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Saturday, 5 March 2016

5 March 2016. Take NO Credence in OBVIOUS PhotoShops… It Demeans REAL Opposition to Chilly Hilly

00 hillary and bin laden 060316


The above is an obvious PhotoShop and fake. It’s a False Flag personified. It demeans opposition to Chilly Hilly. Therefore… it may come from the Clintonista camp… Chilly’s unscrupulous and without morals… she’d do ANYTHING for power and to smear her opposition. Reject all false opposition to Hilly… there’s enough REAL dirt on her, trust me. The people who did this were either stupid or calculating pro-Hilly sorts. Reject all false evidence… including those things that support your POV. It does you or your cause no good at all.



Sunday, 29 September 2013

29 September 2013. Rod Dreher Spouts Juvenile Rubbish in “Time”… This Toddler Wants Us to Believe that He Knows What He’s Talking About… What a Maroon!

00 Ignoranus. It means stupid. 29.09.13


First, sit down and pour yourself a good stiff drink. Then, down it in one smooth motion. Good! Now, you’re ready to read the latest drivel from Rod Dreher. This disgusting toddler knows nothing of real Orthodoxy, the culture of the Orthosphere, or the folkways of real Orthodox people. However, like all zapadniki poseurs, he thinks that he has the right to speak for us! After all, we’re stupid, sullen, and wilful… we can’t do so ourselves… we need him, Freddie M-G, Patrick Henry Reardon, Whiteford, Honeycutt, and Mattingly to speak for our ignorant selves. Excuse me!

What utter bunkum and horseshit! Someone should stuff a rag into this ignoranus’ mouth. He’s nothing but a Know Nothing Neocon Yahoo… he stands against what HH teaches… and HH agrees with Pope Francisco. HH attacks the Free Market Hell that Dreher et al espouse. HH condemns the Consumerist Babel that Dreher et al laud (don’t attend to their bleats against it… they’re all supporters of the Republican Me First ideology). As a friend at the Centre said to me:

His Holiness was a Soviet patriot. Of course, he aided the special services {KGB: editor}… he did so in opposition to capitalist aggression, which we’ve seen all too often in the last twenty years. He’s a friend of Gennady Andreyevich {Zyuganov, the head of the KPRF: editor} and of Fidel Castro. He deeply believes in socialism and in communalism. He honours the full legacy of our country.

Rod Dreher had best shut up and LEARN. However, he won’t. None of them will. The only question is how long they’ll stay with us. The konvertsy are ploughing their own furrow, and they’ve done so from the outset. They’ve never joined us in all fullness of soul; they’ve never “eaten from the same dish as we have”. When they leave (not all of the converts will leave, only the pig-headed neocons and swinish Ayn Rand fans will), it’ll be a time for the rest of us to take stock and assess the lessons that these poseurs taught us. If nothing else, we should be leery of ordaining former heterodox clergy. Then, we’ll have to get down to our real business… we have a Russian Orthodox Church to unify and rebuild here in Alaska, and in the American and Canadian diaspora.

When will Dreher stop his witless dribbling? Never, I fear…


Thursday, 19 January 2012

The “Institute Of Theology of Ss Cyril and Athanasius of Alexandria” Opened in San Francisco CA with the Blessing of the ROCOR Holy Synod

The image for the original post, in all of its low-res glory…


WARNING! What follows is utter horseshit and it’s an internet will o’ the wisp. It’s cultish HOOMie loopishness, best NOT supported by Orthodox ChristiansCAVEAT LECTOR!



The Institute of Theology of Ss Cyril and Athanasius of Alexandria opened in San Francisco with the blessing of the ROCOR Holy Synod and the Archbishop Kirill Dmitrieff of San Francisco and Western America. The institute aims to become a leading centre for the study of Orthodox theology, history, thought, and practise on the west coast of the US, according to the official website of the ROCOR Diocese of San Francisco and Western America. The new theological school will offer a Certificate and Diploma in Orthodox Studies through full-time and correspondence courses. It will carry out distance learning remotely through its website. On 17-18 February 2012, the Institute in will host its first regional symposium in San Francisco, The Living Symbol: The Study of the Inner Meaning of the Divine Liturgy. The main speakers will be Archimandrite Meletius Webber, Archimandrite Irenaeus Steenburgen, Archpriest Josiah Trenham. Registration and more information about the Institute are available online by clicking here.

19 January 2012



Editor’s Afterword:

This is a bunch of internet phoney jabronies! Firstly, the presence of Meletios Webber tips off all grounded people that this is completely crackbrained and bonkers. Secondly, Fathausen’s on its board. Thirdly, note well that it doesn’t offer a REAL degree… this phoney-baloney “Institute” is NOT accredited, it has NO buildings of its own, it has NO faculty in the accepted sense of the word, and there are NO grounded ethnic Orthodox speakers at their first “conference”. Betcha that most of its “faculty” are uncredentialised HOOMie and konvertsy poseurs.

Why is this announcement on Patriarchia.ru? It wasn‘t on oca.org or the official ROCOR website (was it refused by them? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…)… yes, the ROCOR Diocese of San Francisco and Western America DID have a blurb, but there was NOTHING on the main site. No one from STS, SVS, or HTS is part of this konvertsy chicanery. My guess is that one of the Blunder’s gang at Bolshaya Ordynka inserted this (was Dickie Wood involved? By the way, where IS Dickie hiding out at present?) in an attempt to boost their pal Paffhausen at the Centre. I’ll tell the Centre, my friends in SF tell me that this is one of those internet will o’ the wisps. It has no more existence than the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, or Truthful Politicians.

Is this going to be the “seminary” for Fathausen’s Rump OCA that’s going to arise after the fall of the present structures? There’s been NO news of this on either the official OCA or ROCOR main websites, which leads one to the conclusion that this is something that Fathausen ran up on his own with the assistance of his HOOMie buddies (with some help from like-minded sorts in the ROCOR)… talk about an abortion run up by the apprentice whilst the blacksmith was out (it has the appearance of a Bates Eight-Barrel Bottle-Thrower (an actual “weapon” referenced in one of Ian Hogg’s books)). It has more than a whiff of Rube Goldberg or Heath Robinson about it… with the caveat that Messrs Goldberg and Robinson did have concepts that worked, albeit in a comical and over-complicated way, whilst this is simply an attempt to fool the believers into believing that all’s well with the current situation.

GIVE THIS PHONEY “INSTITUTE” NO MONEY OR SUPPORT. Anything with HOOMie participation is crank and un-Christian, and that’s all that there’s to say on it. Never forget, Sectarian Evangelicalism is NOT Christian in the least, and this reeks of that. Keep your money in your pocket or your purse. Buy a bottle of Bushmills, instead, and salute our sinful-ginful world. You’d be doing something based in reality, in that case…


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