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Saturday, 6 August 2016

DNR Ministry of Labour and Social Policy Announced that Pensions would Increase by 10 Percent

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Today, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy announced that the competent DNR government agencies completed indexation of pensions. The size of payments would increase 10 percent, effective 1 August 2016. It said:

We budgeted for the pensions of both civilian pensioners and retired security personnel, taking into account an increase in pension payments by 10 percent, to comply with a decree from the DNR Head of State.

The minimum DNR pension is 2,087 Roubles/month (212 Renminbi. 2,128 INR. 32 USD. 42 CAD. 42 AUD. 29 Euros. 25 UK Pounds). In a talk with journalists on 16 July, DNR Head of State A V Zakharchenko stated that the relevant DNR government agencies would carry out indexation of pensions this quarter. Later, Zakharchenko said that pensioners should receive an increased payment in August. On 15 March 2015, DNR Head of State Zakharchenko signed the Decree “On the Appointment and Payment of Pensions in the DNR”. Payments under this law started in April 2015.

4 August 2016

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The pension appears miniscule, but the prices are different in the DNR, and many items are cheaper due to state subsidies (just like the old USSR did). On the other hand, in the Ukraine, pensions and wages are falling (if paid at all) and prices are sharply increasing (just as the USA does… the junta copies its American puppeteers slavishly).

One of these things is not like the other. The DNR builds, using the healthy legacy of Soviet social policy… the Ukraine destroys, following the diktats of its American neoliberal “conservative” bosses. You may choose to support one or the other, but not both… choose wisely…



Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The LNR Peoples Soviet LOWERED Retirement Age for Women to 55

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THIS is how they treat old people in Russia and in the Peoples Republics… in Banderstan, the fascist thieves kick them in the face and steal their pensions. The Republican “conservatives” support the thieving fascists, not the upright and godly Russians… shitbirds of a feather DO flock together…


Today, Deputies of the LNR Peoples Soviet considered and adopted on second reading a law that reduced the retirement age for women to 55 years. According to the amendment:

Citizens living in the LNR can receive an old-age pension after reaching 60-years-old for men and 55-years-old for women, if they’ve been in the insurance scheme for at least 15 years.

Peoples Deputy Aleksei Karyakin commented on the new legislation:

Today, we adopted an amendment to the law stating that men can receive an old-age pension at 60-years-old and women at 55-years-old. We promised this to the people; so, it got a very spirited discussion. We worked hard on all the details… financing, collateral, and provision of guarantees… so, today, in the run-up to the New Year, we gave a New Year gift to our ladies. This will go into effect on 1 January 2016. Previously, we calculated pensions according to Ukrainian norms; for women, they were eligible at 57-years-old. After the New Year, the Ukrainian retirement age for women will rise to 58-years-old. We’ll keep the retirement age at 55 for women; I think that this three-year difference is important. Now, the Peoples Soviet sent the bill forward to the Head of the Republic for his approval. After he signs the document, we’ll publish it, and it’d come into force on the following day.

Earlier, Head of the Republic I V Plotnitsky said that the retirement age for women would decrease to 55-years-old in 2016. The LNR Federation of Trade Unions initiated the petition to the Head of the Republic to lower the retirement age to match Russian norms.

4 December 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Can you see why the US Republican filth support the putschist junta? They cudgel the ordinary people, just as the GOP monsters want to do. Ponder this… the Republicans claim to be “Pro-Life”, yet, they want to cut all forms of assistance to ordinary people to fatten the boodle bags of the rich. I call them liars and thieves. No doubt, you can see why I consider people like Rod Dreher lying and hypocritical nihilists…


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

More than 27,000 Pensioners in the DNR Eligible to Receive Old Age Benefits

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Today, Galina Sagaidakova, Chairman of the DNR Pension Fund, told us, “The DNR State Registry listed more than 27,000 pensioners in our country and enrolled them in our Pension Fund. This number includes pensioners who withdrew from the register in other parts of the Ukraine and transferred registration to the DNR”.

5 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Saturday, 28 March 2015

News on LNR Pensions

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This seems cut-and-dried, not “newsy” at all. However, this is MORE important than battle news or news of this-or-that politician… it shows that Novorossiya is well on the way to creating the proper administrative apparat to run a modern state. It means that Novorossiya has broken definitively with the “Ukrainian” administrative apparat. Novorossiya is creating all the government structures to have an apparat to govern, maintain, defend, and sustain a viable modern state. There’s no longer any chance of reintegrating the LNR and DNR into any notional “Ukraine”.

In its modest and unassuming way, this is a de facto Declaration of Independence. The Ukraine IS dead… it’s a headless chicken prancing about the barnyard scattering blood and gore. May the time of its actual fall be soon. The peoples of Novorossiya, Malorossiya, Podkarpatskaya, Galicia, and Bukovina deserve nothing less.



Tatyana Vasilyeva, Acting Chairman of the LNR Pension Fund announced at a meeting the readiness of the LNR State Bank to make the payments and multi-currency transactions necessary to allow the LNR pension fund plans to pay pensions to retirees on the scale provided for in the prewar period. She said, “Today, we want to stabilise pensions, from the current month. At this point, we’re trying return to the pension rates in place before the war. Normally, on the 4th and 25th of the month, people knew that their money was in the bank or in the mail. We’re committed to continue that”. She noted that there might be glitches during the first month, admitting, “During the first month, I think that due to the fact that people didn’t get their pensions for some time, there may be some failures. However, we plan to have payments back online by next month”.


At a meeting today, Svetlana Malakhova, LNR Minister of Labour and Social Policy, and Tatyana Vasilyeva, Acting Chairman of the LNR Pension Fund stated that all pensioners must receive their pensions personally, there’ll be no payment by proxy. Vasilyeva said, “As there’s a difficult situation in the Republic, we can’t allow payments by proxy. If a person, for whatever reason, doesn’t receive their pension on time, they’d be able to get it disbursed to them during the next payment period. No one will lose any pension money”.

In turn, Malakhova said that the Ministry of Labour would coöperate with the Pension Fund in all measures to implement social benefits through the branches of the LNR State Bank. She pointed up that they’d pay social benefits in local currency, which means that pension payments will be in Roubles, saying, “we’ll pay pensions according to the rates set by prewar Ukrainian law. We’d use the rate set by the LNR Council of Ministers… 2 Roubles per 1 Grivnya. Pensioners and those receiving social benefits must apply in person at a bank branch with a passport and an identification code. In order to initially open an account, they’d also have to provide copies”.

Vasilieva noted, “During Stage 4 [of our work] we prepared an electronic database of all LNR pensioners. We shared this data with the State Bank, to ease preliminary work of opening accounts, to shorten the path between us (pension fund), the bank, and retirees, so that they could receive their pensions”. She said that statements would have multiple columns for pensioners’ convenience, “One column will show the value in Grivnya, as a reminder that the pension is the same as before. The second column will show the Grivnya to Roubles conversion. Another column is where a pensioner would sign and date the statement upon receiving their pension”. Vasilieva went on to say that many pensioners would receive their pensions at the bank, but some receive theirs via the mail, “We have homebound and disabled recipients. One group is disabled people under constant care, who aren’t able to go to the bank. Another group are invalids of the Great Patriotic War… because of old age, they just aren’t able to get to the bank. Then, there are those over 75-years-old. We’d organise delivery of these people’s pensions to their homes through the mail. They’d receive the same kind of statement as those received at the bank… with the value of the pension in both Grivnya and Roubles”.

28 March 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



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