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Saturday, 12 September 2015

12 September 2015. These are Wells Without Water

00 Repin epistle of st peter 120915


Have a care with clergy… some of them have sold out to the objectively evil programme of the Republican Party… they tell you that you must vote for Republicans because they’re “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Family”. That’s an egregious lie; those who spread that lie KNOW that it’s a lie (I have in mind a rotund “retired bishop” and a priest who was/is a CIA propagandist, amongst others)… they do. They KNOW that the Republicans want to slash Social Security to benefit the rich. They KNOW that the Republicans want to use the death penalty promiscuously and sell the labour of prisoners to corporations (for the benefit of politicians and “investors”). They KNOW that the Republicans want Perpetual War in Foreign Parts to benefit their wealthy paymasters. They KNOW that the Republicans want to restrict the vote to propertied white people (the Repugs have already gutted some of the Civil Rights laws… this is no canard). They KNOW that the Republicans want to abolish ALL environmental protections and eliminate ALL New Deal and Great Society social programmes.

That is, the Republican platform is godless, amoral, violent, and grasping… it worships GREED. Do recall what the Scripture said about the “root of all evil”… it wasn’t abortion and it wasn’t homosexuality. It was “the love of money”… that’s the contemporary GOP in a phrase. Have a care, the times are evil, and we have clergy who’ve sold out to the evil of the zeitgeist. You can tell them… they’re the ones who pander to the Republicans. You wonder why I’m so harsh on Rod Dreher… he’s a conscious shill for evil who tries to garner sympathy for himself via his sister’s suffering (that is LOW). The same is true of a raft of others… you know who they are. They’re so much more “purer” than we unwashed “nominals” (that’s what they call us)…

One last thing… Victoria Nuland, the architect of the present Uniate/schismo genocide in Novorossiya is a Republican… a former subordinate of the arch-criminal Richard Cheney. The Republicans applaud her treacherous actions and want to rip apart Holy Rus. If they do so, our Church will lie in the gutter, raped and ravaged. Note well that our pro-Republican clergy and laity just drool their approval of that… “Can’t you see… they’re so Pro-Life!”

I need to find a corner to be sick in.



Saturday, 9 May 2015

9 May 2015. Though I Walk in the Midst of Trouble

00 Church on the Spilt Blood. St Petersburg RF. 09.05.15



I find the song by Peter, Paul, and Mary appropriate, as they adapted some of the lyrics from the Psalms. I stand by the words…


Friday, 7 February 2014

7 February 2014. “My Get Up and Go Has Got Up and Went”… Thoughts on Nearing Sixty



Johnny Cash doing If I Had a Hammer (Johnny was another Leftie… he was a socialist!)


Peter, Paul, and Mary ‘s version of If I Had a Hammer


My Get Up and Go Has Got Up and Went! But I’m STILL a contender!


I was listening to the above song from the Weavers reunion in 1980. Lee Hays, who did the intro, died the next year, at the age of 67 (Hays wrote the lyrics for If I Had a Hammer, Pete Seeger wrote the music)… Pete Seeger just died at 94 this year, and Ronnie Gilbert and Fred Hellerman are still alive n’ kickin’. Some people think that reaching the “Six-Oh” is the end of the line. Not on your life! I don’t have the same zip as I once did, and it takes me longer to heal if I take a tumble, but I’m still pickin’ and I’m still grinnin’. God has given me tolerably good health and good friends, and little much else. However, I’m not morose, down inna dumps, or envious… I’m gonna keep swinging until the day I die! Yet, I’m beginning to have an understanding of what Browning meant in Rabbi Ben Ezragrow old with me, the best is yet to be; this is the last of life for which the first was made.

I intend to stay feisty and lively… and that’s the way youse guys like it, isn’t it? By the way, I’m still handing out the AKs, axe handles, Molotov cocktails, and RPGs at the backdoor. DON’T let the bastards grind ya down… shoot back! Even if they zap ya, ya didn’t die a bloody coward (like Rush Limbaugh, Richard Cheney, Bill O’Reilly, and Willy Romney). Be a happy warrior… and spread goodness and decency where and when you can, even if the plug-uglies try to squash ya.

Thank God for your life… it’s the best gift that you ever had… pass me the jug… this was thirsty work…


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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pope Francisco Enthroned

00 Pope Francisco Bergoglio. 19.03.13


On Tuesday, Pope Francisco Bergoglio was enthroned in the Vatican as the 266th Pope of Rome. After accepting the key symbols of the papacy… the Fisherman’s Ring and the pallium… the pope, former Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio addressed the thousands of believers gathered in St Peter’s Square, many of whom waited hours for the ceremony and a glimpse of the new pope. Pope Francisco, clad in white papal robes, looked slightly embarrassed as he toured the square in his open popemobile, with the usual bulletproof glass screens removed. He gave his greetings to all who approached him. Even at such a time, the head of the entire Catholic world did an amazing thing. Seeing a disabled man, he ordered the car to pull over, and he got out to greet him. The crowd burst into a storm of applause.

Ricardo, a self-described staunch atheist, shared his impressions of the pope’s inauguration with VOR, “I’ve always been remote from religion and faith. However, when the conclave elected Pope Francisco, and when I saw him on television, it deeply affected me. That’s why I decided to come here today… to greet the new pope. For me, it’s a historic moment, and it may even be a turning point in my life”. There were flags of many countries, greetings in hundreds of languages, smiles of joy wreathed every face in sight… then, the gathered crowd began to shout, “Viva il Papa Francisco! (Long Live Pope Francisco!)”. His presence seemed to revive the faith and hopes of all those present on the Square. Firanella, a resident of Venice, was very excited and emotional as she said, “I admire him so much that I don’t have the words to express it. Until now, I was very critical of faith and religion, so, I almost never went to church, but now I’ve decided to come back to faith definitively. Pope Francisco led me back”.

One could watch the entire inauguration in St Peter’s Basilica on large screens installed in the square. One could see the solemn procession of the cardinals, the vesting of the new pope in his papal vestments, and the prayer of Pope Francisco at the tomb of Apostle St Peter. Later, on the square itself, in a modest ceremony, Pope Francisco received the principal symbols of his office… the Fisherman’s Ring and the papal pallium. The Fisherman’s Ring made for Pope Francisco isn’t made of solid gold, it’s fashioned from gold-plated silver. Sceptics dismissed the pontiff’s modesty as an affectation. They said that it was only a sham… done to appeal to the hoi polloi. Others feared that Pope Francisco is a reformer who might try to change Catholic doctrine gradually. However, the majority are convinced that he’s a modest man in actuality, that he’s truly simple and unpretentious. After all, Francisco’s still taken aback by all the adulation directed at him. If believers expect any change, it’s only change for the better.

Louis is a seminarian from the Congo, he’s in Rome for the first time, but he’s not as anxious to see the Eternal City as he is to see the pope, he said, “I’m very happy that Pope Francisco is on the throne. He’s a simple and compassionate person. That’s what our church should be like. I’m sure that Pope Francisco will return the Catholic world to Christian traditions and strengthen our faith in Christ”. Clarissa is from Gabon in Central Africa, and she said, “He’ll continue the tradition of his predecessors John Paul II and Benedict XVI. He won’t allow same-sex marriage, abortion, or euthanasia. That’s impossible… not because the pope doesn’t want it, but it’s impossible because God doesn’t want it. After all, God installed our pope”.

After the inauguration, Pope Francisco served a Holy Mass of Thanksgiving, attended by official delegations from more than 180 countries. His first appeal to believers began with, “Keep Christ in your hearts!” In his inaugural homily, he spoke these words of peace and charity, “To protect Jesus with Mary, to protect the whole of creation, to protect each person, especially the poorest, to protect ourselves… this is a service that the Bishop of Rome is called to carry out, yet, it’s one to which all of us are called, so that the star of hope will shine brightly. Let us protect with love all that God has given us!” After the end of the liturgy, bells throughout Rome rang out in a cacophonous tribute.

Milena Faustova19 March 2013

Milena Faustova

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