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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Church Takes Stand Against the Far Right

Nazis in Greece

Carlos Latuff



The Church of Greece appears to be taking a more formal stand against far-right extremism, with a growing number of clerics, as well as the Greek Orthodox Church in Germany and Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, expressing concern about the rise of racially-motivated violence in Greece. The metropolitan bishops of Thessaloniki, Fthiotida, Corinth, Messinia, and Nafpaktos, among others, reiterated calls Monday by Archbishop Ieronymos Liapis for clerics expressing support in any form for far-right groups to be ostracised by their peers.

30 October 2012



Editor’s Note:

In like manner, American Orthodox should expose and ostracise all clerics who support the anti-Christian madness of the current Republican Party. Its outright Mammon worship, its advocacy of warmongering in foreign parts, its nomination of a godless anti-Christian cultist as its presidential candidate, and its opposition to social welfare and universal healthcare access (both of which are supported by HH) make it an American equivalent of Golden Dawn. If you support Golden Dawn in Greece or the Republican Party in the USA, you’re a godless theomachist dancing around a Golden Calf (although both groups loudly proclaim their belief in “religion”). The Church shouldn’t be silent about this.

Being for the illegalisation of abortion doesn’t make one moral… indeed, the Nazis thought that a good idea (for “Aryans”, that is). That’s why the Church should distance itself from the so-called “Pro-Life” movement in the USA… it’s nothing but a bunch of Radical Right bozos with an evil ideology centred on greed, war, and selfishness.

However, I don’t think that the Church here is going to do the right thing. Too many Republicans are wealthy and “respectable”… and the lower form of clergy worships those two attributes. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to preach Christ’s Truth…




Friday, 5 October 2012

Fthiotida Priests Say “No” to Double Ceremonies


Greek Orthodox clergy in the regional unit of Fthiotida (Region of Central Greece) won’t conduct double ceremonies for couples wishing to get married and baptise their children on the same day. The decision of the local clergy synod takes effect next year. Metropolitan Nikolaos Protopappas of Fthiotida hailed the synod’s decision and noted that couples shouldn’t use the financial crisis as a pretext for such ceremonies.

5 October 2012



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