parts where most people can’t see it (that’s why they’re for “free trade”… it allows them to circumvent the labour, environmental, and safety laws of the developed states). You do have a choice… you can affect the outcome.

DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE (or Conservative in Canada and the UK, or Liberal in Australia).

That’s what you can do to help spread real justice in the world. Just as the victims of the Nazis all had faces and they all had names, the victims of the Neoliberal Free Market buccaneers are just as human, just as precious as individual souls. As Christians, that should mean something to us, and spur us to action. If not, we’re not only human scum unfit for decent company, we’re diabolic evildoers fit only for the fires of Hell. Do think on that…

NB to Orthodox people:

Many of the konvertsy defend the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson, and support the rightwing oppression of the Third World (they benefit… so, they don’t give a damn). Paffhausen defends them… that should tell you something. His pals Potapov and Lyonyo have direct ties to the rightwing apparat (Lyono via the CFR and Potapov via the Washington Times and the BBG) and its violent exploitation of weaker countries and societies. It’s time to clean house…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 3 November 2011

Albany NY

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