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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

13 November 2012. First Reactions from the Cabinet on Lyonyo’s Coronation of Mollard


Here’s some reactions from the grapevine:

Yup, another “former” Episcopalian… now “Orthodox“. Today, “OCA” means “Eastern Rite Episcopalians”.

Tikhon’s a decent guy, but a BISHOP? and, now, Metropolitan? It’s finished.

My reply to the second grape was:

It’s like the scene in the movie Patton, where you hear, “Das ende, das ende, er ist das ende” as the German staff officers burn their papers as the Red Army approaches. You’re right… it’s over… but it’ll be slow and messy.

I’ve heard no joy from real Orthodox over Mollard’s “election”. He’s only got support from Lyonyo, Peterson, Jillions, and Bobby; he’ll have to be their puppet or else. He’ll dance to their tune… he likes his Cadillac Escalade too much… all they’ll have to do is to threaten to cut off his gravy train. As I said, Mollard’s a “nice guy”… and all too many will forget that “good” and “nice” are NOT synonyms.




13 November 2012. Tikhon Mollard Gets the White Hat… SOBs Take Out Gun and Shoot Themselves in the Head

The Suicide 

Édouard Manet



It’s sad… Tikhon Mollard is a craven coward and too immature to wear the white hat. However, Lyonyo got his way. Do note that Mollard didn’t win a two-thirds majority in either ballot. In any real Local Church, he wouldn’t have been eligible for First Hierarch (the same was true of Fathausen). He’s too young (most real Local Churches demand that a First Hierarch be at least fifty). This means a slo-mo disintegration of the OCA. No, it won’t happen overnight… but it’ll happen. Every time that Mollard should have stood up to Fathausen in the past, he folded. That means that he’ll do the same for Lyonyo and Vinnie. This means that Mike Regan will continue to suffer on the cross. This means that Mollard won’t stand up for clergy targeted by Vinnie, Lyonyo, Bobby, and Jillions. He’ll be a “nice guy” throughout, and that’ll gull many into insensitivity. My experience teaches me that the worst evil is often committed by “nice” people and that weak people like Mollard are far more dangerous than bad people like Lyonyo, Jillions, Vinnie, and Bobby. They’re worse because so many are fooled by their smarmy exterior. That’s why the slo-mo end of the OCA is going to be so nasty.

God help us. This is the worst possible outcome. He’s a member of the Blunder‘s claque and he’s Lyonyo’s plaything… God do have mercy on us.



13 November 2012. Second Ballot at the Parma Sobor


One of the Cabinet reported:

Second ballot just taken, no one got 2/3. Top vote-getters are Bishop Michael, then, Archbishop Tikhon.

This is a catastrophe. Tikhon is Syosset’s candidate, and Dahulich is a greasy quasi-papist who’ll rehab Fathausen. God willing, neither will win the white hat. Still no coverage on oca.org…



13 November 2012. First Vote Taken at Parma Sobor


One of the Cabinet sent me this:

In Parma. First vote just taken. 663 people present, 590 voting.

That’s it for now… oca.org didn’t even give you that much.


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