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Monday, 31 August 2015

Donbass Post Released Commemorative Stamp for Day of the Miner

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Today, Donbass Post issued three stamps to honour Day of the Miner (“Glory to the Miners”) and City Day in Donetsk, also issuing a First Day of Issue Envelope and a commemorative postmark. The head of the Donetsk GMA*, Igor Martynov, said, “In spite of the war and its youth, our Republic is developing in many ways. Here, we’re putting new stamps into circulation. They’re dedicated to our favourite holidays… Day of the Miner and City Day in Donetsk”. DNR Minister of Communications Viktor Yatsenko noted that these are the first stamps issued by the DNR since the May holidays, “Today, is the First Day of Issue of three stamps and the first Commemorative Envelope of the Republic. We’re releasing 72,000 copies of the stamps. We’ll release another stamp on the Day of Liberation of Donbass, which would give us six new stamps this year. Donbass Post is expanding its capabilities; it’s added 34 new offices to the 200 now in operation, and has 1,400 employees”. The designer of the new stamps was the famous Donetsk philatelist Vladimir Zakharov. He placed an image of a miner-labourer and a miner-warrior with a coupling in the centre on the stamp. There is also an image of a map of the republic with its capital city of Donetsk.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

30 August 2015

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