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Thursday, 14 August 2008

The Los Angeles Times said Bush Shares Blame for South Ossetia Bloodshed

US President George W Bush Messed Up Again… Couldn’t Tell Georgia and Russia Apart

Sergei Yolkin



One of America’s leading newspapers said that President George W Bush must answer for the disastrous consequences of Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia. The Los Angeles Times says the Georgian leadership was so stupid that they believed that the USA would give them aid if they got involved in a war with Russia in South Ossetia. First of all, America’s busy handling crises in Afghanistan and Iraq, and, secondly, the US cannot engage in conflict with Russia, as it’s the world’s second-largest nuclear power. The newspaper puts part of the blame also on Republican presidential candidate John McCain, as he’s been actively lobbying for Georgian interests in Washington. However, the main blame is on President Bush, whose anti-Russian record includes support for the so-called “colour revolutions” in the Russian backyard, condemnation of so-called anti-democratic crackdowns in Russia, whilst ignoring crimes committed by America’s authoritarian friends, and also Washington’s support for Georgia’s bid to join NATO and its planned deployment of missile defence elements in Poland and Czechia, right on the doorstep of Russia. Click here for a link to the full text of the article by Paul Craig Roberts, President Bush, Would You Please Shut Up?  (the Los Angeles Times carried an abridged version) (the author was a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, and formerly of The Wall Street Journal and National Review).

14 August 2008

Voice of Russia World Service


Thursday, 26 June 2008

A View from Moscow by Valentin Zorin… Wishful Thinking


The official admission that the ranks of redundant workers grew by five percent, swelling more than they ever did in the previous twenty years, puts an end to debates on what’s hit the United States, what President Bush describes as limited economic recession or a full-scale economic crisis. One of the most respected global financial institutions, Merrill Lynch, feels the much-feared economic crisis has begun. The unemployment rate has risen five percent, which adds the last missing link to the mosaic of critical developments. An opinion poll, ordered by the CNN television network, shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans, 78 percent, decided, without consulting their financial gurus, that the economic situation was unacceptably poor. The White House’s attempts to pretend everything was alright left Americans unimpressed.

So did the highly ambitious and highly advertised plan for the encouragement of economic development and the alleviation of the current and yet-to-come crises, which President Bush revealed to the masses last January. With dark clouds gathering in the sky over America, President Bush called for accelerated economic growth. His ten-year plan is neither comprehensive nor down-to-earth. All it calls for is corporate tax reductions. Its opponents were quick to guess it’d widen the gap between budget revenues and budget spending and make things worse for the neediest Americans, instead of encouraging economic growth. Further developments add weight to their point of view. Attempts to avert the crisis proved unsuccessful, and budget deficits and the public debt have skyrocketed. The Bush administration is fully responsible for this state of affairs. It inherited a budget surplus in 2001. In less than a year, the federal savings were reduced to nil and the federal budget entered a negative balance. Worse things are yet to come, as the negative difference between budget revenues and budget spending has grown ever since. Such is the price the USA has to pay for the resumption of the once-interrupted arms race. American military spending has grown by 62 percent under the Republican mandate.

Facts prove that powerful forces, which place their bets on military superiority, have no intention of stopping the arms race which threatens this planet and may bleed white their own country, the USA. They intend to continue this arms race after the Bush administration steps down. There’s no other explanation for the decision to earmark more than half a trillion dollars (11.728 trillion roubles. 317.75 billion euros. 251.7 billion UK pounds) for military spending in next year’s federal budget. Half a trillion dollars spells a 74 percent increase in the Pentagon’s spending compared to eight years ago and is seen as the biggest military allocation of the post-World War II period. The military spending of the USA tops that of all other nations, taken together. It’s important to point out that Washington resumed the arms race two years before the synchronised terrorist attacks on America. Antiterrorist action provided an excuse for the arms race and the invasion of Iraq.

It has since become clear that even the powerful American economy can’t afford to carry that enormous burden of military spending. A key member of the Reagan Administration, Paul Craig Roberts, said in a recent appearance on television that the financially-burdensome war in Iraq was speeding up the economic and political collapse of the USA. It isn’t for nothing that words like “collapse” are used by people of Paul Craig Roberts’ stature. The latest developments in the US economy highlight the ineffectiveness of the White House’s strategies of the past few years. Powerful as it may be, no nation can afford to play the role of the global government. President Medvedev dismisses plans to do so as wishful thinking. However, will future helmsmen of America be capable of shaking off the dangerous burden of wishful thinking and drawing the right sort of conclusions from the current developments?

20 June 2008

Valentin Zorin

Voice of Russia World Service



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