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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Aleksandrov Ensemble Tenor Soloist Escapes Deadly Tu-154 Crash Thanks to His Child’s Birth



A leading tenor soloist of Russia’s Aleksandrov Ensemble, Vadim Ananiev, narrowly escaped the deadly Tu-154 plane crash as he decided to stay home due to the birth of his third child. Ananiev should’ve been on board the doomed plane if he hadn’t stayed home to help his wife with their newly born child. He told RT:

I feel as if I were hit on the head. I’ll probably realise all of it later. It’s a shock; I didn’t believe it, and I still don’t believe it. I think this is nonsense. They say I was born under a lucky star… well, maybe, I don’t know. I would’ve probably gone to Syria along with other performers, if the Ensemble had planned a series of performances, and not a small concert.

However, since the 57-year-old singer recently became a father for the third time and his wife needed help, he took leave and didn’t go to Syria with the rest of the ensemble.

25 December 2016

Sputnik International



25 December 2016. Sputnik International Infographic: Crash of Minoborony Rossii Tu-154 Near Sochi



On 25 December 25, a Minoborony Rossii Tu-154 with 92 people on board crashed into the Black Sea enroute to Syria shortly after refuelling at the resort city of Adler. Most of the passengers were members of the Aleksandrov Ensemble, who were travelling from Moscow to Hmeymim Airbase in Syria to take part in New Year celebrations. The plane’s passenger list also included Anton Gubankov, the chief of the Directorate of Culture of the Minoborony Rossii, and prominent humanitarian activist Yelizaveta Glinka, the head of Spravedlivaya Pomoshch (Fair Aid). Pervy Kanal,  NTV and Zvezda broadcasters confirmed that their journalists were also among the aircraft’s passengers of the aircraft.

25 December 2016

Sputnik International


BREAKING NEWS The Tragedy Deepens… Dr Liza May Be Amongst Victims of Sochi Plane Crash



Read this. Dr Liza (Ye P Glinka) was a wonderful and caring human being, in the mould of the famous Dr L M Roshal. If this is so, it’s a grievous loss to humanity, the Rodina, and to all sick people everywhere. Yelizaveta Petrovna was carrying medical aid to the suffering in Syria. God willing… let it be an accident. The Anglos ARE capable of murder…

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