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Thursday, 7 February 2013

7 February 2013. Fascist Pig Potapov Opens Mouth on “Stalingrad”… Patriotic MP Priest Speaks the Truth

00 Stalingrad. Mother Motherland Calls. 07.02.13


This was on the official ROCOR website. It’s a satanic abomination:

How does the Russian Church Abroad view the renaming of the city of Volgograd to Stalingrad?

Protopriest Victor Potapov, Rector of St John the Baptist Cathedral in Washington DC, former Religion Editor at Voice of America, Dean of the Southern Deanery of the Eastern American Diocese of ROCOR, commented:

“When I heard about this, I was astonished at these people who so easily forget the horrors that Stalin inflicted in the 1920-30’s, the persecution he wrought against the Church. I can only imagine what worldwide outrage would be caused, especially on the part of the Russian people, if Germany, during the few days of celebrating an historic holiday, renamed the native city of Hitler to, say, Hitlerstadt. Stalin was an executioner, one of the main executioners of the 20th century. I simply cannot fathom such tender sentiments for this… this butcher! For me, a believer, this is simply incomprehensible.

I don’t understand what pride for the podvig , the spiritual triumph, of the Russian people in the Battle of Stalingrad has to do with the renaming of a city. The two things are incompatible, and anyway, the city was called Tsaritsyn before Stalin’s time. It was renamed in honor of Stalin because the Communists were sucking up to him. The heroic podvig of the warriors who defeated the fascists cannot be excised, of course. And the name Volgograd takes nothing away from this great achievement. I view this renaming very negatively. I can positively state that every believer and every clergyman of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia feels the same way.


Victor Potapov comes of a family who were collaborationist scum during the VOV, who had connections to the traitorous KONR and the anti-Semitic Vlasovtsy filth. Potapov himself was part of the American intel apparat, as VoA/RL is nothing but a Langley front. He also has deep connections with the Moonie-run Washington Times, one of the most Hard Right and Russophobic media outlets in the USA. He introduced Fathausen to all the Hard Right circles in the District (including the American Enterprise Institute). Potapov is a lying Hard Right Republican of the worst possible sort (he’s fully in sync with the GOP’s anti-Christian and ungodly Mammon-worshipping ideology). He lies when he says:

I view this renaming very negatively. I can positively state that every believer and every clergyman of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia feels the same way.

That is an absolute stone-cold lie. It isn’t true in the least. Potapov and his Hard Right clique (which includes Fathausen, Rod Dreher, Terrence Mattingly, Alexander Webster, and Freddie M-G) are the only ones who agree with this horseshit in its entirety. I’ve received comments from Russian friends on this wacko far-out opinion… it’s entirely negative. Here’s what the comments say:

“Fr Victor should come clean about which side his family was on in the War: did they stand with Stalin and the USSR, or, were they on the side of Hitler, the genocidal Ustaše, and the murderous Greek Catholic Banderites? These were the only two choices we had. No others existed. To say so is a lie and spits on the sacrifices of our Soviet Russian and Ukrainian people”.

“Would Fr Victor publicly state his views, please, on Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust? Can he please explain his assumed support of the anti-semite Vlasov and this issue?”

“He should be quiet! The Church OUTSIDE of Russia has no business stirring trouble for the Church OF Russia. Russia isn’t his jurisdiction. How would this CIA puppet react if the Russian bishops were to openly publish in the USA their known views on America’s massive criminal activities?”


00 Chavez and Kirill. Blessing. 08.10.12


I agree wholeheartedly with the above comments. The ROCOR Holy Synod should silence this loudmouthed bastard. HH doesn’t agree with him (HH is friends with Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, Gennady Zyuganov, Pyotr Simonenko, and Fidel Castro Ruz). Hilarion Kapral owes the rest of the Church an apology for this unhinged lying rubbish, then, he should shitcan this fringe-rightwing POS. Potapov is moving heaven and earth to get his likeminded pal Fathausen into the ROCOR. I’d advise HH:

Do NOT allow Paffhausen into the ROCOR. He and Potapov would spin off into schism eventually, taking gullible believers with them. Paffhausen was nothing but trouble in the OCA… why bring him into your Church? Potapov (and Paffhausen) opposes Free Cuba and President Putin and supports the American infiltration of the CIS and NATO expansion. Paffhausen is of the same sort, only worse (yes, that’s possible). Why empower such creepo supremos? If you allow Paffhausen in, it’s allowing Langley in through the front door. As an Orthodox Christian and a Russian patriot, you must oppose these two cretins. Don’t forget how Potapov savagely attacked Patriarch Aleksei when he was in Washington in the ’90s… he’s NEVER repented of that blatant and obsequious act of Sergianism (sucking up to his Langley paymasters for all to see). Kaufft nicht bei Potapov.

Here’s what a patriotic MP priest said:

Well done for your Stalingrad report. We prayed for all those who died in defence of Orthodoxy and the Rodina at the Great Entrance yesterday. Our people like it. On 9 May I get out my father’s medals and wear them on the right side of my chest. Fascists out!

You can stand with collaborationist Sergianist filth like Potapov (a true Chekist in a riassa if there ever was such) or you can stand with honest decent patriotic people like this MP priest (who wished to be anonymous). That’s the only choice that you have. You can stand with Holy Russia (and its celebration of Stalingrad) or with Sectarian America (with its drone attacks, its war on Middle Eastern Christians, its Guantánamo gulag, and its satanic quasi-religion). Choose well.

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 7 February 2013

Albany NY 


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

15 August 2012. New Intel on the Maryland Nuns

A Woman Reading

Aleksandr Deyneka



One of the Cabinet sent this to me. I’ve decided to run it as an “as is”, without commentary. There isn’t an idle word in it.

There are other interesting facts about the nuns you should know, and Varvara would very much like to know. Please pass it on to her.

There’s been a commentator on Monomakhos named “George P”. It’s very easy to tell that this commentator is a sock puppet for Abbess Aemiliane. Just read closely, and it’s very obvious. She even uses Greek monastic convention in capitalising the pronouns referring to bishops, among many other clues, and has been revealing facts and connecting things that no one else but she would know about. If you know how she and this cult group think, speak, and operate, it’s without a doubt Aemiliane. Even their knowledge of psychology is a little more than 20 years out of date, as would be expected for someone who received their degree in the 80s. She even ALWAYS asks for a blessing from all clergy, even deacons (as Dionysios teaches them to do), but refuses to refer to Bishop Melchizedek as anything but “+Mel”. Lately, she’s always awkwardly referring to the nuns as “the sisters with her in XC”.

The commentator “IB” is Irena Burwell, a friend of Aemiliane and a supporter of the monastery from the District.

The strange manifesto that the nuns posted on their site was actually written by their elder, Dionysios. Aemiliane simply translated it and put her name to it. This is one of their most common tricks.

George Michalopulos is a friend of Aemiliane and Symeon… the nuns have been funneling him dezinformatsiya to spread since he was attacking Bishop Melchisedek last summer, because Melchisedek was insistent to not let the nuns stay in the OCA. Monomakhos is a propaganda site for the cult of Dionysios, and I’m sure that he’s a member of the cult as well. He’s from Tulsa OK, just like Aemiliane’s family. In 2010, he even invited Aemiliane to give a presentation on monasticism at his parish.


More’s going to seep out, I’m sure. However, I’m fairly certain that the ROCOR isn’t going to have second thoughts, nor is it going to take in Fathausen, after kicking this bunch of jabronies out. Note well that Potapov pulled the antimins. That was a wise move. Potapov was known to the nuns as a friend, thus putting down their guard… and Hilarion was able to gauge his outward loyalty (one can NEVER be certain of the inner feelings of one’s subordinates, but one can test their outward obedience). Potapov proved himself a “good boy”… he’s an apparatchik, and like all of his ilk, he’s for those who butter his bread liberally. This action also soured the konvertsy on him (did Hilarion think of that? Don’t be fooled by his placid exterior… he’s a VERY canny peasant inside).

Remember… it’s going to be VERY confusing and murky in the immediate near term. ALWAYS test a story by asking, “Is this in character with past actions?” That’ll save you tons of grief. Be careful, don’t react, and, above all, be CAREFUL whom you trust. In such confused times, well, some people show their true character (and that can be scary… trust me, I know). I think that we’re in the Last Act, but not the Final Scene… the Gibichung Hall hasn’t collapsed yet… die Götterdämmerung isn’t yet consummated. Take a care… it isn’t over yet. You don’t want to be the last casualty caused by the last bullet in the last battle on the last day of the war. Let the old sweats like me take the heat… we’ve been around a lap or two (I’ve got the grey hairs and scars to prove it). Be good…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Albany NY

Sunday, 8 July 2012

8 July 2012. There’s Nothing Official, Semi-Official, Unofficial, or Just Plain Rumour Out Yet on JP… Show Some Patience… It’s a Virtue

Be prepared for all sorts of self-justifying crapola from the First Families later today. More and more, this appears to be a farcical Ruritanian coup, not a serious change of administration. The Centre hasn’t committed itself, yet…


There’s nothing surfacing on JP, yet. NOTHING. NOT A THING. SILENCE. Ergo, all the speculation should cease until we all get some more solid intel to go on. However, there’s been some reaction to Yustinian serving with Herman Swaiko:

I hope that you aren’t suggesting that Herman might be reinstated in Jonah’s place? In some ways, he might have been superior, I think the community in general would get whiplash trying to assimilate such a turn of events.

My reply was:

It means that the Centre is no longer publicly behind JP. As for anything else, my Russian contacts are just as flummoxed as anyone else is. There’s no news, that’s all one can say of the matter. Just sit tight…


My take, based on the information available at present, is that the move against JP is a First Family coup led by pukes such as Kishkovsky and Potapov. They saw JP dragging them under, so they launched a putsch. Whether this is Red October or the Beer Hall Putsch remains to be seen. It’s very poorly executed; the fact is that the putschists have no “narrative” in place to explain their seizure of power. Indeed, they’re acting like the loony August putschists in 1991… that led to the fall of the USSR. Shall this lead to the OCA‘s fall, as well? One can only hope…


Sunday, 29 April 2012

29 April 2012. A Short Chat with My Readers… Why I Report Some of the Things Posted Here

We CAN do it… all that we have to do is come together… and “go home”… we are wanted, after all…


One of the reasons that I report what’s “out there” vis-à-vis the Church is that a smothering secrecy oozes forth from the official websites. As far as oca.org’s concerning, Ginny Nieuwsma is a loyal running-dog follower of Fathausen… the site has no real news on it at all, only fluff. For instance, I was able to confirm from multiple sources that OCA did, indeed, engage armed security men (at no small cost) for the recent trial of Dickie Wood, but as far as oca.org was concerned, it didn’t happen. I can assure you that Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich didn’t need armed guards… Archbishop Kyprian Borisevich didn’t need armed guards… neither did Metropolitan Laurus Škurla nor Archbishop Antony Bartoshevich. That’s a sign of sclerotic dysfunction and systemic failure. Another sign of terminal disease amongst us was the unhinged “open letter” by Fr Victor Potapov on the official ROCOR website. At best, it was ill-conceived; at worst, it was an unwarranted public attack by a clergyman without responsibility for a given parish on a layman (it doesn’t matter what the layman did… BISHOPS are the public leaders, guardians, and spokesmen of the Church, NOT self-appointed archpriests).

So, what does one do? One thing that you do is to report the “buzz”. You see, if the “buzz” gets “air time”, then, quite often, replies come in from the kitchen cabinet. For instance, on the “buzz” concerning Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral, one of my contacts, an MP priest, crossly remarked that the main Reconciliation ceremony at the Centre was still on-track… that’s true, but there was no report on the ROCOR official website stating, “His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion has undergone surgery. The Holy Synod sends its best wishes and prayers, and requests that all parishes and faithful keep His Eminence in their prayers and remembrance”. That’s what a pro would’ve done. That’s what Vladimir Romanovich would’ve done.

Peter Perekrestov had an obligation to do likewise. However, his failure isn’t incompetence and running-dog loyalty, as in the case of Ginny Nieuwsma. In his case, it’s more a combination of weakness and overburden (after all, he’s the rector of the cathedral parish in SF… that DOES take up his time). I’ll warrant that he didn’t want to waste his time arguing with Potapov… and gave in for “a peaceful life”. Another thing that they should’ve reported was, “His Eminence is having visa problems with the US State Department. Pray that this situation be rectified quickly and without rancour”. If I were in charge of the website, I’d send it to all other “official” Orthodox websites with the request to publicise the situation, and I’d send the State Department, the US Representative from Manhattan, and both US Senators from New York a copy of the URL so that they could “read all about it”. How much do you wanna bet that the pols involved would solve the situation, and rather quickly at that? Cookie the Bookie would call it a “sure thing”.

The situation in the OCA and the ROCOR resembles that of the USSR in late Perestroika. No one trusts the apparat, but no one fears it, either. The USSR fell apart, not because of the Cold War, not because of Slobberin’ Ronnie, not because of the supposed “superiority” of unbridled capitalism… it fell because the system failed to tell people what was going on, the apparat lost all credibility, and the people lost all faith in what the powers-that-be told them. Rumour replaced fact… and a weak man stood at the helm. Like Potapov and Paffhausen, Gorbachyov blustered and postured; like Potapov and Paffhausen, it came from weakness and insecurity, not grounded strength.

That’s why I report the “buzz”… and I try my best to label it as such, it’s how we can make sense out of what’s “out there”. A friend once told me, “You dare to say openly what most of us only whisper”. I seem to notice that more of you are starting to speak up… it’ not just me; I’m only an ordinary spear-dragger with the rest of y’all. I’m noticing that people of all stripes are finding their courage… good on all of you. That’s how we’ll win… one person at a time… which’ll lead to one parish at a time… which’ll end with all of us in the three “Russian Orthodox” bodies here in the diaspora joing hands as one under the Mother Church. It won’t be me… it won’t be you… it’ll be all of us TOGETHER. Then, we’ll have the hard job of rebuilding it all. THAT will be our children’s and grandchildren’s task, too. Yet, one DOES have to start off… shall you take my hand?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 29 April 2012

Albany NY   

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