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Friday, 23 September 2016


00 Defend Equality Love Unites. 18.09.13


As a leftist, I know that ALL LIVES MATTER EQUALLY. The fact that they don’t is a scandal. Remember, there’s a War on the Poor… race doesn’t matter. The Affluent Effluent demonises the poor… uninformed working-class zhlubs eat it up. Here’s the sad part… a minority of cops commit most of the police violence, but crooked pols and their fatcat oligarch bosses protect the abusers. As a good cop told me, “If we tell the truth, we lose our jobs; they send us to the joint”. This can’t last forever. It started under the Clintons, interestingly enough…

Black Lives Matter isn’t an answer… do think on it. Too often, it does things to hurt the Cause… that’s why I’m convinced that provocateurs are within it. Have a care, there IS a War on the Poor; the Affluent Effluent doesn’t scruple at using movements such as BLM to hurt us. JUSTICE FOR ALL… until then, let’s not form divisions in our ranks, whether they’re racial, national, creedal, or partisan (the end in view does call for that). SOLIDARITY FOREVER… we should never forget that. Let’s stop doing demented things such as stepping on flags… that only gives fodder to our foes. Not standing for the Anthem is fine… publicising bad cops’ violence and demanding justice for it is fine… but wiping one’s feet on the American flag isn’t a good thing. There’s a right and a wrong way of “being right”… let’s not help the oligarchs and their Upper Middle running-dogs…

We have a chance to do something about it… let’s not ruin it by buying into divisiveness and faction. Remember, we face a clever foe that doesn’t want to give up its ill-gotten gains. Keep it focused, kids…



Sunday, 10 July 2016

10 July 2016. Great Minds DO Think Alike… Over the Ages, Over the Cultures

00 douglass and trudell 100716


Frederick Douglass and John Trudell… two different centuries… two different cultures (American Negro and Indigenous First Nation American)… but one mind, one soul, and one heart. Read n’ heed…


10 July 2016. John Trudell on Revolutionaries

00 trudell revolution 100716


If you want to end the dysfunction that’s contemporary America, you won’t do it by hating Chilly Hilly or Trump the Chump… oppose them, yes… work against them, yes… rebut their lies, yes… but hate them?


If we do we descend to their level and fall down to the level of their mindless followers. Don’t argue with Trump Chumps or Hilly Billys on their walls. That won’t do any good at all. Oppose them. Work against them. Rebut them with the truth. That’s the ticket. You may be “unfriended” and you may be called names. The Hilly Billys will call you a “Republican Troll”… the Trump Chumps will call you a traitor. Regardless of what they do, speak out and act. That’s how we can overturn the present mess that’s led to death, death, death… not only cop killings, not only cops killing poor folks, but also people dying untimely deaths due to poverty, lack of health insurance, or ignorant Evangelical agitation.

Spread the love… don’t vote for the duopoly. That’s a start…


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

17 May 2016. Wisdom from the Cabinet

01 Creationist Bible Thumper


Here’s some wisdom from one of my longstanding Cabineteers:

The loudest ones are the dumbest ones. They love to shout the lies and myths that they hold as opinions in the hope that people will eventually believe them. You can’t engage them (and shouldn’t) because they don’t want to dialogue; they want to shout their opinions down your throat.

Now, that’s WELL-SAID! That deserves not only a hat-tip, but also a tip of the jug! In contrast to that, Facebook is obsessing over the Target Bathroom Brouhaha. Now, it’s showing a woman holding a Bible and criticising the Target decision. Of course, one can catch Zuckerberg’s implication… all Christians are ignorant rubes and clueless boobs. Firstly, I don’t give a ruby-red goddamn what Zuckerberg thinks of my religion (I already had the idea that he disliked it). Secondly, schmidiots like the Bible-toting screamer don’t speak for me and for the bulk of Orthodox believers (unfortunately, she does speak for konvertsy trash like Whiteford and Dreher). Thirdly, the Bible-toting Know-Nothings aren’t Christian in any case, they’re Radical Evangelical Sectarians, a group that’s appropriated Christian verbiage and Scriptures and distorted them out of all recognition.

As my friend said, “They want to shout their opinions down your throat”. I welcome their enmity… you can gauge the worth of a person by seeing whom they attract as enemies. If I’ve attracted the like of Whiteford and Dreher as enemies, then, it means that I’m on the right track to holiness. After all, they defend Free Market Crapitalism… something that our Holy Patriarch attacks as a fraudulent and demonic system. He shows it by his choice of friends (Comrades Fidel and Zyuganov) and by the enemies that he’s attracted (that noisome lot of self-serving careerists and corrupt power-seekers that makes up the Washington Apparat).

Have a care… the times are NOT good… the rightwing brats are running amuck and God alone knows when it’s going to end…


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