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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

14 June 2016. Where is the Munchkin Coroner When We Need Him? The Phanar’s “Council” is Sincerely and Completely DEAD

01 drop dead



Well, the MP decided not to take part in the Phanar’s notional “all-Orthodox Sobor” planned for Crete. Kids, the meeting is now officially oopso, toes up, pecker up, stinkin’ to high heaven dead. I believe that Kirill either took advantage of a situation that turned to his favour or he carefully used his allies to make it look like he was just following the consensus. Bart’s gotchies are around his ankles, exposing his puny endowment to the world. No doubt, Bart had some nastiness planned for the meeting, and Moscow moles in his entourage tipped off the Centre. In any case, the Yanks aren’t only stuck with the bill for a nonexistent “Sobor”, their deployment of intel assets to Crete was all for nought. In short, Biden fucked up… it also means that Chilly Hilly’s protegé Nuland won’t get any kudos for an intel coup against Russia (the Russians AREN’T coming… all the Langley bugs are useless).

When is the Munchkin Coroner going to sing his song? This meeting is completely and irretrievably DEAD.


Monday, 21 March 2016

21 March 2106. Mollard in Phanar Kissing Bart’s Bum… WHY?

00 tikhon mollard at phanar 210316


00 tikhon mollard at phanar a 210316


Note well that the quasi-Papist semi-Uniate Jillions accompanied Mollard on this junket. The OCA is perpetually strapped for cash… as is the Phanar. Did Potapov pony up Langley money for this? It’s a possibility… do remember how Bart kisses Butcher Biden’s ass shamelessly. Every other legit First Hierarch was in his cathedral for Sunday of Orthodoxy. I say that this smells of Chad Hatfield, SVS, Jonathan Ivanoff, Lyonyo, and the Golden 400. Are they up to hijinks behind the Centre’s back? If so, they’re in for a rude awakening… the OCA IS a dependent creature of Moscow, and HH WILL remind them of that if this is what everybody thinks it is. By the way… Mollard is too stupid to be the “brains” behind this one… I smell Lyonyo… he’s got the American Establishment connections and is in the same town as Potapov’s partner-in-crime Gan… do connect the dots…

By the way, there’s nothing up on oca.org… it shows Syosset is as sloppy and lazy as ever. Lyonyo hasn’t changed his arrogant bone-idle spots. Patriarchia.ru has news up ON THE DAY IT OCCURS, soon after it occurs. With modern technology, this could’ve been up ASAP (all one needed was a digital camera and a laptop)… it shows the incompetence and sheer idleness of the OCA apparat. Shame on them…


Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. Mollard to Serve With Bart Today… Didn’t Announce It Until Friday…

01 Backstabber


Read this. A friend wrote me:

Bart is using the OCA as a pawn versus Moscow.

I  replied:

Note that the announcement was only yesterday… no doubt, after Mollard & Co had left for the Phanar. He’d best watch his back… HH isn’t amused by treachery.

This has SVS’s fingerprints all over it… note that the semi-Uniate quisling Jillions is involved. Shall he drop Mollard in the shit? Mollard’s not bright enough to think these things through… but HH isn’t forgiving on things like this… will Jillions get le sabot? We’ll have to see…


Friday, 25 December 2015

EP and MP at Loggerheads Over Notional all-Orthodox Sobor Proposed for Istanbul

00 Metropolitan Rastislav Gont of Prešov PCČKS. 13.01.14

Metropolitan Rastislav Gont of Prešov of the PCČZS/PCČKS (Orthodox Church of Czechia and Slovakia)… the MP insists on the seating of this Church and the OCA… the EP is balking… I wonder why…


The preparations for the all-Orthodox Sobor proposed for 2016 encountered difficulties. On Thursday, V R Legoida, the head of the MP Synodal Information Department (SINFO), told reporters:

Today, the [MP Holy Synod] expressed concern that there are disagreements in the correspondence between the EP and MP on the impeding preparations for upcoming all-Orthodox Sobor.

In October, Metropolitan Ilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, the head of the MP Synodal Department for External Church Relations (OVTsS), told Interfax-Religion that a meeting is due in January in Istanbul of representatives of the Local Orthodox Churches dedicated to preparing for the proposed all-Orthodox Sobor. However, he pointed up that preparations for the event are far from complete, and even the starting date is still up in the air. There hasn’t been an Ecumenical Council for over a thousand years; the preparations for the proposed Sobor have been underway for more than half a century.

24 December 2015



On Friday, Metropolitan Ilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, the head of the MP Synodal Department for External Church Relations (OVTsS) expressed doubts about the notional all-Orthodox Sobor proposed for Istanbul:

It’s doubtful whether the we can even hold an all-Orthodox Sobor when some Orthodox Churches are in a state of unresolved conflict, and some Orthodox Churches don’t recognise the First Hierarch of the Church of Czechia and Slovakia, not to mention the highly volatile general political situation in the world. However, the MP has always participated and continues to take an active part in preparations for the Sobor, despite the obvious difficulties in preparing for such an event. As for the specific timing of the meeting, I think that it’s premature to talk about it yet.

In 2014, the Orthodox Church decided to convene an all-Orthodox Sobor in 2016 in Istanbul, but it also added a caveat… “if not prevented by any unseen contingency”. Metropolitan Ilarion pointed up:

They thought that they’d be able to edit… and in some cases, completely rewrite… a significant part of the draft documents on the Sobor, many of which had become outdated since their adoption 30 years ago. The work on revising these documents moved very slowly. Consequently, of the eight position papers supposed to bring the Sobor up-to-date, we only agreed on three; work on the rest isn’t yet complete. So far, the Local Churches have no common understanding of what rules the all-Orthodox Sobor will follow, and what should be its agenda. A special commission formed to discuss these issues had to recess without agreement as there was no consensus. Many questions about preparations for the Sobor remain unanswered, even though Patriarch Kirill repeatedly raised them over the past year in his letters to Patriarch Bartholomew.

25 December 2015



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