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Friday, 23 January 2015

Kravchuk Sez the Ukraine Starting to Fall Apart

00 The Ukraine Isn't Dead Yet. political cartoon. 22.01.15


On Thursday L M Kravchuk, the first post-Soviet President of the Ukraine, told reporters that the Ukraine is starting to fall apart; he blamed Ukrainian élites and their embrace of irresponsible positions. He said, “Today, the élite is in disarray; its factions feud over God only knows what. In reality, members of the élite don’t show responsibility in the face of the threat looming over the Ukraine… this threat is extremely great and realistic. Even today, on a holiday (Day of Unification), I can say that the state is starting to fall apart and this is already a proven fact. We must speak about it like real grown-up people”. He believed that the one could find the root-cause of the situation in the systemic errors made by successive Ukrainian governments over the past twenty years, saying, “Did any one of the presidents ever do anything to assure freedom and unity? Did anyone do anything tangible for the Donbass? Who understood the Crimea in earnest and cared for it properly? Now, they want us to do something within a couple of days. However, we couldn’t manage anything within such a brief period”. The way that he sees the situation, if the government granted broad powers to the regions, it might offer a way out of the crisis, saying, “Let’s stop speaking about what the Constitution will look like, let’s get down to giving the broadest possible powers to the regions”. Earlier, junta strongman P A Poroshenko said in an appeal for the Day of Unification that he ruled out turning the country into a federation, claiming, “The vast majority of Ukrainians see their country as a unitary, not a federated, state”.

23 January 2015




“The Ukraine isn’t dead, yet”… but it soon shall be.


Friday, 7 November 2014

7 November 2014. Video. “To Summon a New Soviet Heart”

00 It's All in Your Hands! 07.11.14

It’s ALL in YOUR hands!



Happy holiday, Comrades!  This is just the beginning!

7 November 2014




Most Anglo Americans are unaware that most Russians do NOT view the fall of the USSR as a good thing. Millions became impoverished to enrich a small class of bloodsuckers. The US Republican Party applauds that, as it wants the same in the USA. Any Orthodox Christian who votes for ANY Republican is a boob… not only does the Republican Party espouse a godless Me First liberal agenda, it actively fights Holy Rus, for Holy Rus is the main opponent of American hegemonism in the world (along with China). The worst are the journalistic whores who suck up to Corporate America and spread its lies… Serge Schmemann, Sofia Kishkovsky, Terry Mattingly, Alexander Webster, Freddy M-G, Rod Dreher, and Victor Potapov. Such people are muggers of our Faith, Ancestral Motherland, and People… for the sake of filthy lucre.

You can have I V Stalin or the people named… I’d prefer Stalin to traitorous treacherous scumbags any day of the week…



Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Russia Can Win the New Cold War

00 putin and obama on crimea. 05.09.14


This is it. We’ve entered a new era; we’re engaged in a New Cold War with the USA. Leading American politicians and political scientists said so in remarks published in numerous articles in various journals. Our officials still prefer to use more abstract expressions and definitions. Our Russian thirst for justice is still trying to prove something in the debate about what’s happening in the Ukraine. It’s clear that this New Cold War started because of our faith in the power of a simple handshake. If our leaders could shake hands, it means that we don’t have “black thoughts”, nor are we preparing any treacherous attacks on our opposite number. Yes, that’s what we thought. However, they shook our hand as though we were a defeated opponent, who had lost the previous Cold War. We face constantly deceiving partners… as they smiled their ever-present dazzling Hollywood smiles, the American leadership moved their military-political bloc ever eastwards, closer and closer to Russia’s borders.

This perplexed us… damn it, Russia and America were friends; we shared common democratic values. Truly, V V Putin suggested that Russia should join NATO. In return, we could only see American smiles against the background of an ideological and military offensive, as the Americans deployed more and more of their military bases closer and closer to our borders. Now, in hindsight, we understand that there was one goal… the control of our energy resources (how primitive, some would say). Yet, energy resources… oil, coal, gas… stand above all for those who thought of themselves as masters of the world after the collapse of the bipolar system. Russia, from their point of view, is just a big fat land full of resources that they had the “right” to seize. If the current Ukrainian government thinks of itself as the “master of the universe”, it’s sadly mistaken. Their country, and all events that now happen there, are nothing but bargaining chips in the global game of seizing Russian resources. There are some resources there too, for there’s a little shale gas in the Ukraine. For the sake of this, they kill the civilian population in Novorossiya. In Lugansk and Donetsk, Washington doesn’t deign to think of the civilian casualties, that’s just their bad luck… their ancestors should’ve picked a better place to live.

Well, OK, that was a digression. We’re talking about the USA declaring a New Cold War against Russia. In fact, we’re only talking of its announcement… it’s been going on for years. In the 20th century, Russia offered quite a correct approach to mutually beneficial cooperation… we’d reduce energy prices, and the West would give us technology in return. However, America gave Russia “the bird”. America denied us technology… then, it enticed our scientists. Do you know what percentage of American scientists received their education in the USA? Google it! You’ll find out that no more than 30 percent received their education in the USA. I asked myself a question… were we stupid all this time? Obviously, the answer is, “No, of course not”. We were working according to assumptions hammered into our heads during Gorbachyov’s perestroika. We proceeded from Academician Sakharov’s ideas of convergence, that a shared world would be so much better than a world divided into blocs.  However, foreign politicians used a different set of postulates. Remember the remarks from Hillary, who never shook off the definition as the “anti-Monica”, who said that Siberia should by rights belong to the whole world (that is, to America).

That is, they always saw Russia as a victim that they could snatch up and tear apart. V V Putin, as a pragmatist, did one very important thing. He tried, even at the cost of losses, to integrate our country into the structure of the world economy. One can see from Moscow’s very restrained sanctions against the West that he managed to make Europe react sharply to even slight dissatisfaction from Russia. Russia can impose other focused sanctions on the West. It’s clear that energy is our main trump card, but Russia can use many other sanctions, starting with food. This is where we begin to understand the true meaning of Putin’s actions, which some circles saw as deviating from the short-term interests of Russian business. Today, announcing retaliatory sanctions on certain sectors of economy, we’re striking telling blows on the political supremacy of the USA in Europe.

They announced a new Cold War on us. Excellent! However, the fact is that we’ve not yet started to exploit America’s vulnerabilities in this arena. We still have not used the so-called Helsinki group. Hey, Lyudmila Alekseyeva! If you remain silent about the events in Ferguson, all Russians will realise that you’re nothing but an abject hireling of the US State Department! Your excuses that you only deal with Russia sound empty; human rights have no national boundaries. We haven’t yet given serious funding to Rossotrudnichestvo (Russian Cooperation), which carries out the vitally important task of holding concerts, distributing materials about Russia, and encourages the study of the Russian language. Konstantin Kosachyov, the outside world needs to understand Russia’s innermost rationale. We need others to understand that the people of the western Donbass are Russians, who want to live according to Russian ways, but the Kiev government exterminates them today under the patronage of Western instructors. Our unions of journalists said nothing about the abuse of freedom of speech in Ferguson (not the Moscow head, Pavel Gusev, nor the all-Russian head, Vsevolod Bogdanov), nor did they comment on the fact that Obama did nothing to prevent the execution of James Foley. More recently, the detentions of political activists on Moscow’s Triumfalnaya Square, who had gotten media badges from these sorts, outraged these worthies .

In short, we have a lot in our arsenal in this newly declared Cold War on Russia. We have a lot… acquired either willy-nilly or by forethought… even though we haven’t used it yet. Those in Washington who declare a new Cold War don’t realise that we’ve learnt their modus operandi over a quarter of a century, and we’re not only on the same level as their State Department, we have an advantage. There are many specialists In Russia who understand how the USA does things. However, the USA cut funding for the study of Russia over the past two decades… guys, WE have the advantage!  

This week, I returned from a holiday in Bulgaria, where the political leadership is ready to obey the EU in everything, but the ordinary people are learning the Russian language. They’re doing it themselves, not in school. Today, Washington dictates to their bought-and-paid-for élites. Nevertheless, we all know… to control the élite is one thing, and to control the people is a completely different thing. When the views of élite are in stark contrast with the mood of the people, the people overthrow the élite, the élite doesn’t overthrow the sentiments of the people. Many people throughout the world will shout, “The king is naked!”, as a result of America’s declaration of a new Cold War on Russia. Washington doesn’t understand that this heralds the end of its hegemony. It always happens like that. However, such an outcome depends on those people in Russia who can implement it…

22 August 2014

Vadim Gorshenin

Chairman of Pravda.Ru Board of Directors




Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Majority of Russians Regret Breakup of USSR

00 Unknown  Artist. We're Coming to the Victory of Communist Labour. 1970s

We’re Coming to the Victory of Communist Labour

Unknown  Artist



On Tuesday, independent pollster Levada Centre said that more than half of Russians polled regret the breakup of the USSR; they believe that we could’ve avoided it. Of 1,600 respondents polled in 45 Russian federal subjects, 57 percent bemoaned the collapse of the USSR, whilst 30 percent said that they didn’t regret it, and 13 percent had difficulty answering. Seniors tended more to nostalgia than younger people. Only 37 percent of respondents aged 25 to 39 said that they regretted the collapse of the USSR. However, that figure reached 86 percent amongst those 55 and older. Only 29 percent said that the breakup was inevitable, whilst 53 percent said that we could’ve avoided it. The rest of the respondents couldn’t say one way or the other. The USSR formally ended on 26 December 1991.

15 January 2014 (MSK)



Editor’s Note:

When asked who the most influential politician in Russia was, VVP answered, “Gennady Zyuganov”. Pro-Western journalists sniggered at that. I believe that Vova knows the country better than they do. As a former member of the organy, he has no illusions about life, none at all. He knows that the “provinces” want the USSR back, and that the KPRF is the only real political party in the country. Besides that, only the KPRF is looking to the future in a real way, Gennady Andreyevich wants the young firebrand Sergei Udaltsov to replace him as leader when he steps down.

VVP wants no chaos when he steps down. The country agrees with him. I believe that Sergei Udaltsov will be the next real leader of Russia, and he may very well restore the old Union under the guise of the Eurasian Union (EvrAsS). Russia will end its present infatuation with the West and sweep away the godless neoliberal crapitalism now regnant. I wouldn’t want to be an oligarch, then… there’ll be a new emigration (the Affluent Effluent will flee to the USA, where the Republicans will ooh and ah over them)… the citizens of the Union will say, “Good riddance to bad rubbish”, and most of the world will agree with them. I wonder what the ROCOR will do when (not, if) that happens (will Potapov, Lebedeff, and Whiteford flip yet again?)… perspirin’ minds wanna know!


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