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Monday, 29 June 2015

Zakharchenko Gave Donetsk Perinatal Diagnostics Centre New Ultrasound Machine

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Today, the Donetsk Special Medical Centre for Genetics and Prenatal Diagnosis has a new ultrasound device thanks to the efforts of DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko. Dmitri Trapeznikov, a special aide to Chairman Zakharchenko for internal policy said, “Today, due to Chairman Zakharchenko’s efforts, we secured an ultrasound device for the perinatal centre. He had the opportunity to get such a device, so, he passed it on as a gift”. Yelena Ovchinnikova, the acting director of the medical centre, said that such equipment would reduce the number of children born with birth defects, “Women would receive a qualitative survey in its entirety. This is a new type of device. Our previous ultrasound machine used to be one of the leading models, but it’s been overtaken”. This is to make good damage caused by junta shellfire on 21 August 2914 to Donetsk City Hospital Nr 1, which includes the Special Medical Centre for Genetics and Prenatal Diagnosis.

29 June 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Putin Pledges to Support Perinatal Medicine

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. To Aid Mothers and Kids. 2012


At the Eleventh World Congress of Perinatal Medicine, President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian authorities would support perinatal medicine, develop neonatal surgery, and build perinatal centres. The Kremlin quoted Putin as saying on Saturday to the Congress, “Our duty is to fight for the life of each child. Last year, Russia switched over to birth record criteria recommended by the WHO”. The Congress was held in Moscow 19 -22 June, and assembled over 2,000 participants from 91 countries. Putin said, “We began investing considerable state funds into this very important branch of healthcare, and will keep doing so”. He said that protection of mothers and children was a priority of Russia’s state and social policy. Putin noted that “58 modern perinatal centres actively work throughout the country”, saying that Russia would build more such centres to make such specialised medical assistance available to mothers and children living in remote regions. He said that a large federal perinatal centre would open in 2014 in Moscow.

23 June 2013



Editor’s Note:

Russia wants to INCREASE state spending on healthcare… the Republican Party wants to CUT it. It’s rather cut n’ dried, kids. There’s no prettifying the situation. The Republicans are EVIL… they refuse to shoulder the rightful burdens that society places on all of us to aid the more poorly-off. That says it all. I can’t see how Hilarion Kapral can sit in the same room as Victor Potapov, James Paffhausen, Rod Dreher, or Alexander Webster. They’re vociferous advocates of the putrid and theomachistic ideology peddled by the New GOP. Hilarion should know better… he grew up in Prairie Alberta, which was a NDP stronghold and where a good deal of Canadian social justice legislation first took root. Alberta was the home of the Socreds and the United Farmers… hardly rightwing organisations.

Let’s get it straight… Russia wants to increase healthcare spending… the Republicans call Russia evil… the Republicans want to cut healthcare spending. If you can’t see that such illogic and fantasy is abominable, even God Himself couldn’t put you right. Reflect on this… many of the konvertsy slobber over the GOP. That tells you volumes about their character. It also tells you volumes about the character of ethnic sellouts like Potapov and Lyonyo.

God bless Russia… it’s doing the right thing. Oppose the Republicans… it’s your duty as decent human beings…



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