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Saturday, 2 January 2016

2 January 2016. My New Year Resolutions…

00 polar bear new year resolutions 020116______________________________

Mama Bear has spoken… ’nuff said… you’ve got a friend…


Sunday, 18 October 2015

18 October 2015. What a Faux-Pas! I Did It to Myself This Time… “Reminder that We Aren’t Perfect Department”



Hoo boy, did I ever do a “stupid” just now! I sent out a post with a link in it… but when I looked at the posted result… THERE WAS NO LINK… the whole post depended on that link (I repaired it, by the way)! If you’re looking for “perfection”, don’t look here. Dreher, Freddie M-G, and those like them do claim such, but they’re just as human as I am. I’d say stick to those who admit their human frailties…

I’m sorry that I failed. That’s how you treat errors… no excuses, no bullshit. Be good, all.


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

30 September 2015. Cat’s Back… Technical Problems Knocked Me Off Internet for Two Days

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00 cat's back hectic few days 020915


Our modem went south… so, no internet for two days. Cat’s back… as feisty as ever…


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

11 August 2015. A Colloquy with a Friend on Grown-Ups and Differences

00 Oktoberfest 2012. Love Life, Love the Truth, and Love Your Friends... I'll Drink to That. 30.09.12


My interlocutor is in italics…

We tend to agree … but you tend to be NICE (in all caps) … I tend to be FEISTY (in all caps). I always look past personality differences … may I confide that you do the same?

I don’t just look past personality differences… I actually LIKE your personality… most of the time!

No one agrees with another all the time… all grown-ups know this. That’s why American Conservatism is a juvenile ideology, not fit for decent company.

That’s the truth… the adolescence and narcissism of American “conservatism” is clear, even to the simple-minded. “Give everything to us, and all will be fine”… that’s their motto. That’s why I stand against people such as Rod Dreher. He’s a conscious shill for an evil ideology, but as it personally benefits him, he doesn’t care that it’s evil and that it hurts people. He got his… as his preening postings of his fancy lunches proved to all and sundry. Such people are worse than I V Stalin was… Iosif Vissarionovich didn’t cover his power with pseudo-religious goo and smarmy blather about “freedom” and “democracy”. I stand against all “conservatism”… it’s objectively evil. The “conservatives” tacked up Our Lord 2,000 years ago… they continue to do so today… whilst mouthing pietistic twaddle about their “religious” convictions. If that be “religion”… I stand against it, always and everywhere… AS A CHRISTIAN BELIEVER!


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