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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

28 August 2013. A Slip of the Lip from Our Favourite Jesuit



The real attitude of the Jesuits to the Orthodox Church, in particular, came out back in 2005, in a statement by Archimandrite (sic) Robert Taft, the prestigious and highly-placed Vice-Rector of the Pontifical Oriental Institute:

The motivation for the actions of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church (sic) comes from a rootless idiosyncrasy; the Orthodox are unable to perceive reality, for they don’t understand the lessons of history. Don’t think that the Patriarch and Synod have as firm a control over the bishops of their Church to the same extent as the Pope of Rome does. The Patriarch of Moscow isn’t equivalent to the Pope of Rome.

There one has it… an unambiguous and unashamed ultramontane statement of papal supremacy. We don’t accept that now… and we never shall. It makes one wonder about Vassa Larina and her obsequious bumsucking of this foul sort, doesn’t it? Why does Hilarion Kapral allow such? After all, it wouldn’t have happened before 2000, would it? I think that in this instance we should go “back to the future”. It’s as always when dealing with official representatives of the papacy… “The Franks speak out of both sides of their mouths”. A Greek said that to me some thirty years ago… it hasn’t changed one iota.

I have NO animus against any Catholic (or against the Catholic Church, for that matter). My belief is simple, “Send us no more letters on doctrine; send us letters of friendship only”. I think that most Orthodox and Catholics would agree with that. The neighbours ARE so nice…



Monday, 19 December 2011

Major Jesuit Scholar Harshly Criticised the Liturgical Tradition of Catholicism in the Period between the Council of Trent and the Second Vatican Council

THIS is what Taft’s criticising and calling “frozen”… he doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground. As for me, give me this humble Québécois Catholic believer at the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré over that bloviating and windy Jebbie…


Editor’s Foreword:

This Russian post illustrates how unrepentant the ‘60s generation is towards Tradition. It’s sad to relate, but the unhinged ivory tower types at SVS and Jordanville (through Vassa Larina and Andrei Psyarov) go ape-shit over this idiot. Caveat lector! More-traditional RC types will enjoy the little zingers about this turkey inserted by the anonymous author at Sedmitza.



In an interview with CNS, which CWN also quoted, Robert Taft SJ, a world-famous scholar of the Byzantine (sic) liturgical tradition and former professor (1970-2002) and vice-rector (1995-2001) of the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome, said that religious leaders “froze the liturgy after the Council of Trent, so, when the Second Vatican Council opened the freezer door, it just crumbled. However, the Second Vatican Council didn’t make any abuses; they were a reaction to centuries of rigidity in the liturgy. The liturgy became a play without an audience. We were all actors. The prayer wasn’t for God. Of course, God already knew it was all playacting”. Taft continued his bizarre reasoning by speaking of Latin in the liturgy, adding, “Language is meant for us [to understand], and if you don’t understand the language, then, you have a problem”. About the documents of the Catholic Church on Catholicism of the Eastern Rite, he said, “It’s better to be a part of the process than to stand on the sidelines and criticise, but I’m critical, as well. My attitude has always been that I prefer to make these decisions myself than to let others of lesser intelligence make them for me”. Taft, in all modesty, described himself as a man who “reached the summits” in the study of the Byzantine (sic) liturgy. “One of the advantages of old age, what the Byzantine (sic) liturgy calls ‘the terrible tribunal tribunal of Christ’, is that you’ll feel a fear of God more keenly, you’ll pray more often. It’s already had an impact on my spiritual life”, the 79-year-old Jesuit {a waggish RC priest-friend of mine calls them “the Society of Jerks…. if there’s something fishy, there’s a Jesuit behind it”: editor} reflected in conclusion.

19 December 2011



Editor’s Note:

He’s an arrogant SOB, isn’t he? He hates the Tridentine Liturgy, and he hates Mount Athos… he pisses on both RCs and Orthodox equally… he’s an “equal opportunity mudslinger”. Vassa Larina goes ga-ga over this schmidiot… SVS adores him… and Andrei Psyarov holds him up as an exemplar to seminarists at Jordanville. Birds of a feather DO flock together. If Taft’s a fatuous airhead (full of windy scholarly verbiage, to be sure), what does that tell you about Vassa Larina, Andrei Psyarov, and SVS? Taft’s an impenitent and shameless “angry young man” who’s become an unseemly and slobbering “angry old man”… and out of step with the Pope of Rome. People are never boring are they? This is the latest proof that logic and consistency aren’t necessary attributes for advancement… just have the right kind and the right quantity of bullshit, and you’ll go far. My condolences to my RC friends… you’re as infested with pseudo-academic crazies and crackpots as we are. What’s my solution to the problem? I’d put ‘em all on a remote island (Tristan da Cunha or Bouvet Island would fill the bill, I’m sure)… they could argue to their heart’s content without bothering normal people. Now, just if Kirill and Benedict would do such (wouldn’t Kochetkov and Taft make perfect housemates?)…

Oh… don’t forget… Thomas Hopko was formed by Jesuit jerks at Fordham… and it shows! Pity the poor students at SVS who picked up his risorgimento BS.


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