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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

11 September 2013. Got “Old Faithful” Back… Back Up to Snuff in Image Editing

00 happy computer family. 11.09.13


Got my “Old Faithful” back from the shop… new motherboard… new this n’ that… and it’s good working on a CAPABLE desktop rather than a laptop. Laptops are good for many things, but for hardcore image editing of the sort that I engage in, I need a more powerful and faster desktop. I have no illusions. I have to raise the scratch for a new machine… this one won’t last forever. My geek told me that I need 64-bites and 16 gigs of RAM… and I believe him. So, I’m going to have to put the bucks aside for something new. The only glitch is that the audio card isn’t enabled, but I left an e-mail at the geeks’, and I expect that to be put right tout suite. Shit happens. I’m also getting used to a “tailless mouse“… that is, a computer mouse without a cord. It’s a little different, but I’ll have it mastered in no time. Of course, having my machine with all my imaging software back meant that I can resume the Yolkin cartoons and the Infographics. I’m going to catch up on those. Be good, kids… remember… Ya gotta wannaYa gotta give a shit… if you can master these two, everything else is a snap…



Sunday, 25 August 2013

25 August 2013. Cat’s Back! On a Backup Machine…



I’m back online, finally, using a backup laptop. It’s not what I’m used to, but it keeps me in the cyberworld whilst the main desktop is still in the shop.  I had a crank CPU and motherboard. In the last 6 weeks, I’ve replaced the power supply, CD-ROM, the fan, the CPU, and, now, the motherboard. That means that I’ll have a virtually-new machine when I pick it up. This laptop isn’t what I’m used to, and it’s a bear for fine work. I’m waiting for Old Faithful, but for now, this will do. My faithful Nicky connected this up… we needed to hook up the modem direct to the machine, He did figure out what was needed; he got me back up and running. I’ll not be offline again like I was… thanks to my Nicky and his “bear nose”, which can sniff trouble out twenty miles away. I’ll have some new things up presently, probably tomorrow.

Be good all, and keep the faith…


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

READ N’ HEED! Microsoft Sez Collaborative Viruses Can Sync To Fuck Up PCs

sick computer


Microsoft research assumes that two computer viruses that collaborate will be harder to clean from infected PCs. The pair of viruses foils removal by downloading updated versions of their malware partner. Once accidentally downloaded on a PC, the viruses allow hackers to take control over a machine and use it for saleable information or spamming. A blogpost by Microsoft malware researcher Hyun Choi illustrated this close interaction between the two viruses. Mr Choi explained that one often finds the two Windows viruses, known as Vobfus and Beebone, together. Vobfus was usually the first to appear on a machine, he said, and used different tactics to damage its virtual victims. Vobfus could install via booby-trapped links on a various range of websites, travel via network links to other machines, or lurk on USB drives and infect PCs that it’s plugged into.

Vobfus, which installs first, then downloads Beebone, connecting the machine to a botnet… a huge network of infected computers. Mr Choi said, after this, the two malware programs start working together to regularly download new versions of their virus-partner, thus, multiplying cybercrime. He said that was an effective mechanism that helped the virus remain sustainable on infected machines, explaining, “In the case with Vobfus, even if it is detected and remediated, it could’ve downloaded an undetected Beebone, which can, in turn, download an undetected version of Vobfus. The two threat families are intrinsically related”. Mr Choi stated that this “cyclical relationship” helped Vobfus become a persistent issue since 2009, when it first appeared. He explained that defeating the two viruses together was not easy, he said, because Vobfus was very good at travelling via networks. In addition to keeping software up to date, he recommended disabling the “AutoRun” feature on Windows machines, as Vobfus exploits this when it comes via USB drives. In addition, he said, people should be more attentive when they click links on external websites to avoid falling victim to booby-trapped URLs.

2 July 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Let’s keep it simple. DON’T CLICK ON EXTERNAL LINKS (hey, guys… that means the link with the image of the gal with the gigundo titties, OK?). That should help you a great deal. Secondly, talk to your geek… they can help you. They have the knowledge that you don’t have. Don’t fuck with your machine without talking with your geek first. You’ll probably screw things up worse. Trust me on this one.



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