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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

28 October 2014. The Election Didn’t Deliver a Legit Government… Most of the Real People Boycotted It

00 ukraine map 04. 11.06.14

Here is the electoral map from the last real election… this pattern held for 20 years… the only reason that the present winners won was that many voters stayed home and the Uniate junta banned two opposition parties… Great Democracy!


The expected Uniate offensive hasn’t materialised yet. My contacts do NOT trust this lull. Mostly, I’ve heard that the Uniate junta is in disarray, as the Rabbit has turned on his former benefactor, Yuliya the Landshark. Is it on American orders? Yatsenyuk is stupid if he thinks that he can outsmart Yuliya Vladimirovna… she’s not a survivor for nothing, and he forgets that the only way that he got close to power was as her bagman. Some tell me that the Rabbit, Turdchinov, and Avakov (the Triumvirate) want to freeze out Yuliya completely from a “national unity” government. The present election actually showed the weakness of the Uniate junta… only 51 percent of the eligible voters showed up (the last real Rada election had a 58 percent turnout)… with higher numbers in the Lvovshchina and Kiev, but lower numbers elsewhere. One could say that Uniates, schismatical Orthodox, and Prods came out in greater than usual percentages, whilst the normal Orthodox population showed a lower rate of participation. Besides this, since the KPU and Regions were off the ballot, many of their supporters simply stayed away. To put it another way, a vast majority of minority elements showed up, whilst a majority of the majority refused to take part.

In short, this was a slippery corrupt election that even Cook County and Hudson County would repudiate. When you factor in the widespread ballot-stuffing… well, you can see where I’m going. The junta Rada is now LESS legit than it was. Look for the situation to become unstable and fairly quickly… Darlin’ Yuliya won’t appreciate being shunted to the side by the likes of the Triumvirate (the Rabbit’s sister DOES live in the USA and Langley could use her as a pawn). It won’t be boring…



Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Regions Rada Dep Sez Junta Running Bogus Prez Poll… Junta Sends Neo-Nazis to Beef Up Mob Outside Slavyansk

00 anti-us baba. 05.05.14

Baba KNOWS what she’s talking about…


On Tuesday, opposition Party of Regions deputy Nikolai Levchenko told a news briefing, “The Ukraine needs a legitimately elected president. Firstly, to represent our country with international agencies and to conduct negotiations with partners, both East and West. However, today, the authorities have done everything to upset this election. They defy the main principle of European democracy, as candidates have no chance of stating their position to the voters openly and safely. The esteemed Party of Regions member and Mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes is in hospital with a chest wound, and a Regions Deputy of the Odessa Oblsoviet was burned alive in the [Dom Profsoyuzov], together with other fellow party members. Presidential candidate Mikhail Dobkin is under constant attack, including of terrorist actions, when armed people break into sensitive sites and prevent him from deplaning a flight. This violates basic state democratic principles. All this makes a presidential campaign impossible”.


On Tuesday, a high-ranking official of the Minoborony told ITAR-TASS that flights of DA-VVS aircraft in neutral Pacific airspace weren’t “a challenge” to the USA, countering assertions from US Pacific Air Forces Commander General Herbert Carlisle that intensified DA-VVS flights over the Pacific had links with developments in the Ukraine. Our source said, “Firstly, factually, the USA borders the Russian Federation in the Bering Strait. Therefore, to think that flights by VVS aircraft over neutral Pacific waters is some kind of ‘challenge’ to the USA is at least strange. After all, the American reconnaissance flights near Russia’s eastern borders never subsided since the end of the Cold War period. Secondly, linking scheduled flights of VVS aircraft in the eastern Pacific to developments in the Ukraine can be only caused by poor knowledge of geography”.


Anglo-Americans aren’t only bullies; they’re the jumpiest bullies on the block. In 1947, the USA went into a tizzy when they realised that the USSR had the advanced infrastructure to copy a B-29 without any engineering drawings or plans whatsoever (that WAS a tremendous feat… the Tupolev bureau did deserve the Stalin Prize for it… although they substituted some Russian equipment (superior to the American originals) and engines, and the conversion to metrics almost knackered the project). The US Republican Party, in particular, went ape-shit. Then, in 1949, the USSR exploded the Bomb. The only thing in the pinhead brains of the Republicans was that the Russians “stole” it, even though Russia had excellent physicists before the loudmouth American toddlers did. This is more of the same. The Anglo-Americans think themselves the centre of the world… even though they’re in a relatively isolated area, distant from the Eurasian World Island. The Americans are particularly incensed if someone “threatens” them… they can bully as they please, but everyone else has to kiss their ass constantly. “Russia has the capability to turn America into a pile of radioactive ash”, as Dmitri Kiselyov had it… this makes the American Establishment HATE Russia. The Republican Party sees roaring demons where there are only purring pussy cats. The Bear is defending his den; what’s the problem with that? Yet, remember McCarthyism… the GOP’s always been like that…



On Tuesday, Andrei Senchenko, a high junta functionary, said that the junta ordered the Genprokuratura Ukrainy to start a motion to strip Oleg Tsaryov, a Party of Regions Rada Deputy, of his parliamentary immunity, saying, “We submitted a request to this effect to the Rada, but it’s not yet on the agenda”. The junta has jumped up fraudulent criminal cases against Tsaryov over his statements urging federalisation. Tsaryov was a candidate for Ukrainian president in the bogus presidential election scheduled for 25 May. However, he withdrew from the race on 1 May.


The US Republican Party LOVES the junta. The junta criminalises all those who oppose it. What does that tell us about the US Republican Party? After all, shit birds of a feather flock together.



On Tuesday, the Kramatorsk Gorsoviet reported that city hospitals admitted 19 people wounded by the junta forces. Local senior healthcare official Igor Mikhailov said, “Today, city hospitals are treating 19 inpatients, wounded during recent military operations. All healthcare facilities are operating normally and providing people with necessary medical care”.


On Tuesday, Vladislav Grib, Deputy Secretary of the Civic Chamber of Russia, said that about 2,500 Ukrainian citizens turned to his organisation for help, saying, “The situation in the Ukraine looks like a humanitarian disaster, our chamber’s coordinating centre for civic assistance is examining appeals from Ukrainian regions. These are mainly requests for asylum in Russia. People are leaving their homes and fleeing the Ukraine. There are tens of thousands of such people, some of them turned to us. We help them to receive asylum. We grant Ukrainian refugees temporary asylum, as Russia has a visa-free régime with the Ukraine”.


00 Kiev. right Sector. 30.04.14

Here are the junta “reinforcements”…


00 The face of russian victory. 21.04.14

Here are the opolchenie fighters… one of these things is NOT like the other! Pray for the victory of the Orthodox Christ-loving host over the godless Uniate mob (as we do in the liturgy every Sunday, “We pray for the victory of the Christ-loving host over all their adversaries”)…


On Tuesday, Vasili Kiselyov, the coördinator of the Donbass People’s Opolchenie told ITAR-TASS, “The nominal strength of the junta forces is more than 30,000 troops, including the so-called ‘National Guard’. Now, the junta is throwing raw conscripts into the fight. In addition, they’re deploying armoured vehicles and heavy weapons around Slavyansk. In particular, they’ve emplaced artillery batteries.” According to latest reports, two convoys of vehicles, one from Izyum (Kharkov Oblast), and the other from Dobropolye (Donetsk Oblast) are moving towards the city. Denis Pushilin, Co-Chairman of the Donetsk People’s Republic Government told ITAR-TASS that the Donetsk airport wasn’t under opolchenie control, “At 14:00 (04.00 PDT. 07.00 EDT. 12.00 BST. 15.00 MSK. 21:00 AEST), we ordered all of its personnel to leave the premises and their working places. I suppose that the junta could use the airport  for the delivery of illegal weapons, including heavy armoured vehicles”.


SOP in leaving an airport or similar such facility is to leave booby traps. You see, the junta mob lacks real training, which would magnify the effects of IEDs. In addition to the earlier deployed forces, the junta’s threw in about 15,000 “reinforcements”, but they’re untrained conscripts, “National Guard” thugs, Euromaidan terrorists, and Right Sector murderers. In short, there’s not a single real solder amongst them. The only tactics possible are those of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard during the Iran-Iraq War… mass frontal attacks, which can succeed, albeit at tremendous cost. However, the junta mob (for that is what it is) faces grimly determined men defending their families’ lives. I fear a bloody butcher’s bill… we can label it “Made in the USA”.


On Tuesday, David Pierre Marquet, spokesman of the Red Cross International Committee for Europe and Central Asia, told ITAR-TASS by phone that Slavyansk and Kramatorsk need medicines and medical supplies to help the wounded.


On Tuesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) said, “We note a further degradation of the domestic political situation in the Ukraine. We have new evidence that the Kiev authorities lack a desire to launch a real process of de-escalation and national reconciliation in the Ukraine. We saw this in an incident where they kicked out KPU People’s Deputies from the hall during debates on 6 May that concern the interests of all Ukrainian people. The Party of Regions faction also left the hall in solidarity. Such actions of the so-called majority in the Rada show that they blatantly encroach upon the foundations of democracy and parliamentarism. Probably fearing that Ukrainians and people in other countries could learn the truth and hear alternative POVs on the current events, the Kiev authorities continue manhunts and provocations against journalists, including those from Western countries. We urge the de facto Ukrainian government again to ponder ways to establish dialogue in society and constitutional reform, which are impossible without stopping combat actions in the southeastern Ukraine”.


On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the West continues to ignore the fact that Ukrainian army is fighting side by side with neo-Nazis against their own people, noting that EU and American officials refuse to comment on it. Lavrov said, “In the midst of February Maidan confrontations in Kiev, NATO Defence Ministers and its Secretary General stated that the Ukrainian armed forces couldn’t intervene in the political process, and insisted on the army’s neutrality of the army. Brussels and Washington continue to confirm the legitimacy of Kiev’s so-called ‘anti-terrorist operation, explaining that a state has a monopoly on the use of armed forces. The events that occurred in Odessa question the tolerability of glorifying neo-Nazis. All the members of the Council of Europe must firmly stop all ultra-nationalists activities, and we can’t justify those who indulge the ideology and the practice of fascism, even if they’re politicians enjoying protection from the enlightened western democracies”.


The junta is desperate… therefore, it’s calling forth the sweepings of humanity to terrorise the population in the east. None of its ”reinforcements” are real soldiers… they’re all Euromaidan trash and Galician bravos. We’re looking at one of the bloodiest episodes in contemporary history… Shevchuk blesses it, just as Slipy blessed the Nazis (he was in the GULag for good cause… he was a traitor). Do note how silent the rank n’ file Uniates are… they refuse to stand against manifest evil.



On Tuesday, a opolchenie source told RIA-Novosti, “We have reliable information that [the junta] deployed Grad RSZOs between Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. The use of Grads would most certainly cause massive civilian casualties, as these systems have a devastating area effect. It’d be a heinous crime. We hope that it never happens”.


John McCain drooled in glee when the Georgian aggressors fired Grads at the sleeping population of Tskhinval. No doubt, he’d do likewise if the junta fires Grads at innocent civilians. He LOVES that… it gives you a chilling look at the Republican mindset, doesn’t it?


6 May 2014


Voice of Russia World Service











Sunday, 2 February 2014

Party of Regions Forms “Ukrainian Front”

00 Party of Regions. Kiev THE UKRAINE. 02.02.14


Interfax reported that an extraordinary meeting in Kharkov of senior leaders of Party of Regions organisations decided to create a new all-Ukrainian public association, “The Ukrainian Front”. Vladimir Ryzhkov, the head of the Union of Afghan Veterans, tabled the motion, and it passed unanimously. Mikhail Dobkin, the head of the Kharkov Oblast Party of Regions and the head of the Kharkov Oblast Administration, said, “Our Front will clear the Ukrainian land of those who came here with plans of occupation. As it was then, so it is now. Our forefathers faced this task; today, it’s our turn. I think that we’ll be found worthy of those who raised us; they gave us the basics of good character and a proper patriotic upbringing”. Regions sources said that about 6,000 people attended the meeting, with 20 delegations representing the Party of Regions. Besides this, Rada People’s Deputies Oleg Tsaryov, Dmitri Svyatash, Dmitri Dobkin, and Anatoly Denisenko attended, along with delegations from the KPU and more than 50 other public organisations.

1 February 2014

Argumenty i Fakty


Editor’s Note:

Note well that the Western media doesn’t report about the SUPPORT that Yanukovich has… it only lies about pro-zapadnik running dogs such as Klichko (who’s back in Germany… no doubt, he’s listening to “His Master’s Voice”, getting new orders for more mayhem and chaos). There were more people at this meeting than there were at many of the riots… the streets in central Kiev simply can’t handle gigantic crowds.

Orthodox people should disregard anything coming from Potapov on this situation… he’s part (or was part) of the Radio Liberty apparat, which means that he’s a sworn enemy of the Rodina. However, friends of mine abroad assure me that he’s a known quantity, so, he’s no danger. We should discount ANYTHING coming from him on Russian political matters… he’s been a paid hireling of the US government and a K Street denizen… remember, he did get that rightwing hack from the Washington Times to write that puff piece on Paffso in the Washington Post. Do have a care with people like that.


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Friday, 17 January 2014

A Tale of Two Reports… One HAS to be False… Which One?

01 woman reading newspaper


Editor’s Foreword:

Read BOTH of these through. The second is crank and false, but I urge you to read it ALL. Don’t just read what’s pleasing to you. That’s what the Rush Limbaugh lot does, and you’re better than that. Why are the Westerners lying?



On Thursday, in the Ukraine, the Rada rushed through wide-ranging powers to suppress opposition protests and label NGOs as “foreign agents” if they receive money from abroad. The measures threaten jail terms for protesters who block entrances to government buildings and 15 days in detention for those who take part in unapproved demonstrations, even if peaceful. Protesters face up to 15 days in detention for covering their faces with masks or helmets. Police can hold people for up to 15 days if they set up tents, stages, or other makeshift structures without approval from city authorities. Apparently, the government aims these moves at the thousands of people (sic) in anti-government protests on the Maidan in Kiev.

The Financial Times said that demonstrators faced up to 10 years in prison for blocking access to government buildings, a tactic of protesters in Kiev since anger erupted over Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich’s rejection of an association agreement with the EU in November. Instead, Yanukovich opted instead for closer ties with the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic Community (TS EvrAsES), a move that prompted street protests. The measures, introduced on 14 January, passed by a show of hands; the pro-presidential majority of 235 out of 450 deputies supported them. They couldn’t use the Rada’s electronic voting system as opposition deputies blocked it.

The package of 11 laws, which go to Yanukovich for his signature, threaten up to a year’s hard labour in prison for anyone convicted of libel, including on the internet. It requires all internet media to register with the authorities. Emulating a similar law in Russia, the legislation mandated that civil society groups and NGOs label themselves as “foreign agents” on their publications if they receive any funding from abroad. The legislation outlaws motorcades of more than five cars by threatening to confiscate their vehicles and revoke drivers’ licences for two years if they don’t have permission from the MVDU. The move targets members of Automaidan, a pro-EU movement that puts on motorcades around Kiev, the members use their cars to block riot police vehicles, as well as to deny access to government buildings and to pre-trial detention facilities holding arrested activists. In one of their larger protests, thousands of honking cars drove within 350 metres (1,150 feet) of the president’s suburban residence outside Kiev on 29 December.

The bill allows Ukrainian authorities to block online pages, if experts believe their content unlawful. Ambassadors of the USA and the EU in Kiev said that they had concerns that the legislation didn’t pass using due procedure. The reforms came a day after a court published a ban on protests in the centre of Kiev until 8 March, provoking fears amongst opposition groups of an imminent police crackdown on the Maidan rallies. The police denied these clams.

16 January 2014




Editor’s Warning:

Pull on your waders and hold your nose, but do read it all. Its lies… but it’s what the papists and Langley want you to believe. Keep the truth at hand… it’s the antidote to propaganda…



Perhaps sensing inevitable backlash, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich offered an olive branch to the Uniate Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGKTs) by saying religious bodies could offer services anywhere. On Tuesday, the president’s press office issued a statement after the Ministry of Culture of the Ukraine sent a warning letter to church officials about their work with pro-EU demonstrators. According to the presidential press service, Yanukovich said, “People should have the right to pray where they wish. We need to relax legislation to make sure that believers can pray where they wish”. Agence France-Presse reported that the Culture Ministry sent a letter to church officials saying that they broke the law by offering outdoor services to protesters.

For two months, upset Ukrainians besieged the Maidan in Kiev after the government abruptly rejected association with the EU in favour of ties with Russia. The UGKTs erected tents in the square where people can pray, go to confession, and even have babies baptised. The letter to “Supreme Archbishop” (Верховный архиепископ) Svyatoslav Shevchuk reminded him that it’s illegal to hold services outside a church. According to AFP, Shevchuk said in response, “We thought that persecuting priests was a thing of the past”. On the UGKTs website, Shevchuk said that the church plays an essential role in preventing human rights abuses. He also called for “honest and open dialogue. Our church has always been true and will remain so for the future despite any threats”.

The church dates back centuries and is unique in that it embraces Byzantine (sic) {“Byzantine” is papist-speak for New Roman: editor} traditions and the Roman Catholic Church. The USSR forced it underground in the 20th century as a threat to its rule. Hundreds of UGKTs clergy went to the GULag for refusing to embrace Orthodoxy. Today, the UGKTs appears one of the forces behind the present protests. Since Ukrainian independence in 1991, the UGKTs has resurged in its old Galician heartland. AFP says that it has 5.5 million followers, or about 12 percent of the population (not so… according to official figures, the UGKTs is 8 percent of the Ukrainian population, with about 4 million believers in the country: editor}.

15 January 2014

Global Post


Editor’s Afterword:

Do note this:

Perhaps sensing inevitable backlash, President Viktor Yanukovich offered an olive branch to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGKTs) by saying religious bodies could offer services anywhere.

That’s crapola. On Thursday, President Yanukovich didn’t offer an olive branch, he told these smarkacz brats to shape up or ship out. Most of the protesters are from the west of the country… known troublemakers and pro-Western quislings (don’t forget how the Galician Uniates fought for the Nazis in the VOV). Here’s another LMAO statement:

The church dates back centuries and is unique in that it embraces Byzantine (sic) traditions and the Roman Catholic Church.

The UGKTs came about as the result of the Union of Brest in 1596, when the Polish authorities forced many of the Orthodox on its territory to join the Catholic Church (many resisted… that’s where people like Pyotr Mogila came in). The papists allowed them to keep Orthodox ritual, but they had to accept all the pretensions of the Pope of Rome and had to acknowledge him as Supreme Lord of the Church (later on, they had to embrace Papal Infallibility, too). They had no existence outside of Polish or Habsburg domains until recently.

By the way, “Byzantine” is a made-up papist concoction… the word only dates back to the mid-16th century, a century AFTER the Fall of New Rome to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. Orthodox should NEVER use this word… it straitjackets us into heretical frameworks that we should best avoid. We are the REAL Romans… the Roman Empire persisted for a millennium after Odoacer’s coup toppling the government in Old Rome in 476. That event heralded the falling away of the western borderlands… the civilised core of the Empire in the East remained intact. Indeed, what we know as “Roman Law” came out of the Later Roman Empire (a better term than “Byzantine Empire”… what a fraud!).

Never forget… we Russians received the faith from New Rome… NOT from “Byzantium”. That’s why we speak of the Three Romes… “Old Rome fell to the axes of the barbarians, New Rome fell to the infidel Turks, Moscow is the Third Rome, and a Fourth there never shall be”. Laugh at that if you will, but that’s why we should never capitulate to papist/Proddie categories and terminology. In short, let’s end our “intellectual captivity”, use our own definitions and categories, and grasp our own heritage. We can do it…


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