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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

City of Winnipeg sez “Bah, Humbug!” on Orthodox Christmas… Gives Tickets to Believers for Parking on Street Without Snow Emergency Signage

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Parishioners from two churches in Winnipeg‘s North End got a nasty surprise from the city when they emerged from Orthodox Christmas services this week… parking tickets on their vehicles. The city issued 15 people with 75 CAD (2,890 Roubles. 69 USD. 76.25 AUD. 50.50 Euros. 42 UK Pounds) fines for parking on streets scheduled for snow removal. Twelve of those who received tickets attended Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Resurrection (ROCOR) on 732 Alfred Avenue, whilst three were from Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Cathedral (OCA) at 643 Manitoba Avenue. On Tuesday morning, all were celebrating Orthodox Christmas when the city ticketed their vehicles on the streets outside the churches. Igumen Raphael Vereshak of Holy Resurrection parish said, “When they left the service, they all had these Christmas presents from the city, which were tickets on their cars”. The street was due for ploughing, but Igumen Raphael said that there wasn’t any signage near the church warning the parishioners, most of whom don’t live in the area.

On Wednesday night, some of those who got tickets expressed their outrage at the city. Yuri Sechan told CBC News, “I think it’s some kind of discrimination against us”. Fedor Ivashkin said, “I think everybody in City Hall knows that January 7 is a very big day for Orthodox people”. At Holy Trinity Cathedral, Fr Roman Pavlov said that his parishioners discovered parking tickets on their vehicles in the middle of his service on Tuesday. Fr Roman said that the fines put a damper on his congregation’s Ukrainian Christmas celebrations, saying, “They came and they were punished for their visit to the church. They showed their faith, and they [were] beat for that. Why?”

Some of the fined parishioners said that they called the city’s 311 line; it told them that they could fill out a complaint form, but that they wouldn’t get an answer for several weeks. Parking fines, if not paid in two weeks from the date of issue, go up from 75 CAD to 150 CAD (5,760 Roubles. 138 USD. 152.50 AUD. 101 Euros. 84 UK Pounds). Both priests asked their city councillor to help them lobby the Winnipeg Parking Authority into getting into the holiday spirit, to spare their parishioners. Igumen Raphael said, “We would really ask the parking authority to waive those tickets”. City officials told CBC News that they’d give out information on Thursday.

8 January 2014

CBC News


Editor’s Note:

I’ll bet ya that this is already resolved and put to bed. There are two reasons… firstly, Winnipeg is in the heart of the “Pierogie Empire” on the Prairies. There are more Ukies there than there are anywhere else on the planet save for Galicia itself. Secondly, Manitoba is hardcore NDP country (four of six premiers since 1969 have been NDP)… soulless Conservative Party greedsters don’t run it (as they do neighbouring Alberta). You CAN shame an NDPer into doing the right thing… but it’s impossible to shame a Conservative Party member… they’re as impervious and thickheaded as American Republicans are (compare the late Jack Layton with Stephen Harper… I rest my case).

Bah, humbug!

One last thing… by the way, the North End of Winnipeg is Redder than Rudolph’s nose! It’s always been pro-union and pro-working class. Trust me, the Ukies, Polacks, and Russkies were in the lead of the sansculotte rabble-rousers, yessiree! Our Russian Orthodox legacy in Canada and the USA is LEFTIST (after all, our dedes worked in the mines and mills, not the executive suite or counting house)… didn’t the rightie konvertsy learn our history before joining us? Silly wabbits…


This post has a reply written by Igumen Raphael, one of the priests mentioned in the above article. It’s good stuff… not konvertsy nonsense. I class it as “read n’ heed”…

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