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Sunday, 12 February 2017

12 February 2017. The Church Is NOT Rightwing… Konvertsy Rants to the Contrary Notwithstanding



Rod Dreher (and those of his ideological deformation) claim that the Church and the rightwing are soulmates… natural allies. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Look at the above image and be enlightened. The Church does NOT endorse, teach, or bless the evil spouted by Anglosphere “conservatives”. In particular, it condemns the Free Market that’s at the very centre of “conservative” “thought”. You may follow Archbishop Iakovos Koukouzis or you may follow Pat Buchanan, the author of the racist “Southern Strategy” and the arranger of Reagan’s visit to Bitburg (with its SS graves). Rod Dreher follows Pat Buchanan (and takes Buchanan’s money)… I follow Archbishop Iakovos.

Whom do you follow? You can’t follow both… they’re incompatible. Choose wisely…



Wednesday, 16 March 2016

16 March 2016. THIS is “Conservatism”… Vacuity Incarnated

00 This is conservatism 160316


Look at how all the “conservatives” followed Wet Willy Romney like lemmings. It didn’t matter that he was a draft-dodger in the Vietnam War… he had oodles of cash… so, all the Mammon-worshippers showed us their true deity. This time around, all the “conservatives” are flocking round Trump the Chump. Remember, Pat Buchanan was the author of Nixon’s racist “Southern Strategy” (what does that tell us about his drooling acolyte Dreher?)… they all want an America where hate is given free licence and discrimination is the law of the land. I’ll fight that… I’m not alone. The best way to fight that is not to nominate an oligarch-lover like Chilly Hilly. Both she and Trump are EVIL… if you doubt that Chilly Hilly is evil… well, I’ll simply say that anyone who bombed Belgrade on Holy Easter and piously imposed a bombing halt for Ramadan is surely that. As for Trump, look at Trump Tower… I’m reminded of Wren’s “If you require a memorial, look about you” in a VERY negative sense. Anyone who built such a monstrosity belongs in the Ha-Ha Hotel, not the White House.


Friday, 9 January 2015

9 January 2015. Republicans Show that Old School Scrooge Spirit… They Want to Gut Social Security!

00 ayn rand. altruism and capitalism. 09.01.15


The Republican Party is attempting to emasculate Social Security. If you needed proof of the objective evil of the GOP agenda, this is it. Of course, President Obama will veto all their attempts. However, this proves the demonic intent of the Republicans… they wish to enrich the fatcats at the expense of the rest of us. “We’ve got ours and to hell with you”… expect Pat Buchanan, Rush Limboob, and Rod Dreher to cream their jeans in glee at this.

If you vote for the Republican Party, you vote for manifest and undisguised evil. No decent person can do that.


Friday, 21 March 2014

21 March 2014. Here’s a Good Definition of “Christian Culture”… You Won’t Get it from Dreher, Freddie, or Paffso… You Gotta Get It from the Real Deal Mother Church

00 Mariya Goltsova. Contemplation (1). 2011

Contemplation (1)

Mariya Goltsova



Creating Christian culture doesn’t mean to effect legalistic abstract dogmata or to impel oneself towards philosophising of objects hidden from man’s sight; it doesn’t mean that we deny free deliberation or that we create “correct” church structures using earthly methods. However, it does mean that one reveals the depth of one’s heart to Christ’s Spirit. That brings forth a contemplative perception of the Lord and of the Lord’s world.

A I Ilyin


Dreher’s claiming to be an expert on religion again. What a maroon! He doesn’t have a clue about Orthodoxy, and his dalliances prove that he shouldn’t be criticising RC paedophiles. Pat Buchanan should make Dreher put a sock in it, as Dreher’s sophomoric utterances make Pat look senile and ineffectual. Look at the quote above… THAT’S CHRISTIAN CULTURE. Dreher should shut up… he knows nothing; he has nothing to say, which makes the Faith look like nothing special, just another typical self-satisfied American suburban spiritual mind-fuck. He’s a typical arrogant neocon Amerikanets… cultureless, rootless, and mindless.

Our Faith is an ENCOUNTER… ergo, our Liturgy is an ENCOUNTER. It isn’t a compendium of rules or insider-only esoteric mantras, magical incantations, and ritual actions (like the konvertsy obsessing over the Lents)… it’s an ENCOUNTER with the Living God… in the context of His Incarnated Church, within the all-too-real and all-too-human Body of Christ. It’s so different from the spiritual pabulum dispensed in the heterodox confessions, that those who come to us from them must spend about a decade in silence and learning (especially, the former clergy… as they have to overcome an alien clerical formation)… or they’re deformed (as you can see readily in Dreher, Freddie M-G, Paffso, Chad Hatfield, the late Peter Gillquist, and Jon Braun, amongst others).

I make no claim to being an exemplar and oh-so-religious, as the konvertsy do… I’m an ordinary sinful-ginful sort who’s going to do her level best to grasp the onion at the end of her days. I’m not holy… I’m not “special”… I’m not “called by God”… I do realise who and what I am… “God have mercy on me, the sinner…”

Take my hand; the days are dark, and reliable guides are few…


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