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Monday, 2 January 2017

2 January 2017. Bad Galician Uniate Nationalist PhotoShop Exposed as Fake and Provocation



The above is phony… it’s fake… it’s spurious… it came originally (as far as I could trace) from a GALICIAN UNIATE NATIONALIST website! I’d like to emphasise that not all Galician Uniates are drooling nationalist fascist nutters… indeed, Galician Uniates have the HIGHEST draft evasion rate in the Ukraine! One village even put all of its military-age men on coaches to Novosibirsk (where the Russians welcomed them and helped them out). I stress that I’m speaking of Galician Uniate NATIONALISTS… who are bloodthirsty fascists and terrorists (“The Ukraine for Ukrainians only!”… I rest my case). The rest are just harmless workaday human beings, who want to live and let live. Do have a care with criticising Galician Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” nationalists… they like to report people for “hate speech” and other such rot. Don’t give them a pretext… they learnt the lying game well from their Anglo paymasters and puppeteers.

As for this image… as far as I could tell, it surfaced in 2014 on a Galician Uniate nationalist forum, where the poster liberally peppered their submission with “katsap” and “moskal” (but I’d betcha they’re mad as hell if someone uses “kholkhol” against them!). It could even have been a deliberate Langley provocation using one of their Galician employees or associates. Since then, it’s been attributed to various cities, usually, at times when fascist nationalist nutters hold torchlight marches in memory of the terrorist S A Bandera (he was a convicted murderer in Poland). It’s a phony… there are telltales for those expert in Photoshop… in a real torchlight procession, there’d be more lit areas around the torches, and in such a small area, it’d light up the square more brilliantly than shown. Also note the amateurish melding of the tree and the swastika… where the tree meets the light, it should mask it, but it doesn’t fully. The poster didn’t go far enough in increasing the size of the image to impose it properly and they didn’t pay enough attention to the edges of the image details (a sign that a klutz did this). The poster superimposed a classic image from Nazi Germany (covering a larger area at one of the Party Rallies) over a New Year scene in the modern Ukraine (of a more confined space). What a clueless scumbag! In short, a carelessly executed and slapdash PhotoShop… but that’s typical of such sorts. It does give you a peek at their character. As I said, they learnt falsehood well from their Anglo masters (“Russian hacking” anyone?).

Whenever you see this one… call it out for the fake that it is… it’s a deliberate and lying provocation meant to make Russians look stupid… but it does the exact opposite. It’s a classic “biter bit” item. Never forget that the Anglo Establishment and its running dogs throughout the world have very flexible ethical standards (that includes the Quislings amongst diaspora Orthodox). “Winning is the only thing”… do remember who said that… a draft-dodging American Football coach who hid out serving in World War II under a teacher’s deferment. “Show me a man’s idols and I’ll show you the man”… indeed…



Sunday, 1 January 2017

1 January 2017. A Short Excursus Into PhotoShop Land


The original image



My PhotoShop version


There are many legit uses for digital photo-imaging software. We all know the verboten uses… one doesn’t add or remove pivotal figures (although one can remove minor personages, such as a cameraman). Also, one doesn’t add or remove objects (except for lamps, power lines, birds, or other such miscellanea). In any case, there are telltales that are obvious to any experienced user of such software. Here, we see one of the legit uses… I wanted to show you how I approach image editing (the image is of two female gimnaziya students in the late Imperial period).  I wanted to have a more effective colourisation than the first PhotoShop. Firstly, there was feathering necessary around the main subjects. Then, I poked around with the ambient temperature of the image. I had to lower the master saturation level, but I also had to raise or lower some colour levels. The intent was to achieve the same effect as a handcoloured image of the period.

I don’t have the full PhotoShop suite, as it’s beyond my means. I use a homebrew combination of Corel X9, PhotoShop Elements 15, and Paint.net. It gives me more flexibility and capability than just using Elements alone. It takes longer, but the job gets done, as the results indicate.

I hope that this helps you to understand the creative process and how one goes about it in the digital age. Happy New Year to all of you and your families and friends… may you keep inviting me into your lives. BOTTOMS UP! (glasses, that is… that’s a joke, son… nice kid, but kinda stupid (accent of Foghorn Leghorn))


Sunday, 5 June 2016

5 June 2016. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a Friend! (And a Short Discursus on PhotoShop)

00 Good Day to Ya 050616


This was originally on vK with a Russian text. What to do? What else? Open up the photo-editing software and get down to work, kids! Every image on this site goes through photo-editing (“PhotoShop”). There are things that one NEVER does with PhotoShop… you never eliminate someone and then claim that they weren’t there (you can eliminate unnamed underlings to stress the main actors, but only if you must). You can’t put someone else’s head on another body. You can’t add someone to an image to insinuate that they were somewhere where they weren’t. However, you can spiff up brightness levels, pump up colour vibrancy, and correct skin-tone aberrations. You can also remove minor “irritants” such as glaring lights or a hanging wire, so long as it doesn’t impair the image’s integrity. In this image, the Russian text overlapped the cup, which required some careful cloning to “repair” the cup.

Photo-editing is an awesome tool… however, be aware that not all parties are as responsible and careful as yours truly… have a care particularly with rightwingers and apparatchiki… they believe that “winning is the only thing” and that chicanery is legit as long as one doesn’t get caught at it… they have no morals or scruples (as one can see on Fox News or Breitbart.com). Remember the recent anti-Planned Parenthood videos? That proves my argument. Technology is a wonderful thing… but have a care, there are unscrupulous partisans out there… so long as they benefit from the charade, they won’t cavil at it. The times aren’t good…


Saturday, 5 March 2016

5 March 2016. Take NO Credence in OBVIOUS PhotoShops… It Demeans REAL Opposition to Chilly Hilly

00 hillary and bin laden 060316


The above is an obvious PhotoShop and fake. It’s a False Flag personified. It demeans opposition to Chilly Hilly. Therefore… it may come from the Clintonista camp… Chilly’s unscrupulous and without morals… she’d do ANYTHING for power and to smear her opposition. Reject all false opposition to Hilly… there’s enough REAL dirt on her, trust me. The people who did this were either stupid or calculating pro-Hilly sorts. Reject all false evidence… including those things that support your POV. It does you or your cause no good at all.


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