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Sunday, 20 November 2016

20 November 2016. Today is HH’s Birthday… He’s 70… На многая лета!

04a Kirill and Zyuganov

HH chatting with his good friend Comrade Zyuganov… just think, Potapov and Whiteford have to commemorate Red Kirill at EVERY LITURGY! What a laugh! God does exist… and He has a wicked sense of humour…


Today is HH’s birthday… he’s 70. One of the people invited to the shindig was Tikhon Mollard. Mollard got tons more (and better) attention from HH than Fatso ever got. Of course, Mollard isn’t really the head of an autocephalous Local Church… everybody knows that the OCA is a Stepin Fetchit dependency of the Centre. HH still looks hale and hearty… he’s got another good ten years in him, if anything. I’ll say this… if you want to cross Kirill Mikhailovich, you’d best get up early and you’d best succeed on the first try… just sayin’…



Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Church-Linked Printing House Produces Stalin Calendar

00 Stalin. 19.10.12


Editor’s Note:

There’s been much kerfuffle about this… but there’s much less than meets the eye at a superficial glance. It’s NOT an official Church publication. A Church-owned publisher printed it… but the creator and distributor is an outside enterprise. In short, the Church didn’t publish this… but it’s causing it fits because some lower-level lamebrain allowed its printing at a Church-owned plant. No doubt, there was money involved… but this time, the scoundrel got “hoist by his own petard”. Watch for someone to hit the bricks… and soon.



Raising eyebrows of Christians and Soviet loyalists alike, an MP-affiliated printing house produced a calendar of one of the Church’s worst oppressors. The calendar by Dostoinstvo (Dignity) publishing house offers a series of pictures of Soviet leader Iosif Stalin. The calendar comes complete with biographic snippets and Stalin’s nicknames, including Soso, Pockmarked, and Lord. According to the calendar’s masthead, the Patriarchal Publishing Centre of the Trinity-St Sergei Lavra printed it. On Tuesday, blogger Mikhail Babkin posted the first images of the calendar online. As of yet, the Church hasn’t commented on the issue. The Church set up the Patriarchal Publishing Centre; it’s at a famous monastery in Moscow Oblast, it handles many of the publishing activities of the MP. Dostoinstvo is a conservative publisher whose back catalogue comprises a motley mix of pro-Stalin and pro-Church publications. Last year, it offered a monthly calendar with pictures of Russian tsars, which, inexplicably, cost twice as much as a Stalin calendar… 400 Roubles (12 USD. 13 CAD. 13.50 AUD. 8.80 Euros. 7.40 UK Pounds) vs 200 Roubles (6 USD. 6.50 CAD. 6.75 AUD. 4.40 Euros. 3.70 UK Pounds). Stalin, who was an Orthodox seminarist in his youth, ordered hundreds of churches destroyed and OK’d widespread repressions of clergy.

8 January 2014




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