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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Pierogi Drama Engulfs PNC Park as Cheese Chester and Potato Pete Race Head-to-Head

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After spending some time on the DL, Pittsburgh Pirates racing pierogi Cheese Chester was rather eager to return to the starting lineup at PNC Park. During Friday’s race, Chester even showed up at the finish line and attempted to attack his replacement, Potato Pete, with an aluminium crutch. On Saturday, Potato Pete again coasted to victory in the race, only to be confronted by Cheese Chester once more. The Pirate Parrot quickly intervened to calm things down, but it was clear Chester wanted just one thing… to defeat Potato Pete on the field. So, they devised a solution… the two pierogies would race at the end of Saturday’s Reds-Pirates matchup, and the winner would be allowed to race with the other the pierogies for the rest of the season. The loser would be out. Sure enough, after the Pirates recorded the final out of their 3-2 win, Pete and Chester made their way to the field for the ultimate race. Things couldn’t have been tenser. At the three-quarter mark along the track, Pete had a sizeable lead over the Comeback Pierogi of the Year and seemed sure to win. Pete was so sure of his victory that he even turned to taunt Cheese Chester. It was a tragic mistake. With that, Chester passed his nemesis and cruised through the finish line, earning his spot back in the Pirates Racing Pierogies lineup. After his battles with both injury and Potato Pete, you won’t find a happier pierogi anywhere.

30 August 2014

Dakota Gardner




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