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Monday, 6 July 2015

6 July 2015. (Mostly Orthodox) Points from My Correspondence



I’m in plain type; my interlocutors are in italics. The events of the last two months in the Church here have been “interesting”… that’s NOT a good thing…



However, NEVER call it the Eastern Ukraine… call it the Donbass or Novorossiya… otherwise, to call it “Ukrainian” gives legitimacy to the junta’s invasion. Holy Rus is under attack… it behoves all Orthodox to get with it and SUPPORT the Orthodox side. Yet, we don’t… there are traitors in both OCA and ROCOR… Potapov, Vassa Larina, Kishkovsky & daughter, Serge Schmemann, Jillions (not to mention Dreher, Freddie M-G, Mattingly, and Reardon)… to name a few.

Did you notice Mollard in Armenia? A friend of mine at the Centre said that Peredelkino paid for it. They had him sitting next to Rostislav Gont, the Czech white hat (there was no caption, but it was obvious to all those in the know). NO PICTURES of Mollard with Varsonufy Sudakov, the MP Chancellor, who’s the third man in the MP Troika (Mark Golovkov, V A Chaplin, and Varsonufy). Mollard and Gont were there to utz the Greeks (who don’t like the OCA or the Czechs).


Viewed from Moscow, what is the OCA? How can they be used against Bart before the Council? 

HH will use them to scupper the “Sobor”… them and the Czechs. He’ll demand that the Phanar seat them and when they don’t… you do see that. The OCA isn’t useful in and of themselves. They’re a token in the game of Strip Poker that Bart and HH are playin’… Bart’s down to his socks and skivvies. HH will have him buck-ass naked before the Orthodox world before he’s done with him. These two hate each other… make no mistake on that. Bart’s weakness amplifies his spleen and bile. Stay tuned…


There’s nothing on antiochian.org on any letter from Metropolitan Joseph authorising priests not to sign marriage licences. Have you heard anything? My Toledo friends haven’t… most of them are incensed that this Anglo shit did what he did. GRANDSTANDING.

I’m starting to call those people “Convertadox”… They haven’t really converted…

A friend of mine in Moscow wrote, “You don’t go picking fights with the authorities. That’s martyrdom seeking, which the Church condemns. The state isn’t asking him to sign off on gay marriage. What’s his problem? Why cause controversy when you don’t have to?” There it is, “Why cause controversy when you don’t have to”… that’s one way the Church outlasted the Reds. It “knew when to fold ’em” (you don’t fight everything).

Reardon needs attention. God forbid, he be ignored. I bet you most of that scum are just angry because they can’t be Bishops. Its power and control… nothing to do with Christianity… Reardon tried to control his parishioners’ lives… the old Babas would smack him upside the head… we need some Babas.


This seems to be [Reardon’s] individual decision, NOT something mandated by the Antiochians. “Reardon noted that his church’s national leader, while not directly addressing the marriage-license issue, sent a pastoral letter to his bishops, clergy and laypeople noting that marriage debates cannot be avoided”. However, someone’s gearing up for the long haul, here’s the web site. It certainly is one way to deflect questions about bookkeeping in the Antiochian Archdiocese. As for the “March for Marriage” event yesterday, supporters claimed 10,000 showed up. However, “Social media photos suggested attendance may have been decidedly lower than Bothwell’s estimate” (see this).


I’ve heard rumours that Reardon is expected to retire sometime this year. My theory with this grandstanding is that he wants to go out on a “high point”. I do agree with you that civil and religious marriage should be separate.

I think that he’s trying to get thrown out… so he can exit as a martyr. I’m gathering intel for a second post. One Arab priest is INCENSED, “How dare he fuck up Sayedna’s efforts to be united”… so, it hit me… Reardon is trying to exit as a “martyr”. Keep your distance from this one, dear… it smells like nothing but trouble to me.

I bet the Arab priests as a whole will be pissed. Oh, I’m keeping my distance, to be sure. I’ll definitely be interested in what intel you come up with. It’s very interesting reading the comments on various blogs addressing this. I wonder when Reardon issued the original statement to his parish. It appears he barely got through Easter and Holy Week. If he issued it during Bright Week, holy crap. Doesn’t a priest have better things to think about during Bright Week?


It’s time… Unity is within our grasp… if we reach for it… but shall we?

We mustn’t discount the Holy Ghost which has directed the Church *despite* the plans of experts and leaders. 😉

I think that the upcoming (abortive) all-Orthodox Sobor may become a catalyst. At the Armenian memorial this year, Varsonofy Sudakov brought not only Mollard, but some ROCOR people too. It looks like the Centre is going to the wall for the Czechs and for the OCA… and the Centre is ALL about UNITY. The buzz that I hear is that the Centre wants a “new ROCOR” of the present ROCOR, the MP parishes, and the healthy parts of the OCA… with Mark Golovkov wearing the white hat as First Hierarch. Ilarion Kapral would keep the white hat and head Australasia… Mollard would keep the white hat and “head” the USA (the present MP bishop would be his vicar and commissar). All parties would get a piece of the pie. This isn’t set in stone, but it’s the most plausible of the stories out there.

I’ve heard much the same.


BIG-TIME BUZZ at the Centre that they won’t go to the upcoming Sobor at the Phanar without the OCA and the Czechs (in Armenia, Gont was next to Mollard… all my sources tell me that Peredelkino paid for both of ’em to be there with Varsonofy (who insisted that Mollard be there)). This isn’t set in stone. Did you see that one of the reasons that Metropolitan Isaiah may be in trouble with the GOAA is that he allowed priests to preach in favour of the Tollhouses? Now, New Skete and Jordanville can AGREE on something! DON’T LAUGH… some people at the Centre do want a patch-up of the old ROCOR elements with the OCA… it seems that they mistrust converts like Reardon, Whiteford, and Freeman… stay tuned.

Very interesting Buzz. I hope it proves to be true, I’m tired of the Phanar acting like the Papacy of the East.


Gnarly shit, ain’t it? Nobody in the States wants to say the obvious. The Centre isn’t telling ROCOR “no” on sainthood for Rose… they’re giving it the old Pravoslavny Stall… “Next year… we’ll think about it”. What’d think on St Sergius in effect closing down? Betcha that the cast of suspects will end at SVS…

I hope the Centre keeps on “thinking about it”. Well, as for the Parisians, they don’t have too many other choices, but I don’t know if they have anyone left there that SVS would want, or could afford.

No news for a long time… then, a torrent. I’ll be honest; we need five good years of NO NEWS AT ALL. I think that you know what i mean!

I definitely know what you mean!

We were going good after Fats got the gate… now, it’s all going to hell at once. Pass the jug… and back to work.


I’m glad he’s gone but I imagine ROCOR won’t put up with Jonah’s bullshit… I wonder what they’ll do with him… continue to let him swan around DC?

Look at what Ilarion did with that bunch of dippy nuns in Maryland. They wouldn’t obey him… he didn’t argue with them, he simply pulled their antimins and was done with them. The same here. If Fatso roils the water, Ilarion will either rusticate him to a monastery or throw him out tout suite. Good riddance to bad rubbish. ROCOR is a real church, after all.


Haven’t had as much interesting personal correspondence in a while, as the Church situation had settled down to “no news”… a situation that I (and many others) heartily approved of. Now, Reardon’s insubordination and rebellion is going to roil the waters big time. I’m not going to discuss “gay marriage”… the only important issue is that Reardon made policy without his bishop’s explicit OK… that’s blasphemous, in Church terms. The sooner that he’s kicked out, the better (even though all it’d do is to make him a “martyr” in the eyes of the Pretendodox).



Sunday, 5 July 2015

5 July 2015. How Low the Mighty Have Fallen… Nikolai Soraich’s “Cathedral” in Lost Wages

00 all saints russian orthodox mission. las vegas nv usa. 040715


This is Nikolai Soraich’s “cathedral” in Las Vegas NV… that’s why nobody should bother about him. Metropolitan Ilarion Kapral has him neutralised where he can do no more harm. That’s good enough for me. Rather cheesy end, no? We all know what happened to his pal Brittain, don’t we? I don’t think that Nikolai has anything to do with that… but it does tell you much about a particular “set”, doesn’t it (all their shouts of “purity” notwithstanding… they all were part of Podmo’s lot, after all… that accused perv priest in Ohio was part of that clique, dontcha know)? The sooner that Metropolitan Ilarion exiles Fatso to a similar fate, the better… he could send him to Louisiana to rusticate with Dreher. It’d be appropriate… shitbirds of a feather do flock together. However, a friend of mine observed:

Fatso isn’t interested in being tied down to any parish. My bet is on him conning people out of money to start a monastery, name himself abbot, appoint a deputy abbot, and travel the world making speeches.

That’s why Metropolitan Ilarion has to watch this greasy junk-bond salesman. He’d embarrass the Church to no end and make an unholy spectacle of himself… but his goofy fans would eat it up. I’d put my money on Vladyki Ilarion… he did deal with that group of rebellious dippy nuns in Maryland right smartly, didn’t he? Fatso would find himself outclassed, both in “weight class” and in “class” (Metropolitan Ilarion is “class” whilst Fatso is “crass”). I think that he’ll end like Soraich… trust me, the ROCOR SOBs won’t put up with gnarly stuff (neither will the Centre).

Sometimes, there IS justice in this world…


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

OCA SOB Gives Fatso His Walking Papers

01 Kicked Out


The whole story is here. Here’s the only relevant part:

It was decided to issue a letter releasing the Former Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan Jonah, to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. His release becomes official with his receipt of said letter.

That’s all folks… he gets no money and he gets no real power. It took over two years due to Fatty’s greed and power-hunger. Now, it’s difficult for him to ingratiate himself with the Centre as he backs all the godless Republican filth in the District that want to attack the Rodina. He’ll hang around Potapov… or at least he’ll try to… I’d advise Ilarion Kapral to rusticate this fat poseur to a monastery as soon as possible. Fatso was insubordinate and a pain-in-the-arse to the OCA SOB… he’ll do the same with the ROCOR, I’m certain. Of course, his loud claque will think him innocent… but if he crosses Ilarion Kapral, he may find himself in a hermitage in the Australian outback. After all, he IS a monastic. I’ll check later to see if any official word surfaces on the main ROCOR site or patriarchia.ru…

I’m glad this is over. I think that Fatty will wear out his welcome in short order… he’ll find out that Ilarion Kapral doesn’t brook insubordination or foolishness… do remember what Ilarion did to that bunch of dippy nuns in Maryland. I’m not guessing… I’m prophesying.



16 June 2015. Fatso Maybe Released to ROCOR… To Be Bootless “Retired Metropolitan”… Centre Refused to Give this Rightwing Scummer Any Authority

00 same ol' shit. 29.05.12


Read this.

It isn’t official, so, don’t take this at face value until there’s real word from real people. This is from one of Potapov’s claque, so, take it as provisional until the real deal comes out. However, if this is correct, Fats lost out on all counts. Firstly, his attempt to shakedown the OCA failed… he ain’t getting bupkis*, nor is the ROCOR paying him anything, nor is he getting a stipend from the Centre. Secondly, He’s getting no authority… he’s not gonna be a ruling bishop or even a vicar bishop. The only thing that he can do is to swan about in extremist Hard Right circles and pretend to be a bishop. All of the rightwing scummers are trying to raise money to keep Fats in pizza n’ cheeseburgers. Is he going to end in a monastery? The ROCOR could do that… he’s a monk, after all. The neat canonical solution is to send this bozo to a monastery and make him take the schema, then, under Orthodox canons, he couldn’t act as a bishop. It’d not only be neat, it’d be CHEAP. No one would have to pay him a salary… the monastery would support him. In any case, the ancient canons state that if a bogus monastic is circulating in “The City”, the authorities are to lay hands on him and take him forcibly to a monastery… that seems to apply here. Let him go to Jordanville and live there… he wouldn’t need any money… he’s a monastic, after all! If he is, then, let him act like one. If not, he should be honest and leave the clergy. The sooner that we put this jabronie out to pasture permanently one way or the other, the better… he’s been nothing but trouble.

There’s more coming, to be sure…

  • Bupkis: Yiddish for “goat shit”, comes from the Russian word бубки, “beans” (cuz goat shit looks like beans). Ergo, idiomatically, “he ain’t getting bupkis” means “He ain’t getting shit”, but in a rather more pungent way.


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