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Saturday, 26 August 2017

26 August 2017. Friends Do NOT Do Such Evil


I wrote the following to a friend on FB:

I don’t choose friends based on agreement. I choose friends based on character and decency. You’re my friend… full stop. I needn’t agree with you or find all of your positions congenial. I find you trusty and honest. That’s good enough for me. I confide that it’s good enough for you, too…

Friends do NOT cross certain lines. One critical “red-line” is posting someone’s personal business without permission. If you’re a friend, you won’t do such evil. I’ve found that some who identify as “conservatives” feel that they have the right to post people’s personal business online without permission… they’re only “telling the truth”, dontcha know! I’d warn all concerned about those who crow loudly about “morality”… they’re usually the worst of this scurvy crew. I’ve come to the point where I’ve had it with the scurrility and nastiness of some self-described “conservatives” and “moralists”. From this point forward, if someone posts my business without my permission, and I find it out, I’m going to expose that person as a danger to all decent people. Therefore, I’d warn all concerned (and especially all who identify as “Orthodox Leftists”) to beware one “Ryan Isaac”. This scumbag posted my personal business without my permission. If they did it to me… they could do it to you. After all… they “have the obligation to tell the truth”. Beware such people. Block them… oppose them… give them no quarter.

Sometimes, one must stand and defend the right. This is one such time. They want to steal our Church from us and make it into a godless posturing Anglo Evangelical conventicle (but with “Byzantine” liturgy). I confide that I’m not alone in being fed up…



Monday, 2 November 2015

2 November 2015. A Word on Bad Apples in the Chain of Command

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00 bad managers... 021115


It needn’t be the manager… it could be a crank foreman/team leader or a dodgy higher manager (or both… which can cancel out a first-level manager’s efforts). Such offices have excessive turnover in staff, low morale, and lower-than-expected work quality. I know this from personal experience over the years… just sayin’…


Saturday, 25 July 2015

25 July 2015. A Friend’s Comment on Certain People in the World

00 tim connolly on bad people. 250715


A friend of mine sent out a Facebook comment over their own name. Usually, I’m rigorous about protecting people’s identities, but Tim did send this one out under his name in a public venue, and I wish the author to get proper credit for it.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you “forget” anything… that’s impossible. Forgiveness means that you cut off the hatred that rots your soul from the inside out. Forgiveness means that refuse to let hatred rule your life. Forgiveness means that you go forward, but that you don’t stop to seek justice, if you can, and if it’s expedient (sometimes, justice is simply unobtainable or it just doesn’t help matters). Some people have sold out to evil. I’ll mention no names, but it’s clear who’s done so. Don’t let them rule you. “Don’t let out rooms to them in your mind without rent”… as one of our bishops said. Fight if you must… but without rancour. Seek justice… indeed, seek it avidly, if you can… but do so without a scrap of hatred. If I let other’s hatred enter my soul, well, I’d have no time for anything else.

Yes, “Some people have such absence of soul you begin to dislike seeing them more and more”… if you can remove them from your life, do so… forgiveness does NOT require one to keep contact with asshats who refuse to change. If you can’t remove them from your life, at least, avoid their company if you can. If you work with them, keep your contact to work-related affairs only and your conversation to work-related topics. Tim… I know what the hell you’re talking about… hate is real… there’s nothing that you can do to remove it from others. However, we do have control over our own reactions to it and to those who purvey and express it. You have a friend, dear…


Saturday, 30 May 2015

30 May 2015. Don’t Argue with Asshats! You’re Not a “Jackass Whisperer”

00 jackass whisperer. 24.05.15


Most of us have heard of the movie The Horse Whisperer. Obviously, the guy in the movie did a fantastic job with the horse. However… you’re not going to have any success in trying to argue the local ignoramus out of their asshattery. Another fruitless Sisyphean task is to get involved in the idiotic wars in the commboxes underneath a post. Yes, I fall off the rock occasionally, but reality soon intrudes, and I ask myself (for the umpteenth time), “Why did I ever think that reason and logic would sway the likes of these asshats?” My advice to you is to let the asshats rant away. Nobody’s listening to them except for their “amen corner”. Don’t argue with self-appointed internet gurus like Elijah Borek… it won’t do you or them a lick of good. Just be ready to pour a tall cool one for friends who get suckered into interacting with asshats. It happened to you, too. An “Et tu, Brute” is better than “I told you so!”

The jackasses ye shall always have with you… so, lighten up and smile at their inanities. That’s the best revenge… pass the jug, that was thirsty work…


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