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Saturday, 13 January 2018

13 January 2018. Two Things Upped My Productivity Recently


Two things upped my productivity recently. Let’s start with the simpler item… I bought an ordinary ten-buck keyboard and plugged it into the laptop (actually, into a splitter box, but let’s not get too technical). Laptop keyboards are SHITTY. On top of that, some of the keys weren’t functioning at par. They weren’t dead, but it was difficult to get them to work correctly. That slowed down my speed considerably and made it harder to do any creative writing whatsoever. With an ordinary desktop-style keyboard, my speed quickly went back up to where it should be, and if there’s trouble with it, I need only shitcan it and replace it with another ten-buck wonder.

Secondly, we were hacked seriously. In correspondence with friends, this has happened recently to all sorts of anti-Hillary people. For instance, the Hillarybots hacked the email of Ajamu Baraka and the Green Party. They scream about “Russian hackers”… what lying sacks o’ shit! They’re the ones who resort to hacking and computer manipulation as a first resort, not the Russians (who do a good job of deterring and countering American cyberattacks, thank you very much). It cost us a bit of money, but we put up cyberdefences against any further such shenanigans. Remember… Hillary wanted Eddie Snowdon’s head… but he was able to foil her and her sock-puppet Obama. Sadly, we weren’t the only people it happened to… coincidentally, all of them were anti-Hillary to one extent or another. Fancy that…

Therefore, I’m getting back up to snuff… actually, the biggest improvement is having a real keyboard to punch. It’s FUN tickling the keys… that is, if you’re a ten-finger typist like me. Have a good one, all…



Saturday, 22 April 2017

22 April 2017. The Computer is Dead! Long Live the Computer!


Well, our computer gave up the ghost on Thursday night. On Friday, Nicky went out to Best Buy and picked up another machine. It’s much like the other one, but it has more RAM and much more memory. The old one had 500 gigs of storage… this one has 900 gigs, and I have a 900 gig external drive hooked up. My images and docs were on the external drive, so I lost none of them. That’s a tip a geekly friend passed on to me, and I pass it on to you… it’ll save you much grief if you have to change machines. Everything’s ready without any poking and probing.

The cat’s back and ready to rumble…


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

10 December 2014. The Cabinet Weighs In On Windows 8

00 happy computer family. 11.09.13


My computer was showing some signs of age, so I broke down and picked up a new computer around the Thanksgiving holidays, to be ready in case of a complete system failure. I bought a new HP machine with Windows 7… my computer geeks all told me to avoid Windows 8. Of course, now that I got the new one, my old computer started working just fine. However, I figure that I didn’t waste my money. I’ll just keep my new one in the box until the old one crashes (which it will). Since Windows 7 is harder and harder to find, I think I did the right thing. If my present machine lasts another year, there probably won’t be any more computers with Windows 7 out there by that time. I don’t know anything about computers. I’m just going by what my geeks told me, and I found that Windows 7 is easy to operate for a computer moron like myself!


My Cabinet is UNANIMOUS… everybody (including me) HATES Windows 8. It has all the problems of early Vista… plus some more, for good measure. Remember what Windows 7 is… it’s a revamped and debugged Vista, but they had to call it something else as its early fuckups utterly trashed the Vista brand’s street rep. The buzz has it that the new OS coming out is to Windows 8 what Windows 7 was to Vista… that is, a debugged version that had to have a new name as the old marque is irretrievably in the shitter. Not boring, is it? Pass the jug…


Sunday, 5 January 2014

5 January 2014. The Desktop is Dead… Long Live the Desktop

00 happy computer family. 11.09.13


Let’s start with a little something:

There’s little reason to buy a desktop or laptop computer any more. Tablets do the same functions… playing music, sharing photos, web surfing… that most consumers use PCs for, and they’re made to use on the go. They can also be much cheaper. For instance, Apple’s iMac’s start at 1,300 USD (43,150 Roubles. 1,384 CAD. 1,452 AUD. 957 Euros. 792 UK Pounds) and MacBook laptops start at 1,000 USD (33,200 Roubles. 1,065 CAD. 1,117 AUD. 736 Euros. 610 UK Pounds), but iPads start at 300 USD (9,960 Roubles. 320 CAD. 335 AUD. 220 Euros. 183 UK Pounds). Of course, ditching desktop PCs isn’t for everyone… graphic designers and traders, for instance, who need large screens would find it hard to part with traditional computers. However, data shows that PCs are starting to fall out of favour. According to the latest data from IDC, an information-technology research firm, worldwide shipments fell 4 percent in 2012 from a year earlier… to the lowest level since 2009.



Of course, for most people, tablets are the way to go… let’s face it, most people are only cyber-consumers! However, if you’re a cyber-creator, a merchant, or a business, you still need a desktop. Firstly, most desktops simply have more power than tablets will ever have. There’s simply more room to put things. Secondly, if you’re using a machine for an appreciable amount of time, a larger keyboard is more comfortable and faster. Thirdly, if you do large amounts of fine image work, you need a large screen, and that’s that. Fourthly, I find the “death” of the desktop overstated (like so many things “out there”). It’s simply that Joe Schmo & Co aren’t going to have them… they don’t need them… why take up space? They need it for the large-screen TV for the sports broadcasts!

In short, people like me NEED desktops… maybe, you don’t. It all depends on how much you create. Shall this mean that the web will become more “passive?” God only knows…


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