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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

7 October 2015. Here’s a “Good Work” That’s Well-Worth Supporting… Mark Your Calendars for 6 – 8 November!

00 mayfield pa christmas bazaar 071015


If you live within a two-hour drive or so of Mayfield PA in NEPA, here’s something well-worth considering marking your calendar for:

St John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral Christmas Bazaar 

St John’s Center

703 Hill Street

Mayfield PA 18433

6 – 8 November 2015

Starting 11.00 EST 6 November

Closing 15.00 EST 8 November

All intel and info is at the link above. I need add nothing more… except, bring plenty of green to spend and plenty of love to share (there might be some pierogies n’ pivo around, too, if you ask nice)… ’nuff said…




Monday, 28 September 2015

28 September 2015. Pizza n’ Pivo… the National Food n’ Beverage of the NEPA Set

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“Pivo” is “beer” in all the Slavic languages… “NEPA” is “Northeastern Pennsylvania”. Ever had “Old Forge Pizza?” Don’t knock it until you try it… then, you’ll KNOW why Pizza n’ Pivo is the Champagne and Brie of NEPA… get your mind right, bud…


Monday, 13 July 2015

Fr John Bohush Still Under the Gun… Maymon Refuses to Let Go… is It Time to Kick Out This Clueless Konvertsy Asshat?

00 this is wrong. 050715


Fr John Bohush’s spiritual court trial is on hold until after the Atlanta OCA Sobor. His counsel insisted that Mollard and Jillions act as witnesses. For now, they’ve closed the parish. Fr John’s granddaughter refused to get blessing from Maymon at meeting at St T’s summer camp… she’s a director. What can you do? Flood the SOBs with e-mails, kids… don’t discuss it on the internet. Tell them that you want this OVER. The best result in this is if it dies a silent death. No publicity… no fuss… no trial. Then, the SOBs should depose Maymon for having started a false proceeding against an innocent priest. Remember, Maymon is an insubordinate and disobedient asshat like Reardon… Maymon refused a direct order from the late Philip Saliba, then, Fatso picked him up, to the general glee of the konvertsy. None of Fatso’s associates is worth a good goddamn… Moriak was a shitty bishop (keep the heat on the SOBs until they remove him as pastor)… Maymon’s a shitty bishop… Eliel would be a shitty bishop. No one with ties to Platina is any damned good… experience has taught us that. After all, any idiot who wants to kick around the Bohush clan isn’t very bright…

Let Fr John have his canonical release. Drop the spiritual court. Depose Maymon for starting this lunatic kerfuffle. Remove Eliel (Brum, too… he has too many ties to Manton) from consideration as a bishop. That’s what would solve this…


Monday, 15 June 2015

15 June 2015. BREAKING NEWS Has Maymon Suspended Fr Bohush in Philadelphia On Hearsay? Perspirin’ Minds Wanna Know…

00 Train Wreck of the OCA. 23.09.12


Got this whisper:

Fr John Bohush is 80 and has been a priest for 56 years. That asshole Mark suspended him on hearsay.

That’s all… but my informant said to “break it open”… therefore, if you’re OCA or Russian Orthodox of any “flavour”, pass this on. It looks like Maymon is up to skulduggery. I checked oca.org, but there’s nothing there. If this is so… it means that NO priest is safe from the konvertsy brats. This is what Fatso wanted… this is what Moriak wanted… you do see the pattern. The buzz had it that Fr John was considering going over to Moscow… this is interesting, isn’t it?

Stay tuned… it ain’t over yet…



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