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Sunday, 27 March 2016

27 March 2016. The Judases in the OCA Who Want to Sell Out to the Phanar Want to Stab the Rodina in the Back

00 tikhon mollard at phanar 210316


All of those who wish to turn the OCA over to the Phanar have connections to the EP, or to the American Establishment, or to the Uniates. Jillions was a paid minion of the Uniates… of the Galician Uniates, who support the Fascist aggression against Orthodox Socialist Novorossiya. Lyonyo is part of the CFR, a pro-US State Department organisation. Moriak and Dahulich are former ACROD, with deep ties to the Phanar apparat, both here in North America and in the Phanar itself. Dahulich is a quasi-Uniate with a graduate degree obtained under papist auspices. Maymon is a disobedient former AOCANA bishop, shitcanned by Saliba for refusing to go where ordered. Peterson is a HOOMie lover. Chad Hatfield is a former Episkie who accepted an “honorary degree” from his Episkie seminary alma mater AFTER converting to Orthodoxy. Mollard is a dweeb, chosen precisely for his bovine passivity… he’d go wherever he thought the majority was.

They want to turn the OCA into an obedient running dog of the Phanar, which means that the OCA would become the drooling Step n’ Fetchit of the US State Department… that means that it’d become the plaything of the Galician Uniates, who have a veto on much of the American policy towards Russia (as the Croats adversely affect decisions on Serbia, and Armenians and Greeks pressure policy on Turkey). OCA people may have to face a hard choice. They could stay with the OCA and become the enemies of their ancestral homeland, or they’d have to leave it and join the MP. I can’t make this decision. I won’t influence it. However, if you chose the Phanar, you’d choose allying yourselves with those who kill our Orthodox coreligionists in Novorossiya and Syria. Think on that, if you will…

Choose wisely… it’s the most momentous choice facing most of us in our lifetimes…

One last thing… Potapov was the running dog of the Galician Uniates at Radio Liberty. Are he and Fatso conspiring to join parts of the ROCOR to the Phanar, too? It’s a possibility…



Monday, 21 March 2016

21 March 2106. Mollard in Phanar Kissing Bart’s Bum… WHY?

00 tikhon mollard at phanar 210316


00 tikhon mollard at phanar a 210316


Note well that the quasi-Papist semi-Uniate Jillions accompanied Mollard on this junket. The OCA is perpetually strapped for cash… as is the Phanar. Did Potapov pony up Langley money for this? It’s a possibility… do remember how Bart kisses Butcher Biden’s ass shamelessly. Every other legit First Hierarch was in his cathedral for Sunday of Orthodoxy. I say that this smells of Chad Hatfield, SVS, Jonathan Ivanoff, Lyonyo, and the Golden 400. Are they up to hijinks behind the Centre’s back? If so, they’re in for a rude awakening… the OCA IS a dependent creature of Moscow, and HH WILL remind them of that if this is what everybody thinks it is. By the way… Mollard is too stupid to be the “brains” behind this one… I smell Lyonyo… he’s got the American Establishment connections and is in the same town as Potapov’s partner-in-crime Gan… do connect the dots…

By the way, there’s nothing up on oca.org… it shows Syosset is as sloppy and lazy as ever. Lyonyo hasn’t changed his arrogant bone-idle spots. Patriarchia.ru has news up ON THE DAY IT OCCURS, soon after it occurs. With modern technology, this could’ve been up ASAP (all one needed was a digital camera and a laptop)… it shows the incompetence and sheer idleness of the OCA apparat. Shame on them…


Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. Mollard to Serve With Bart Today… Didn’t Announce It Until Friday…

01 Backstabber


Read this. A friend wrote me:

Bart is using the OCA as a pawn versus Moscow.

I  replied:

Note that the announcement was only yesterday… no doubt, after Mollard & Co had left for the Phanar. He’d best watch his back… HH isn’t amused by treachery.

This has SVS’s fingerprints all over it… note that the semi-Uniate quisling Jillions is involved. Shall he drop Mollard in the shit? Mollard’s not bright enough to think these things through… but HH isn’t forgiving on things like this… will Jillions get le sabot? We’ll have to see…


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Patriarch Kirill Regrets that Intrigue Accompanies Preparations for the all-Orthodox Sobor



On Thursday, at a ceremony bestowing an honorary degree upon him at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Federation, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias said that the all-Orthodox Sobor set for Istanbul in 2016 will still be held, but its preparation hasn’t been easy. He said, “If everything goes according to plan, the Sobor will take place in 2016”. He pointed up that this historic forum would address topics related to the relation between Church and society, to address the concerns of believers on the issues of the day, “As always, around important historical events, there’s some intrigue, some hidden agendas, with some trying to influence the outcome, including some political forces. This faces all of us, especially, with the crisis in the Ukraine”. He also touched upon the Middle East, commenting that a large-scale exodus of Christians from the region would violate local stability, creating a breeding ground for extremism, “In Syria, [terrorists] destroyed 400 Christian churches just because they didn’t like the fact that the country historically has harboured a Christian community”.

30 April 2015



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