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Friday, 16 January 2015

Back by Popular Demand… Fatso Protected Storheim and Brittain… Look at This Picture

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain


Don’t forget that Paffso, Eliel, and Brum were three Gay Caballeros… they were all tight with Podmoshensky and stayed tight with him even after the ROCOR Holy Synod shitcanned him for nasty doings. That alone should disqualify both Brum and Eliel from ANY consideration as bishops. The Church doesn’t need such close confederates of a known perv as bishops. It also doesn’t need close pals of Fatso as bishops… shitbirds of a feather flock together… do you really want a replay of California Fats Redux? Look at the image… Benjamin Peterson and Paffso APPROVED of the HOOMies and their abusive ways… they shielded Izzy Brittain, who copped a plea for kiddie porn. As a priest abroad asked me, “Which of the OCA bishops aren’t queer or sympathise with queers?” Taken the history of Paffso and his pals, I’d say that the OCA would do very well to remove both Eliel and Brum from all consideration as episcopal candidates PERMANENTLY. We don’t need such as bishops… it’d be better to get candidates from abroad. We should follow the Mother Church’s lead… any candidate for a bishop there has to have a kandidatura… that throws out Brum and Eliel, as their education isn’t at the requisite level. Paffso doesn’t have one either… my, my, my… does that mean that he really should voluntarily take the schema and stop being a bishop? Don’t hold your breath… he’s never done the right thing in all of his life… I doubt that he’d start now.

A rum go all ’round… pass the jug… we all need it.


Thursday, 15 January 2015

That’s a Whole Lotta Chutzpah Department… Fatso and Freddie to Hold Dixie Fry in Chi-Chi DC Suburb… 50 Clams a Head or Go Home

01 Beck Doofus Lincoln cartoon


Well… it looks like California Fats has resurfaced… with Freddie M-G as his Sancho Panza. These two great startsi are going to give a lecture, The Orthodox Path to Contemplation, and it’s gonna cost 50 smackers a head (75 “for families”). Let’s see, Freddie normally scalps people 25 a head for her bloviations, so, if you get two “speakers”, you pay twice as much… that’s the Free Market Crapitalist Gospel at work! 50 bucks for 3 1/2 hours of pearls of wisdom from two unimpeachable non-authorities (Freddie has no Orthodox theological training in a real resident Orthodox facility at all; Fats dropped out of GTU, he only has a basic MDiv).

Let me tell ya, Old School ethnic parishes had lectures… they had speakers… they had “teach-ins” and seminars… they were gratis… it didn’t cost you one thin dime to come in. Most times, they didn’t even pass the hat. If they did, the money went to the local parish. Usually, the ladies whomped up some nice Old Timey grub… pierogies n’ kapusta, anyone? That was usually on the house, too. Unlike Little Mizz Freddie, Madame Koulomzin would come to a parish, and she wouldn’t charge an entrance fee. She and her husband Nikita would’ve been MORTIFIED if a parish charged admission… people were glad to throw money in the techka to help her take religious books to the USSR. However, Sophie and Nikita would’ve NEVER charged an entrance fee… they were Old School First Wave émigrés… those sorts had class; they never did things like that. They’d die before they’d do something so crass as to charge admission!

By the Way… Leesburg VA is an oh-so-toney DC burb… the median family income is 105,000 USD (6.83 million Roubles. 650,000 Renminbi. 6.5 million INR. 125,000 CAD. 128,000 AUD. 90,000 Euros. 69,000 UK Pounds)… only the RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE will be there. Makes ya wanna hurl, doesn’t it? By their fruits ye shall know them… as far as Freddie and Fats are concerned, that’s all that one needs to say… Fats got shitcanned for sticky fingers with money and insubordination to the Holy Synod… Freddie hangs out with the Uniate enemies of the Church. QED… sorry, ain’t it?

Bite the coin… there be counterfeits out there.

One last thing… perspirin’ minds wanna know if Potapov and Webster are going to show up? Now, that’s INTERESTING…


Friday, 19 December 2014

19 December 2014. It’s Been FIVE YEARS Since Vladyki Job’s Passing…

00 Archbishop Job Osacky of Chicago. OCA. 26.06.13


It’s been five years since the passing of Vladyki Job Osacky on 18 December 2014. Many called him, “The last honest bishop in the OCA”… there’s MUCH truth to that, sadly enough. I believe that he died of a broken heart… after seeing the shambles that Fathausen made of the Church. The OCA hasn’t yet recovered from Fatso… shall it? Only time will tell us…

Light a candle for Vladyki Job this Sunday… ask your priest to mention his name during the Proskomidi… have Pannikhida served for him. We’re Christians… that’s what we do…

Вечная ему память!


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Shape of REAL Church Unity… What It IS… What It Is NOT

00 Ignoranus. It means stupid. 29.09.13


Recently, Rod Dreher wrote (another) ignorant and uninformed piece on Orthodoxy in the so-called American Conservative. In rebutting his rather crank and illusory thesis, I have to visit the topic of Orthodox Unity… rather, in specific, Russian Orthodox Unity in the American and Canadian diaspora. I did some asking around, and the answers were very interesting, indeed… they refuted Sir Roddie’s toddler bloviations to the max. There’s absolutely no danger of an “Episcopalianisation” of the Church. The SVS crowd has issued forth gnarly shit ever since the time of the Schmemann/Meyendorff duopoly. It hasn’t changed things one little bit. In fact, in recent years, I’ve noticed a return to Old School values and practises in the larger OCA… there’s no danger of an “Episcopalianisation” of the Church at all! Where does Sir Roddie get such a oddbod and specious notion? Firstly, like most konvertsy, he doesn’t have much contact with grounded ethnic Orthodox. However, how did he get off on such a tangent, though? One of the SVS Mafia wrote an idiotic piece on oca.org. I can tell you that half the Cabinet sent the link on to me. I replied to one Cabineteer:

I read it. It’s the usual SVS gobbledygook. All that it did was stir up the Monomoron crowd. I don’t know who’s worse… the SVS idiots or the Monomoron idiots. It has no relevance for REAL Russian Orthodox people. Right now, we should concentrate on helping our coreligionists in Novorossiya… sending “care packages” to the VSN fighters and Cossack National Guard on the front against the Uniates… Donetsk needs insulin… Lugansk needs antibiotics… not this shit. DON’T GET ME STARTED! They’re both a set of narcissistic asshats in my opinion!

Another Cabineteer piped up:

I don’t go [to Monomakhos] often; it’s the same old, same old. Stupid posts against Halloween, rightwing rhetoric as usual with many converts, and oddball cradle Orthodox beating the same drum. Seems they’re now attacking Fr Robert Arida. There are only about a dozen or so “regulars” who keep the shit flowing. I guess that they somehow figure that they’re “saving the Church”, and, as usual, they have the message wrong, they’re the ones who need saving.

Sir Roddie thinks that he’s defending Orthodoxy. He’s doing nothing of the sort. Firstly, he’s not qualified to make such a judgement… nor is any in his set qualified to do so. To come up with such a conclusion requires a professional background in theology, moreover, a professional background in Orthodox Theology. That is, one should have a kandidatura (or its equal) received from a canonical Eastern or Oriental Orthodox institution. I’m no professional theologian, I studied history, and I’ve practised as an internet journalist (“blogger”) for over seven years now. However, that does NOT make me a professional theologian. Sir Roddie has no theological education whatsoever either… his pal Whiteford doesn’t have a real Orthodox clerical seminary formation (no mean thing, that)… his pal Freddie M-G lacks any formal Orthodox grounding in theology as well. In short, none of them has any grounds to make such an absurd statement.

Moreover, one could argue that HIS position is Anglican to the bone (Continuing Anglican, to be precise). Sir Roddie has no faith in Christ’s Church. There’s no danger whatsoever of the Church “going Anglican”. I point up that the author of the Church’s condemnation of the Branch Theory was none other than Metropolitan Kirill Mikhailovich Gundyaev… the present Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias. As the OCA is completely dependent on the Centre for canonicity, there’s no risk of it “going Anglican”. Indeed, Sir Roddie’s friend Freddie M-G is neck-deep in schmoozing up to Anglicans and Uniates (she’s never abandoned the Branch Theory in her heart-of-hearts). Friends of mine in the Balto area report to me that she’s a squiffy indifferentist who hangs out with Uniates and Continuing Anglicans. That is, Sir Roddie has more Anglican influence in his circle than there is in the Church at large. The Biter bit!

Of course, the retort is, “Well, if that’s wrong… what’s right?” Good question! Let’s unpack it. Firstly, we should focus on Russian Orthodox Unity in the American and Canadian Diasporas, not going on quixotic quests to tilt at non-existent windmills. Then, the obvious question is, “What does real unity look like?” Firstly, it won’t be logical or consistent. Nothing “really real” is, after all. Unity means that you must be in communion with those who you might not be in total agreement on this or that. For instance, wiser heads than mine have told me that the calendar issue is something left to the healing hand of time. A united Church could very well have parishes that use the Traditional Orthodox Calendar… and some that use the Catholic Calendar for fixed feasts. The only way that’s going to change is over time, without coercion, and without badgering.

To achieve unity, we must understand that we’re disunited and wounded. We can’t sweep it under the rug… we can’t pretend that there wasn’t discord and rancour between us. We can’t make up goofy myths… “It was all just a misunderstanding”… no way! We did have a hell of a fight… nasty things happened… scandal happened left-and-right. Many people suffered… at the hands of power-hungry clergy and fanatic laity. I know that the OCA and the ROCOR, in particular, would refuse Orthodox people communion just for being members of the “enemy” camp! I saw this with my own eyes… I heard the prideful rationalisations of the clergy involved. No one cared about the hurt people… there was PRINCIPLE involved!

Firstly, to grasp unity, we must keep in mind that we didn’t act in a Christ-like way for all-too-many years. Let’s keep it focused. We’re not talking about Catholics… we’re not talking about Anglicans… we’re not talking about sectarians… we’re talking about Eastern Orthodox Christians (let’s leave the Oriental Orthodox to the side for the moment)! These aren’t heretics! These aren’t schismatics! One of the true things that Fr A D Schmemann said was, “Uncanonical means that we don’t like you”. The differences between the OCA and the ROCOR are miniscule. To the outside world, both are “Russian Orthodox”… and that’s that. To the outsider, we ARE one body. That’s a fact… to the average American or Canadian, there’s “Russian Orthodox” and “Greek Orthodox”… nothing else. One of the things that could help us to achieve unity is to understand how those outside the Church see us. To them, we’re one body, with one liturgy, with one set of customs, with a single mindset. Of course, this upsets the earnest amongst us… but who’d deny that what I just said is true? Ergo, one reason why we should unite is that we’re already united!

Secondly, there is a palpable Russian Orthodox weltanschauung… despite Mr Dreher’s bloviations, there’s no danger of it becoming “Episcopalian”. The very ethos of Russian Orthodoxy and that of Anglicanism have no common ground whatsoever. That’s so obvious that it’s embarrassing to have to point it up. I don’t hate Anglicans or Anglicanism… they are what they are. Yet, no one would mistake the two, save for untutored and clueless neophytes such as Mr Dreher. All real and grounded Russian Orthodox, whether in the OCA, the ROCOR, or the MP, have an identical outlook, and that’s that. By the way, you don’t have to be “Russian” to be Russian Orthodox!

Thirdly, true unity means that seeming opposites will be in the same Church. Yes… Lazar Puhalo and Rod Dreher would be in the same Church… if they were Orthodox in their heart-of-hearts, they’d say, “I really don’t like them, but they’re in the Church!” That’s the CHRISTIAN response. You don’t have to like someone to be in communion with them. Look at the Mother Church! It has a spectrum of people in it, it isn’t just one little group of “true believers!” If we had a real united Church with a healthy mindset, well, New Skete, Jordanville, and SVS would all love one another (as they spit at one another… it isn’t a contradiction… “love” isn’t the same as “like”, after all). Look at the Mother Church… there’s real ferment and (sometimes) real Sturm und Drang, but everyone stays together.

True Unity is something that clueless toddlers like Dreher, JP, Freddie M-G, and Whiteford don’t even know about. Therefore, any dribbling about “Episcopalianisation” deserves nothing but derision for its stupidity and idiocy. It does give you the measure of the konvertsy to realise that the people that I just named are their heroes and paladins. We have true issues facing us… these children want to focus on peripherals! Unity is the pressing matter… abortion and homosexuality just aren’t in the same league. It’s quite that simple. In any case, anyone who’d write that the Church is in danger of “Episcopalianisation” is crackbrained and in need of a VERY long rest.

Most Russian Orthodox in the diaspora want unity. These children want “perfection”. They’re not the same thing! One of these things is NOT like the other! Which one do YOU want? That’ the question… do decide it carefully.


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