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Friday, 20 October 2017

20 October 2017. In Stalin’s GULag, You Had a Sentence… In Gitmo, You Don’t


During the Stalin years, if a troika sentenced you to a sentence in a labour camp, it was for a set number of years. When your sentence was up, they set you free. They didn’t just keep people locked up because they were “dangerous”. If your sentence was up, it was up. True, many people served more than one sentence. The Americans count the total number of sentences, not people, which inflates the number of those imprisoned. However, you got a set sentence. That was the Stalinist USSR.

In Gitmo, there are no sentences. The Americans put people there indefinitely. There’s no court… not even the American equivalent of a troika. There’s no set sentence. You must stay behind the wire for a long as it pleases the Anglo toddlers. There are those who’ve sat in Gitmo since the inception of this concentration camp in 2001. Therefore, Gitmo is worse than the GULag ever was. America is WORSE than Stalin ever was. It doesn’t even put a legal veneer on its repression. It does put a different face on Potapov’s rants, doesn’t it? As a high middle-level official in a CIA front, he knew of this evil. Knowing his Far Right politics, he probably applauded it.

There are people worse than I V Stalin…



Sunday, 14 September 2014

Junta SBU Arrested Leftist Activist Władysław Wojciechowski in Odessa

00 Borotba 01. 14.09.14


00 Borotba 02. 14.09.14.jpg

We demand the recognition of the DNR and the LNR!


Last night, junta goons arrested Borotba activist Władysław Wojciechowski in Odessa. According to what we know, the SBU is going to charge Władysław under the Article ”Terrorism” in the Criminal Code. They planted explosives in his apartment during their ”search” and non-police fascist militants took part in the “arrest”. They beat Władysław, and it’s possible that they’ve tortured him as well, attempting to make him incriminate himself. Currently, he’s in the SBU facility on Yevreyskaya Street. The arrest of Comrade Wojciechowski shows that the Poroshenko régime isn’t going to respect the rule of law, as it arrests opposition activists for peaceful political activities.  Borotba demands the immediate release of political prisoner Władysław Wojciechowski!

Władysław Wojciechowski was in the Dom Profsoyuzov on 2 May during the arson by fascist activists, he was one of those who survived, hospitalised for injuries suffered in the rightwing assault.

 13 September 2014




This has a dual meaning… firstly, it means that the Galician Uniate fascists are cracking down on all leftists, not just KPUniki. Secondly, it means that the Uniate fascists are attacking the Polish minority, which has been safe up to now. The junta is falling to pieces, which means that its repressions are only going to get WORSE as its objective situation deteriorates (like the Nazis exterminating the Hungarian Jews in late 1944). It’ll take it out the worst on leftists and ALL minorities. After all, they’re the descendants of the UPA… history records their murders of Jews, Rusins, Roma, Magyars, Poles, Russians, Germans, and anti-fascist Galicians… the present junta pigs are merely repeating the same old song. Just you watch… they’re going to grab everyone that they can and shoot them just out of spite and nastiness. I fear the worst for Władysław…

Victoria Nuland and John McCain cackle in glee. The USA calls it “democracy”… if that’s “democracy”, give me “autocracy” any day of the week…


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

30 October 2013. RIA-Novosti Infographics. GULag History and Fact Sheet

00 RIA-Novosti Infographics. GULAG History and Fact Sheet. 30.0.13


This is one of the few infographics without an accessible Russian original. My apologies…



On 30 October, Russia commemorates victims of political repression.

30 October 2013



Editor’s Note:

No political prisoners were freed in 1991… there weren’t any. Reflect on that. The USSR died just as it finished cleansing itself. Reflect on that too. It puts a FAR different face on 1991, doesn’t it? If the idiotic plotters had held back, in ten years time, there would’ve been a stronger Union… with the Church marching side-by-side with the Party (remember, the Party helped the 1988 Millennium Celebrations). The “Russian Federation” is only a transistional structure. Shall we have a “Red Tsar”, as Zyuganov has spoken of? God willing, we shall!


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