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Friday, 28 March 2014

28 March 2014. Funeral Service for Metropolitan Philip Saliba to be Livestreamed Saturday 29 March

00 MetropolitanPhilip Saliba. 28.03.14


You can watch a livestreamed online broadcast of the funeral service for Metropolitan Philip Saliba on Saturday 29 March at 09.00 EDT (06.00 PDT. 13.00 UTC. 17.00 MSK. 00.00 Sunday 30 March AEDT). Click here for a page with a link to the stream. This stream isn’t compatible with iOS devices; Noursat does provide an iOS app via their website.


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Thursday, 27 March 2014

27 March 2014. Visitation at Brooklyn Cathedral for Metropolitan Philip Saliba Began Today

00 Met Philip funeral, 27.03.14


00 Met Philip funeral 01, 27.03.14


One of the Cabinet was at the opening of the visitation for Metropolitan Philip Saliba’s body in Brooklyn. They took the above pics. The second is a wreath from President Bashar al-Assad of Syria (“Peace be upon his soul”).


Thursday, 20 March 2014

A ROCOR View of Philip Saliba

00 Vechnaya Pamyat... Memory Eternal


North American Russian Orthodox… especially, the ROCOR… should never forget that Metropolitan Phillip Saliba was always our friend. In the darkest days of our separation, he endured many swipes from the more fevered parties within the division and always responded with love, grace, and Christian forbearance. When the ROCOR glorified St John of Kronshdadt, St Xenia of Petersburg, and, then, the Russian New-Martyrs, Vladyki Philip congratulated ROCOR, canonically announced the fact to Antiochian belivers, and he added them to their Church’s local calendar of saints. For this sane and proper response the MP castigated him (“There are no martyrs!”). The OCA criticised him even more for this, for they couldn’t abide the fact that he considered the ROCOR a canonical body. He received great criticism for ruling his archdiocese like a king. However, look at how low some more “democratic” jurisdictions have sunk. He saved the AOCANA from that. They owe him! He did wrong. Who hasn’t? God forgive him, give rest to his soul, and grant him the Heavenly Kingdom.

“Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord”.


20 March 2014

An anonymous ROCOR believer

(no URL, personal correspondence)


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Metropolitan Philip Saliba of the AOCANA Dies at 83 of Sudden Heart Attack

00 Philip Saliba. One Off. 1931-2014. 19.03.14


The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, with great sadness, announces the passing unto life eternal of His Eminence the Most Reverend Metropolitan Philip Saliba, Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of all North America. May his memory be eternal! Details are forthcoming.

19 March 2014


AOCANA official website



For years, most thought that Bishop Joseph al-Zehlaoui of Los Angeles and the West (godson of the previous Antiochian Patriarch, Ignatius Hazim) was the heir-apparent to Saliba. We’ll see, won’t we?

Philip Saliba was the most adroit ecclesial politician that ever walked in the USA and Canada. Of course, being a Saliba didn’t hurt. The Saliba clan is very rich and very powerful in the Middle East; they’re deep into business and politics. Philip inherited the family knack for survival in tough circumstances, and prospering whilst doing so. He was a bishop in the USA for nearly half a century, from 1966 to 2014, with no sign of senescence or feebleness. As I said, he was a magician in both PR and backroom politics. He was a “Teflon Don”… none of the many pratfalls of his lower clergy ever stuck to him. In short, he had luck, chutzpah, and instinct… and that’s all you need. He wasn’t a scholar or preacher… he wasn’t much of an exemplar. However, he did unify the two Antiochian archdioceses back in the 70s, and he’s kept an increasingly fractured and divided church together through his personal charisma, political skill, and sheer gall. Hell, most of us expected the old coot to reach the century mark, with unimpaired powers. In short, he was a major figure in American Orthodoxy… and his place in history is SECURE.

Вечная ему память!



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