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Sunday, 31 August 2014

BREAKING NEWS… Donetsk Airport Falls to Patriots… Polish Mercenaries Surrender

00 Donetsk. Monument to the Coal Miner. 31.08.14.

Monument to the Miner… the symbol of Donetsk… Glory to the working people… Death to the bloodsucking businessmen!


Ivan Prikhodko, Deputy Chairman of Voroshilov Raion of Donetsk, posted on Facebook, “The airport fell to us! It’s a holiday on a holiday! Everybody’s happy on Miner’s Day!” Details are forthcoming and a TV broadcast on this is in the making. Yesterday, the patriots promised a surprise for the junta troops at the airport. Well, the airport fell to patriot forces. They flooded the bunkers with water, and Polish mercenaries employed by a Private Military Company (PMC) surfaced and surrendered.

31 August 2014




It’s high time to make PMCs illegal and throw their executives in prison where they belong. They’re nothing but bully boys for shits like the Koch brothers in their attempt to subvert the government. That is, all non-governmental corporate-owned armed forces (save for registered security guards) must be made illegal and as quickly as possible. They’re the greatest threat to the people’s freedom that there is… I’m not joking. we should make them illegal and throw ALL of their executives in the slam… they’re the final and most noxious flower of Slobberin’ Ronnie’s era. Do you want PMC terrorists to come to your door? They will, if we don’t crush them first. Look at this… the fascist filth in Kiev are using PMC mercenaries to prop themselves up when their army refuses to fight for them. It did happen there… the Koch brothers (and the Republican Party) want it here. What more need I say?

By the way, this has Langley’s fingerprints all over it. The CIA’s stupidity in using Poles is mindboggling. No doubt, Langley thought that the junta would win and its little subterfuge wouldn’t see the light of day… well, the junta’s not winning and Langley’s little game is in the open. It’s like using Turks in Greece! It’s throwing a lit match into a pool of petrol… that’s how stupid and arrogant Anglo Americans are. After all, Willy Romney, Rush Limbaugh, and Rod Dreher (and house niggers like Jen Psaki, Sophia Kishkovsky, and Victor Potapov are just as venal) typify the breed…


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