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Sunday, 31 May 2015

DNR Minoborony Slammed Junta for Using Mercenaries from the USA, Poland, the Caucasus and Israel

00 E A Basurin. VSN. Novorossiya. 18.02.15


Today, DNR Deputy Minister of Defence E А Basurin told journalists exact details on the composition and number of foreign mercenaries employed by the junta, “In Verekhenetoretskoe we detected a company of 60 to 100 personnel composed of Georgian ‘volunteers’. At fortified point Veterok (between Gorlovka and Dzerzhinsky), we’ve registered a company of troops from the USA and Poland. Our intel tells us that there are about 1,000 Polish mercenaries, in Dzerzhinsk, Dimitrov, Slavansk, Mironovskoe, Konstantinovka, and Kramatorsk. In a collective farm near Krasnogorovka, we recorded two companies of the so-called Ichkeria Volunteer (sic) Battalion {Islamist Chechen terrorists in Langley service: editor}. In Lastochkino, we detected a mercenary unit (up to 800 troops) that appear mainly to be blacks. In addition, we identified two platoons of black soldiers in Slavnom. By the psychiatric hospital in Yasnobrodovke, we recorded Arab mercenaries. We think that this unit has direct links to the terrorist organisation ISIS. In addition, in Odessa’s port, we recorded the arrival of 14 UAVs from Israel with the staff needed to operate them. We discovered that retired Israeli servicemen would serve under the MVDU. These findings suggest that the Ukrainian leadership knows how low morale is in its forces, so it depends on foreign PMCs for terrorism in the Donbass”.

31 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Langley is pulling out all the stops as its client is going down the shitter… fast. This is a sign of desperation. The junta is now in the same state as the Führerbunker was in January 1945… it deploys non-existent troops… it orders about imaginary units. It can’t feed its people… pay is in arrears, if there’s work at all… the electricity flickers on and off… hot water in working-class neighbourhoods is history. The above is a forlorn last-gasp attempt to save the Anglo project in the Ukraine… to stop the Red Orthodox patriots’ advance (the Republicans hate anything that even looks like socialism). I’d say… it shows the obtuse and vacuous stupidity of the Anglos… sending Polacks in? That’d ignite anti-junta feeling for sure (1612 redux, anyone?). I’d give you another hint… bet on “Red”…


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Basurin sez Junta Formed 85 Terrorist Bands in Its Occupied Territories (19 Terrorist Bands Made Up of Foreigners)

00 E A Basurin. DNR. Donetsk. 20.05.15


Today, DNR Deputy Minister of Defence E А Basurin told a media briefing in Donetsk, “According to our human intelligence assets, the occupation forces in the [junta-controlled] areas of the DNR and LNR formed by 85 terrorist bands of different sizes. Nineteen of them are entirely foreign-staffed with active military personnel of special operations forces from Europe and the USA, as well as Georgia and the Baltic states, all with a decent command of Russian. They plan to use Russian-speaking terrorists in planned terakts*, disguised in Russian uniforms not only in our territory, but also areas in the DNR and LNR now under [junta occupation]. Western advisors in Kiev pushed the formation of these new terrorist units. They plan to concentrate their main effort on destroying transport, economic, and social infrastructure in the DNR and LNR, as well as to attempt assassinations of our combat leaders, to use terror and sabotage to stoke up an atmosphere of fear in our republics”.

  • Terakt: Russian acronym for “terrorist act”

24 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The American forces have a surfeit of special operators, perhaps, too many. You see, special operators can’t occupy ground. They can raid… they can scout… they can murder… but they simply can’t hold ground against even a line infantry battalion. If the USA has sent in some hastily formed teams of Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking special operators (formally discharged and enrolled in a PMC), it scooped up everybody with the requisite language and military skills. That is, there’d be nothing left when these bubbas buy the farm. There WILL be losses… probably, heavy.

The Americans are in love with special operators, as they haven’t faced a peer force in 62 years. In a peer war, special operators would suffer heavy losses, and the American mercenary army isn’t set up to produce quick replacements. Besides that, special operators would make sterling NCOs and officers in line units. By siphoning off the best troops to special ops shops, this reduces line units’ capabilities, perhaps, fatally.

The patriots are wise to the American ruse… they’re getting good intel from junta insiders whilst the junta and Americans are operating blindly. The Yanks may lose their best men for nought. You see, somebody (or a lot of somebodies) is keeping the patriot forces informed… I’ll bet ya that it’s someone who the junta trusts implicitly. Solzhenitsyn pointed up that the weak point of the Galician Uniate nationalists was that they trusted other Galician Uniate nationalists, without reserve. Thus, it was easy for the camp “godfather” (security officer) to infiltrate them and get good intel quickly. I’ll bet it’s the same thing today… junta thugs beat up somebody’s relative, but the junta still trusts them implicitly. Just as the camp godfathers were able to keep the Galician nationalists in line, I believe that these informers will bring down the junta.

It’ll be sweet justice…


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Armed Uniformed Man Speaks American English… Was Langley Caught Red-Handed or Was It Proof of American Nazi or Galician Diaspora Volunteers?






Fuelling allegations that foreign private military contractors serve alongside junta troops, sources spotted armed people in uniform speaking fluent accentless English in Mariupol in the aftermath of the rocket hit. Mariupol, now under junta control, saw a surge of violence on Saturday, when several rockets hit a residential area in the east of the city, reportedly killing 30 civilians. Numerous videos from the scene showed destruction in the aftermath of the attack, for which the VSN and the junta blamed each other. However, in the footage shot in Mariupol, there is video showing armed men in military uniform speaking English fluently. Apparently, one video uploaded on YouTube is raw footage of local news channel MSN (Mariupol News Service). One clip shows a man with a carbine wearing a tactical vest passing by the camera. As the correspondent pointed her microphone with a request to comment, the man covered his face with the other hand and said, “Out my face, out my face!” The other piece is longer and apparently shows another armed man in uniform sweeping the area for unexploded munitions. The man behind the camera is apparently a guide, as he speaks in English with a clear accent. Nevertheless, the person he filmed spoke as if he were a native speaker. He instructed at a crater left by an artillery hit, “May be exploded, may be not, so blow up in situ”.

Then, the footage showed a building with shattered windows signposted as the No 42 kindergarten in Mariupol. The building was in Kiyevskaya Street where the barrage hit. The video description claims the person was an American member of the Azov Battalion, but offered no proof of this. The uniform featured a round blue-and-yellow patch on shoulder, but its details were indistinguishable, as was the man’s face. That foreign volunteers serve amongst junta forces isn’t a secret. Earlier media reports said that many of them have rightwing leanings or even Nazi sympathies. However, so far, claims of private military contractors (PMCs) like the infamous Blackwater working in Ukraine remain unproven. Such a presence would indicate a more substantial military support for the Ukrainian government by its foreign backers, since governments usually keep an eye on PMCs working in politically dicey environments. If a Western government didn’t want a PMC to sign a contract with the Ukraine, it’d find a way to put pressure on it. Finding such specialists serving alongside junta forces would suggest the actual support for Kiev is a tad higher than the purely non-lethal assistance officially offered to Kiev by the West.

25 January 2015




American instructors to train Ukrainian troops this spring… US general

Hagel “not aware” of secret deal to supply Kiev with lethal weapons


The “soldiers” that the USA intends to train are so-called “National Guard” terrorists who aren’t soldiers; they’re not under the Minoborony Ukrainy. It’d be like training the SS-Totenkopfverbände. Of course, the junta is the spiritual descendant of the Trawniki Männer who aided the Nazis. Why is the USA aiding such neofascist filth? What’s even more à propos is, “Why is Victoria Nuland, a Jew, supporting those who glorify Holocaust murderers?” I’ve heard of self-loathing Jews, but this is ridiculous.

There is NO ironclad proof of any PMC involvement yet. That doesn’t mean that they’re not there. Usually, in cases of shooting wars, Langley uses PMCs for training, bodyguards for the favoured junta (and assassins if Langley tires of said junta), and for securing rear-area high-value sites. They don’t want there to be any evidence of Langley tampering with the situation. I don’t think that this was evidence of PMCs… I do think that it was evidence of either Anglo American neo-Nazis or Galician-American nutters serving in the junta forces. It just doesn’t fit Langley’s MO… they’re not Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible.


Sunday, 31 August 2014

YOWZA! The Situation at the Donetsk Airport Gets MORE Confused

00 donetsk 01. 19.07.14



What I’ve been able to glean today is that the DNR forces ARE on the airport grounds and control SOME of the buildings. The buzz is that they’re being ultra-careful of booby-traps and death squads. Once secured, it’s going to take a week or two to thoroughly demine the area and check all the hidey-holes to make sure that no Uniate bastard is hiding with a MANPADS.



Eyewitnesses saw flames at Donetsk Airport. People observed thick black smoke coming from the windows and doors of the main airport building. It isn’t clear yet what happened to the junta band based at the airport. Earlier, the DNR Minister of Defence reported that his forces are getting ready to storm the airport and liquidate any death squads, and that friendly forces surround the airport.

1 September 2014



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