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Monday, 17 February 2014

17 February 2014. Whatever Happened to Deacon Andrei Kuraev? What Meaning Can We Pull from His “Fall?”



In the early 2000s, Deacon Andrei Kuraev was one of the leading lights in the Orthodox cyberworld. Lately, he’s become more and more strident, making all kinds of oddbod statements. I asked around and one source told me:

For years now, Kuraev has gone off. His problem is his self-obsession. Pro-Western media outlets, eager for any scandal, pay him much attention. Moreover, producing scandal so that people quote him consumes him; besides which, he’s obsessed with how many hits he gets. Charlie‘s right… Kuraev’s going Protestant; he’s gone Renovationist. He’s become an enemy of the Church in his egoistic quest for celebrity.

I agree. Deacon Andrei has gone off the rails. Once, he was a “go-to” source… today, he’s an embittered “dissident”. I think that he’s well on the way to being another Gleb Yakunin (who was one of the few people personally anathematised by the Church). I don’t think that he’ll be another Rusantsov, but he does have the potential for being defrocked.

Remember, the Church always does the least-invasive thing to solve a problem. For instance, in this case, the Centre used the least-invasive method of shitcanning him. “He didn’t attend to his duties as an MDA faculty member”. This was like the ROCOR Holy Synod stopping the Toll House Wars about thirty years ago by saying, “There’s not much revealed on this topic. All discussion of it should cease” (they should revisit that decision and muzzle the loud konvertsy who perpetually call the Toll Houses “an important Church Doctrine” (which it isn’t)). In the case of Podmoshensky, the ROCOR gave him the drop for serving under suspension (Lebedeff said that was a great relief; nobody wanted to go near the issue of sexual perversion unless that they absolutely had to).

This first disciplinary action… removing Kuraev from the MDA faculty… was a salutary warning. If he continues to fuck up… well, the Church hopes that he doesn’t. I noted that they said nothing of his connection with PSTGU… I wonder, does such need approval from the Vorobyov Mafia (perspirin’ minds wanna know)? Bear in mind how the Church dealt with the rank heresies of Bulgakov and Florensky… it condemned the heresies, but it showed mercy to the people involved.

For instance, to give a good example of such, the Church should send Seraphim Storheim off to live in a monastery, far from children, without any pastoral role. This would be fair to all parties. It’s fair to the victims… for it’d show that the Church implicitly believes their story by denying Storheim a public role. It’s fair to the believers… for they’d be spared worrying that there’d be a relapse. It’s fair to Storheim… for it’d spare him some shame and pain (look, a court found him guilty… that’s harsh enough for me… it DOES put the “Scarlet Letter” upon him, after all). It shows respect to the Court… it shows that the Church intends doing something to neutralise Storheim, removing the need for further legal action or imprisonment. Last of all, it’s fair to the Church… it means that the issue will die a natural death (that is, it’ll persist for as long as Storheim’s alive…  but after he’s dead, people would say, “Y’know, they did the right thing…”. Shall this happen? I’d truly like to see it happen, but given the nasty-ass attitude of Syosset and the First Families, I expect more legal manoeuvring, obfuscation, and denials… I’m not hoping for such, but that’s what I see.

It’s not just Deacon Andrei… it’s our whole attitude to dealing with dissidence and malfeasance. Frankly, we’d do well to stick to our traditional ways… they work. Take it one step at a time, and don’t dump on someone all the way all at once. Shall Deacon Andrei turn back? I don’t have a working crystal ball, do you? Things are never boring following the Church, are they?



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Friday, 18 October 2013

“Everyone Needs to Carry His Cross”… One of the Reasons for Red October

00 Everyone Needs to Carry Their Cross. Russian cartoon. contemporary. 18.10.13

“Everyone Needs to Carry His Cross”

A Meranov

Contemporary Russian cartoon

This illustrates one of the reasons why the Russian public stood by in silence as the Reds shot priests… all too many clergymen had been nogoodniks under the Ancien Régime. God DOES see and judge… and his Instruments are varied, indeed…


One of the reasons for Red October was that the Church was shot through with corruption and colluded with the lowest elements of the Russian ruling class. The Black Hundreds were NOT a fairy tale; indeed, St Ioann Kronshtadtsky fought them ferociously. He saw that they could pull the whole Church under, which, of course, they did (not alone, but they had a major hand in stirring up legit hatred against the Church). What wasn’t “fair” was that many of the guilty fled with the Whites (many became loud members of the ROCOR who denounced heroes such as Sergei Stagorodsky), but most of the innocent clergy stayed with their flocks and made up most of the New Martyrs (despite konvertsy caterwauling to the contrary, Pavel Florensky isn’t a New Martyr… not all those who died in the GULag or shot by the Reds were martyrs… they lie). The innocent paid with their blood for the sins of the wicked. It was a “holocaust” in the original sense of the term… a sacrifice of a spotless victim to atone for the sinful actions of mankind. Besides which, if one is a Christian, one has to conclude that the early atheist Reds were God’s Instrument. They burned out the rot in the Church, root and branch. Reflect on this… the cleansing took place in the Rodina, but NOT in the diaspora. That’s a meaty mediation.

Don’t criticise me for praising Sergei Stagorodsky. He suffered imprisonment TWICE for Christ’s sake. His critics? They issued their denunciations from their safe havens in the West (often, at the behest of Western intel apparats). I seem to notice a MAJOR difference. The Church in the Rodina had NOTHING to apologise for (and it hasn’t, ROCOR propaganda to the contrary notwithstanding)… the Church in the Diaspora has much to bow down in repentance for (and it hasn’t… if one looks at Potapov, Paffhausen, Reardon, and Lyonyo, it won’t). NEVER settle for a superficial examination, it’ll always lead you wrong…


Monday, 3 October 2011

3 October 2011. WHY We Must Oppose the Konvertsy and ALL Their Works

We can quote the Canons and the Fathers… ain’t that SPECIAL…


Today, the entire “Establishment” is a clueless and hopeless blob of self-interested craven opportunism. Even the arty fringe… the people who pretend to be an avant-garde… are nothing but narcissistic self-branding operations masquerading as culture leaders. Of course, it’s cosmically ironic that the same generation of Boomer-hippies that ran in the streets and marched through the maze of service roads around the Pentagon has become a new “Establishment” more obtuse, feckless, greedy, and mendacious than the one they battled with over 40 years ago. I guess they just don’t see that their time has come to “get right” with reality… or get shoved aside and trampled.

James Kunstler


This is a bit more “free-form” and “stream-of-consciousness” than the usual post… just a warning…

In both politics and the Church, we face squalling children who want to pull down the structures of the ages in order to empower (and enrich) themselves. In politics, the extreme rightwing (Limbaugh, Koch brothers, Rand Paul, et al) embodies such juvenile truculence; in the Church, we find it amongst the formerly-Anglican and “Evangelicalkonvertsy. Therefore, why should it surprise you that most konvertsy also trumpet rightwing shibboleths and promote rightwing fantasies such as the Manhattan Declaration? Despite all their screams of “conservatism”, these factions are “Radical” in the European sense… they’re against hierarchy, authority, and tradition (as their basis is in the bourgeoisie, they can’t be “conservative”… no mercantile-based ideology can be). Mind you, they scream much about all three. Yet, trust me… they’d not be accounted conservatives by the standards of Burke, TR, Bismarck, Stolypin, or Tsar Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. Furthermore, Ike, Dief, Rocky, Macdonald, and Abe Lincoln (who wanted to free the slaves, thusly interfering in a “capitalistic investment”) would’ve disowned them in a second.

We see this incarnated in the Legion of Christ and Opus Dei amongst the Catholics. They’re secretive, evasive, abusive, and protective of predators. That DOES sound familiar, doesn’t it? It sounds a lot like Paffhausen and his crew of scurvy apologists… do note that JP won’t “come clean” on his relationship with Podmoshensky (don’t forget, Freddie M-G and Dreher have direct and personal ties to Platina, too). Today, the entire “Establishment” is a clueless and hopeless blob of self-interested craven opportunism. Amen, amen, amen! Do note that the konvertsy support predatory clergy whilst screaming for the blood of homosexuals at the same time.

I don’t believe that the konvertsy left Anglicanism for the reasons that they give… friends in the TEC tell me that they’re simply rightwing disgrunts who lost a battle for control in their church, full stop. Why did we take such amongst us? Isn’t it obvious that any fish caught in troubled waters are likely to be toxic? Look at Reardon and Freeman… I rest my case. St Pavel Florensky (crossing myself and rolling my eyes at the same time)! That’s absolutely barmy and crackbrained. Even Mitrofanov won’t go as far, and he’s one of the Blunder’s aspirantura in Bolshaya Ordynka.

To show this in another light, a friend of mine wrote me:

Is [Love BT] crazy? He’s bloviating on the Monahakos Blog that there was no evidence of sexual abuse at Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco after someone said he blew the investigation… is he mad or bad? The Sobor is turning into a political event… the OCA is imploding, and the converts are worried about gays. Buttons with Metropolitan Jonas on them? This is getting sick

One can only repeat, Today, the entire “Establishment” is a clueless and hopeless blob of self-interested craven opportunism. Don’t excuse it because BT’s “mentally disturbed”… he isn’t… he’s bad. We’ve all made mistakes… we’ve all done things that hurt others. However, it’s usually been in the context of family life, so, the damage has been limited. I’m NOT excusing it… certainly not in my own case, at least (I’ve been a rotter more than once, to be truthful… as have all of us). Yet, there IS a difference when a larger group is involved. “Quantity has a quality all its own”, as Stalin’s reputed to have quipped. More than one child was involved and the venue was a public church… that changes it from a private tragedy to an item of public interest (some “private tragedies” are also abuse, so, they’re against the law… the courts should deal with those). He wants to conceal his complicity in this… and his support of Nikolai Soraich, his former Chancellor (surely, he can’t claim that he was unaware of Soraich’s reputed tastes?). No one dare call it “self-interested craven opportunism”. Don’t drag in “mental illness” when “sin” will turn the trick well enough.

Keep the FACTS in mind. Eric Iliff brought suit… he “committed suicide”… Kristi Koumentakos brought suit… OCA clergy savaged her family and Lebedeff brutalised and savaged her on the OF along with Michael Reagan. Is Love BT going to protest this? NO… a thousand times, no.

These people are up to their usual old tricks. Do you want this to continue? Do think well upon that…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 3 October 2011

Albany NY 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

20 September 2011. There’s a Hole in the Bucket, Dear Liza… or… The Interesting “Holes” in the Swiss Cheese Known as OrthoWiki

There IS a REAL Church out there, konvertsy…


A priest friend of mine in the MP calls OrthoWiki “convert rubbish”. Let’s start with a (not exhaustive) list of major figures of the past 100 years that DON’T have an OrthoWiki article:

  • Archbishop Antony Bartoshevich of Geneva
  • Archbishop Antony Sinkevich of Los Angeles
  • Archbishop Tikhon Fitzgerald of San Francisco
  • Archbishop Leonty Bartoshevich of Geneva
  • Archbishop James Toombs of Manhattan
  • Archbishop Leonty Filippovich of Buenos Aires
  • Archbishop Serafim Dulgov of Brussels
  • Archbishop Afanassy Martos of Buenos Aires (only a stub)
  • Bishop Nikolai Soraich of Sitka and all Alaska (only a stub)
  • Bishop Andrei Rimarenko of Novo-Diveyevo
  • Bishop Nektary Kontsevich of Seattle
  • Bishop Sava Sarachevich of Edmonton
  • Archimandrite Kyprian Pizhov of Jordanville
  • Elder Philemon of Jordanville and Valaam
  • Ivan M Kontzevich
  • Gleb Podmoshensky
  • Panteleimon Metropoulos
  • Benedict (Sam) Greene
  • Ivan M Andreyev
  • Hilary Madison

None of the people named were minor figures. I find the omission of Kyprian Pizhov, when combined with the inclusion of some of his students (who are of lesser talent) and the listing of lesser-lights (to put it charitably) such as Aidan Hart and Matthew Garrett (neither are in Fr Kyprian’s league at all) particularly egregious… it’s a sign of the ignorance and party-line obsequiousness of the editors (it certainly puts Love BT’s recent comments on their sagacity DEEPLY in question). Besides this, it’s obvious that the ideas of the schismatic nutter Gleb Podmoshensky (the guru to Dreher, Freddie M-G, El Gordo, and the HOOMie cultists) contaminate this website. For instance, everyone knows that I M Kontzevich was the editor of the original Russian edition of the Northern Thebaid, yet an OrthoWiki article lists Rose and Podmoshensky as the compilers. Besides this, they list 5 April as the Feast of Elder Philemon of Jordanville and Valaam… however, he’s NOT a saint on anyone’s list! The 5 April date is a phantasmal concoction ginned up by Mr Podmoshensky. It also coyly refuses to mention that the OCA removed Vasili Rodzianko as Bishop of San Francisco in ’84 because Rodzianko objected to the rather flagrant actions of the homosexual cabal. In Fr Tikhon Shevkunov’s new book Несвятые святые (Nesvyatye Svyatye: Unholy Holiness) (60,000 copies printed, 15,000 sold on the first day), it says that Vladyki Vasili got the sack by the OCA because of his “opposition to a lobby which had unacceptable practices for Orthodox”. Ah, yes, a priest in LA benefited greatly from that dismissal… Love BT (he could’ve coshed Vasili to advance his ambition… hmm… don’t forget, BT refused to do further study when it was requested of him).

The article on Pavel Florensky fails to point up that mainstream elements in the Church consider his teaching heretical, especially his vapourings in The Pillar and Ground of Truth and his notional crackpot maundering on Sophiology. Florensky is NOT a martyr… he’s simply someone who died in the GULag. I should mention that Patrick Reardon and John Matusiak consider this heretical figure a saint… there be dragons out there, kids. The konvertsy treat another related figure, Sergei Bulgakov, with kid gloves. Both the ROCOR and the MP condemned his teachings as heretical (but didn’t anathematise him personally). In addition, OrthoWiki doesn’t mention that the Paris gang’s whitewash of Bulgakov was in defiance of world Orthodoxy, and that this gibbering heretic was one of the main influences on Aleksandr Schmemann and Ivan von Meyendorff.

Am I being catty in mentioning that this source does NOT mention the DUI arrest of Benjamin Peterson? If a hierarch’s arrested by the coppers, that’s an item of note. This is a matter of public record in the State of Nevada… this is NOT hearsay. OrthoWiki also withholds the information that Pierre l’Huillier fled both New York and Paris due to substantive charges of paedophilia. In like manner, it refuses to specify that a sexual scandal brought down Antony Grabbe, not a financial one. To whitewash the facts, to falsify history, is to spit in the face of Almighty God. Reflect on this… these toddlers do so in the name of “religion!” They believe that it’s not only acceptable, but it’s laudable. That, my friends, is cult behaviour. We need to cut out this cancer; the sooner that we do it, the better off that we’ll be.

Note well that these mewling brats expect PRAISE for their work in concealing the true history of the Church. Perhaps, Mr Fitzgerald could withdraw his earlier remarks about my lack of expertise. The Solon of Michelorena Street could use his time profitably by writing a post for OrthoWiki on his own life… he certainly has access to materials that many of us don’t (don’t forget to mention that you didn’t go to Orthodox services with Fr Basil Stroyen at the air force base, Mr Fitzgerald)… by the way, what WAS your connection with Messrs Peterson, Soraich, and Brittain? Is this a case of “birds of a feather”, or, was it that Love BT was a “fag hag?”

This isn’t exhaustive… it’s journalistic, which means that I’m only covering the main points to not go over my usual word-limitation. The main Wikipedia is useful for dates, general information, and pop items… it’s less useful for controversial political, academic, or religious topics. OrthoWiki has NO links to the main Wikipedia operation. It’s nothing but a propaganda machine for the konvertsy… it’s about time that someone said that.

They cover Benjamin Peterson in more depth than they do Antony Bartoshevich or Georgi Grabbe… that shows consummate chutzpah and arrogance. We need to tell the TRUTH about the Church… both the good things and the bad things. In pre-Revolutionary Russia, there were BOTH Black Hundreds and St Ivan Sergeyev. In like manner, we’ve had the same. If we don’t tell the truth, we’ll suffer the same fate as the pre-Revolutionary Church did… God burned out the cancer… using the bezbozhniki as his instruments.

There IS a God… we should start to act in cognisance of that fact… but shall we?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Albany NY

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