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Saturday, 24 February 2018

24 February 2018. Where’s the REAL Troll Farm?


I’m seeing it everywhere. Useful idiots are calling any red-blooded US citizen who disagrees with them a Russian troll. They attack actual Americans with their neo-McCarthyite bullshit… attacking actual progressives with their neoliberal narrative. I’m as red-blooded as they come (part native blood too, get off MY land), canvassed a year-and-a-half for Bernie, then went on to help elect three progressive city council candidates, was an activist for NoDAPL, BLM, Justice For Andy Lopez, an anti-war activist, live in California, just moved to Lake County where I have chickens, sheep, and horses, and work with municipal clean energy providers that are putting California on overdrive towards a green infrastructure.

You’re going to call ME a Russian troll? You’re going to call my compatriot American progressive activists, people who probably practise more actual American activism in one week than you do in a year, you’re going to call THEM Russian trolls? Fine. Then, let’s just agree that we can assume that anyone who calls anyone else a Russian bot is a Correct The Record troll because, as a progressive, that was certainly the only trolling with a significant presence that I saw in 2016. They directly attacked progressives using neoliberal narratives and the dirtiest tricks. Slimy, disgusting, weaponised hypocrites, paid professionals who’d run ten sock puppets at a time. That sounds exactly like what you’re doing. Calling an American a Russian bot when that American is simply expressing their own political views is EXACTLY what a CTR shill would do. There’s no reason for me to assume other than that you are one.

22 February 2018


Since we’re all running around with our pants on our heads and our armpits on fire about troll farms, how about we get some indictments for Hillary Clinton’s troll farm, Correct The Record and its offspring ShareBlue? As opposed to the Russian troll farm, whose goal was to make clickbait cash, those VERY well-funded troll farms had the specific task of infesting pro-Bernie groups and progressive activist groups to sow dissent, manipulate discussion, and corrupt conversation. Seriously, these people were the worst, to the point that “somebody” posted kiddie porn on some Bernie activist Facebook groups (225,000 activists were in those groups), getting nine of them shut down right as the New York primary was happening, along with all the illegal voter roll activity.

Now, I’m not saying there’s any connection between the poster of kiddie porn and CTR, but wouldn’t this clear-cut case of a troll farm manipulating the election deserve to bear just as much scrutiny, given that there were actual crimes committed in this case as well? Yet, they insist, “No, more scrutiny!” Whereas CTR had the clear intent specifically to manipulate the electorate and its political opinion and squash a political candidate, clearly, the Internet Research Agency was, as the indictment indicated, solely dedicated to using already-existing political opinions to generate profit. It’s weaponised hypocrisy. It’s situational morality. It’s pretending to care about electoral manipulation. They use this weapon opportunistically. If you’re not screaming as much about Correct The Record as you are about “Russian trolls”, you’re just revealing your own disingenuousness.

23 February 2018

Eric Gregory



Clintonistas accuse others of being trolls to hide their own trolling. By the way… Eddie Snowden evaded all his tails… it shows that Deep State operatives aren’t as good as they claim they are. In like manner, Chilly Hilly’s trolls weren’t very skilful either. We caught them with their hands in the cookie jar… ergo, their lies about Russian trolls. That is, the servitors of the neoliberals aren’t particularly bright or competent, but they ARE vicious and mean-spirited, so do have a care. The main venue for such attacks seems to be Facebook. Several times, when I was posting a comment, someone piggybacked porn onto the content. Of course, I hit “edit” and removed the porn. I’m very careful with any comments posted on FB. It looks like Zuckerberg is allowing Clinton operatives to attack their enemies on this platform (of course, he’d blandly deny it in public, so one has to use the construction “looks like”… but we all know that it passes the “smell test”).

It’s real… it’s serious… so be vigilant and make sure that your comments don’t have any unwanted schmutz added to them. If so, simply edit it out… don’t complain, it doesn’t do any good. I note that such has become rarer in my case… perhaps, they see that their efforts are for nought. Be wise… be prudent… keep your wits about you. The Clintonistas are feral and vile. NOTHING is illicit for or to them. Yes, I repeat, have a care. I do have a final warning… don’t argue with Hillarybots… they won’t listen and they’ll go crying to FB to have you banned. Also, beware “Anti-Trump” groups… I was in one and they basically kicked me out for not kissing Hillary’s ass big-time and incessantly. Such groups seem to be run by the same bunch that ran CTR… they have the same mentality. These people are feral… never forget that… they’ve perverted all too many minds… do have a care with friends who’ve drunk their Kool-Aid. Remember… you can never “unsay” something. What a disgusting time we live in…



Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hammond, Anonymous, and the FBI

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Always ask, “Cui bono (Who benefits)?” It leads you to INTERESTING places. Stratfor’s not a serious intel outlet… it’s a mouthpiece for American domestic political interests. That’s that…


Jailed hacker Jeremy Hammond is one year into a 10-year sentence for hacking into the Stratfor intelligence (sic) company’s website. Like any idealist, he did it to “expose the truth“, but the truth behind his imprisonment is anything but a simple matter. According to leaked documents, Hammond was one of many hacktivists provided targets by an FBI informerI informer. Reportedly, not only did the informer instruct hackers like Hammond to hack sites like Stratfor to check for vulnerabilities, but the FBI collaborator also directed Anonymous and others to target no fewer than 30 foreign government websites. Hammond’s stiff sentence was a reaction to the national security threat he allegedly posed, but what about those who were pulling the strings in the first place?

29 December 2014




01 Art of Money Getting



Stratfor is an overrated commercial operation… it isn’t an intelligence agency of any sort. No group of less than 200 employees is a serious intel operation, full stop. It shows the ignorance of those who tout and use it. It’s a fave of such ignoranuses as Ted Cruz, Bob Martinez, and Marco Rubio… along with most of the American business community. Barron’s calls it the “Shadow CIA”… which gives you the measure of Barron’s! It sure doesn’t speak highly of the intelligence of the Affluent Effluent, does it?

Stratfor is a pet of loudmouth Tea Party interests… unconfirmed low-level District sources tell me that GOP staffers give it access to government classified data. I don’t know how righteous that buzz is, but it does fit the Righties and their MO. You see, if Stratfor fucks up, they can deny that Langley had anything to do with it. That is, if you follow this model, Stratfor doesn’t produce any intel of its own (it simply lacks the capability), but it does “leak” intel given to it by sympathetic Republicans (most of its published material comes from “open sources”… as does most intel, by the way… the conclusions are predigested pabulum pretested for salability, not veracity). Its conclusions are no better than mine (or any other source’s) are… they have no technical or HUMINT assets, so, connect the dots. They’re nothing but a mouthpiece for retrograde political interests, who gull the idiotic into paying for their services (they’re worthy successors of P T Barnum and “There’s a sucker born a minute and two born to take ‘im”).

Probably, Hammond got the drop big-time for stumbling onto stuff that incriminated high-level GOP filth (perhaps, e-mails linking GOP figures to intel leaked to Stratfor)… so, they saw to it that he got serious slam time for it. After all, the GOP didn’t scruple at putting Ethel Rosenberg in the hot seat even though she was innocent… their history isn’t the best, is it? We ARE talking about the party of Joe McCarthy…


Sunday, 22 January 2012

22 January 2012. The “Statement” by the OCA Holy Synod on Storheim is Wicked and Beyond the Pale… The Sleazy SOBs Not Only Did the Pontius Pilate Routine in Public, They Refused to Offer Prayers for the Poor Bastard…


Read this.

Note this:

While taking an active interest in the proceedings, the OCA is not a party to the criminal action and has no information to impart regarding trial progress.  

I read this yesterday… I had to walk away from it all. It’s un-bloody-believable. Can you believe the above arrogant POS statement? “The OCA is not a party to the criminal action”… tell that to the Roman Catholic Church! They’ve paid out GAZILLIONS because the courts said that they WERE “parties to the criminal action”. Furthermore, they know the whole megillah on the court process; they simply refuse to share it. Isn’t this all too familiar? This sounds like the Iliff and Koumentakos cases. Remember how in the latter action, the OCA claimed with a straight face that it wasn’t liable, that Velencia was only their contractor? Trust me, the RCs would’ve loved it if that were a real legal principle. They’ve paid out TONS of cash… because that isn’t so. It smells like a crank court and a friendly judge… probably a pal of Velencia’s mouthpiece, Howard Needle, a long-time Democratic Party operative in Maryland (he was a delegate to a state constitutional convention, a typical reward for a political “button man”). In this case, the OCA is facing a professional Crown attorney… not a political fixer mouthpiece or a sleazy politico DA (the Canadian system keeps prosecution out of the hands of political hacks).

In short, these sleazy weasels washed their hands in public. “We’re not to blame! We’re not liable! We did nothing wrong! We admit nothing!” They had the obligation to state, “Archbishop Seraphim Storheim’s case was heard by Provincial Court Judge Pollack, who ordered it forward for prosecution”. THAT is what honest people do. That’s a matter of public record and knowledge. It proves again, that Ginny Nieuwsma is a drooling and obsequious incompetent hack flack. If she had googled “Seraphim Storheim”, she would have had the same information that I have. No doubt, she did, kids… and she REFUSES to post the truth. Reflect on that.

Ponder this… this bunch calls itself a Synod of Bishops… not once did they say, “No matter what, Seraphim Storheim’s a Christian, and we ask you to pray for him, Judge Pollack, the Crown Attorney, Mr Gindin, and all others involved in this case. That’s our duty and obligation”. Instead, we got, “the OCA is not a party to the criminal action and has no information to impart regarding trial progress”. This is too much of a muchness… just when I think that the OCA apparat’s plumbed the depths… I needn’t go on; you know what I mean.

I thought that my estimation of the OCA/ROCOR First Families couldn’t sink lower… I was wrong. For a Synod of Bishops not to mention prayer in its communication was unforgivable. These jabronies scream for “respect” and demand that we fork over ten percent of our earnings to them. After this… NEVER. God help me, but I wouldn’t give Fathausen or Lyonyo one single dime. If they can’t pray for one of their own facing trial because they’re afraid of the legal fallout, they’re lower than Tin Tabernacle Sectarians… in fact, the lowest Khlyst-like Pentecostalist is higher than they are. They’re arrant unbelievers…

God help us all.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 22 January 2012

Albany NY

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