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Sunday, 28 February 2016

28 February 2016. This is What Happened the Last Time that the USA Faced Russia and China in War

00 Mig-15 shooting down F-86 231215


The Korean War of 1950-53 was NOT a stalemate. The USA didn’t achieve its war aims, but the USSR and the PRC did. The USA wanted to conquer all the Korean peninsula… the PRC and USSR wanted a return to the status quo ante. The PRC and USSR achieved their goal; the USA failed miserably, as the Chosin Reservoir showed to all comers (the marines were exceptionally brave men, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Chinese People’s Volunteers waxed their collective ass in a major way). The VVS MiGs weren’t allowed within 50 kilometres of the FEBA (Forward Edge of the Battle Area)… ergo, American aircraft could operate with impunity over the battlefield, but the VVS drove the B-29s out of the daylight skies and forced all other bomber missions to have fighter escort. Russian figures show that the MiGs won air superiority (but not air supremacy) over the skies of the DPRK… that means that the USAF could fly missions, but only at a cost.

The Repugs and Chilly Hilly spout vehement rhetoric about how they’re going to whip Russia and China. Well, the last time around, the Russians and Chinese achieved their goal… the USA didn’t. Boris and Ching Wang are ready for Round Two… the USA isn’t… it had best pull in its horns. If you needed a reason to Feel the Bern, this is a good one. Bernie wouldn’t needlessly goad Russia or China… the Repugs and Chilly Hilly would. Do you really want to vote for profit-glomming and bloodthirsty warmongers? Friends don’t let friends vote for Repugs or Chilly Hilly!



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