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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Why Does the Family Values Crowd Ignore It When Evangelical Areas Get Socked with a Natural Disaster? Just Sayin…

00 Hurricane Sandy. 30.10.12


A friend of mine wrote this:

Have you noticed that when tornadoes, hurricanes or even the odd earthquake hits the Bible Belt one never hears the Pat Robertson types decree that it was the Finger of God for the Bible Belt’s sins? Natural disasters are only Heaven’s judgement when they hit NYC, San Francisco, New Orléans, or other non-fundamentalist parts. Well, it’s the same here… if someone in the USA displays a blasphemous artwork like “Piss Christ” the Right freaks out (they should… absolutely!). However, when something like this or Pussy Riot occurs in Russia and the Church squashes it… SOUND THE ALARM! THE ORTHODOX CHURCH IS FANATICAL!


Need I say more? After all, tornadoes routinely rip through Born Again districts, don’t they? Is God trying to tell them something (the biter bit, eh?)…


Friday, 20 March 2015

20 March 2015. Hear Me, O Lord…

00 Hear me, O Lord. 20.03.15


20 March 2015. These are Wells Without Water…

00 Pat Robertson. 19.03.15


Many Orthodox, especially, uninformed konvertsy, but also those seduced by the Republican Party’s anti-abortion platform, think that we have much in common with Radical American Sectarians (AKA “Evangelicals”). Firstly, the term “Evangelical” is a calumny on REAL Evangelicals (called “Lutherans” in North America). Apply the test, Lex orandi, lex credendi… by this standard, Sectarians aren’t Christian at all… they’re nothing but pseudo-Christians with no real ties to any REAL Christian body, be it Orthodox, Catholic, or Reformation. Not all who say, “Lord, Lord”, will gain the Kingdom of Heaven. I stand by that. Be wary of all those who schmooze with anti-Christian sectarian bodies or with anti-Christian institutions such as “Liberty University” or “Bob Jones University”.

What concord hath Christ with Belial? NONE. Let God see and judge…


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fox News Blubbers Over Amerikantsy Puppet Junta in Kiev

00 Fox News and Russia. 30.04.14.


Read this. This is proof, even for the slow learners, that Fox News is nothing but a Langley dezinformatsiya outlet. They take Turchinov, the junta chieftain, a bandit pakhan, at face value. They don’t report the situation objectively or critically.

To put it plainly, the junta has lost control of large swathes of the country, it’s Navy chief went over to the Russians, armed neo-Nazi bands roam the streets unhindered, and its armed forces/cops are going over to the side of the patriot elements in the southeast. Turchinov may as well pack his bags and go to Pat Robertson at Liberty University to beg for a job. If things continue at this rate, the present ramshackle Kiev junta could fall as early as Victory Day, and it won’t last much past the referendum in the southeast.

There are three possible scenarios. Firstly, Yuliya could tire of using puppets and take over the reins openly (now, she’s the main puppeteer for the Americans). I view this as the most probable. Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, and Avakov are bumblers, whose only qualification is that they’re loyal thieves in service to the Uncrowned Thief-in-Law of the Ukraine, Darlin’ Yuliya. This would spark off a shooting war and swift secession of New Russia and parts of Little Russia. Secondly, the junta could collapse and the Russians (and the Poles, Romanians, and Magyars) would pick up the pieces. I find this the least probable (even though it’d be the least bloody). Thirdly, the so-called election would occur in the Rump Ukraine on 25 May, the Americans would install their man, Candy King Porsoshenko as their satrap, which would spark an immediate civil war. What that would lead to and end as, no one knows, least of all, me.

Fox News is no journalistic outlet… but then again, was it ever such? CNN is no better; it’s just the other side of the same debased and battered coin. The rollercoaster ride continues…


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