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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

22 May 2018. Another View of “Royals”, “Aristos”, and Their Milieu


Let’s not forget the sordid side of “royalty” and “aristocracy”. There was a reason that there was a Revolution in Russia… the aristos went off the deep end and the royals didn’t stop them. Many monarchists are simply displaced aristos who want their old power, privileges, and money back; to be frank. outside of a small fringe element, there’s no mass movement for a monarchy. There’ll be no Romanov Restoration in Russia and the world is better for that.



Monday, 17 January 2011

RF SKP Acknowledged the Authenticity of the Remains of the Family Members of Tsar St Nikolai Aleksandrovich


The RF SKP concluded its investigation of the criminal case into the matter of the deaths of Tsar Nikolai Aleksandrovich, his family members, and members of their entourage. “On 14 January 2011, we issued a decision regarding the present investigation; complying with the court decision, we closed the criminal case. This ruling confirms our identification of the remains of the family members of former Tsar Nikolai II (Romanov) and the members of his entourage”, according to a statement posted Monday on the official website of the RF SKP. It noted that, according to findings by Russian and foreign experts, and according to other investigation materials, the human remains found in the first grave belonged to Tsar Nikolai Aleksandrovich, his wife Tsaritsa Aleksandra Fyodorovna, his daughters Grand Princesses Olga Nikolaevna, Tatiana Nikolaevna, and Anastasia Nikolaevna, as well as individuals from their entourage (personal maid, physician, valet, and cook). It also concluded that the remains from the second grave belonged to the children of Nikolai Aleksandrovich… Tsarevich Aleksei Nikolayevich and Grand Princess Maria Nikolaevna. The SKP brought up the fact that, on 1 October 2008, the Presidium of the Supreme Court issued a resolution on the tsar’s family’s legal rehabilitation, stating, “The state detained Nikolai Romanov and his family and their execution was per the orders of the state. From the perspective of the public authorities of the RSFSR, the use of such repressive measures was due to the fact that the former tsar, his wife and children, indeed, all the members of the Russian imperial house, represented a danger to the Soviet state and political system on class, social, or religious grounds”. Connected with statements of the House of Romanov made by Grand Princess Maria Vladimirovna Romanova on 26 August 2010, the judges of the Basmanny District Court in Moscow decided, under Article 90 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, to acknowledge the RF SKP’s decision of 15 January 2009 to dismiss the pending criminal case as unfounded and ordered action to correct any violations. On 25 November 2010, the Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee revoked the decision to end the criminal case’s investigation.


A barrister representing the House of Romanov wants to familiarise himself with the RF SKP’s decision to end the criminal case on the investigation into the murder of Nikolai II and his family members before deciding whether to make an appeal. “It’s much too early for us to decide. We have to familiarise ourselves with the decision in all its aspects. After that, Grand Princess Maria Vladimirovna has the final say on whether there was a legitimate and legal investigation, on whether it was full, thorough, and impartially investigated all the circumstances”, German Lukyanov, the chief attorney for the House of Romanov, told Interfax on Monday. He related to us that the criminal investigation into the murder of the royal family stopped and restarted five times. “This very fact shows that this isn’t the end of everything done”, Mr Lukyanov said. On Monday, the RF SKP completed its criminal investigation into the death of the Tsar Nikolai II, his family, and the members of his entourage in 1918-19, and closed the criminal case regarding it.


Vladimir Solovyov, who headed the investigation into the murder of Tsar Nikolai II and his family, has no doubts that the remains of the tsar’s family discovered near Yekaterinburg were authentic. “We’re fully confident that our identification of the remains of the tsar’s family is 100 percent correct”, Vladimir Nikolaevich told Interfax on Monday. He headed the investigation during the criminal case into the murder of Nikolai II and his family since 1993. On 14 January 2011, he signed an order terminating the criminal case. Earlier, on 15 January 2009, he terminated the criminal investigation. “If you compare the new ruling with the older ruling, in fact, nothing’s changed. The previous ruling complied with the decision made by the Presidium of the Supreme Court on 1 October 2008. It made it clear that they were all shot on the orders of the state”, Vladimir Nikolaevich said. In response to a question that factions in the MP and the House of Romanov doubt the remains’ authenticity, he said, “Of course, anyone can question what they will. The problem is that there are parties who don’t want to tackle these questions forthrightly. If you doubt us, ask us; we’ll give you a reply, if our answer leaves you in doubt… check our data. No one asked us to check out our data for the past two years. They claim to be very serious. We hold all the materials related to the identification [of the remains]. His Holiness the Patriarch created a special commission to address the Church’s stance to the Yekaterinburg remains. Over the years, this commission never asked to see our material. We’re always open to coöperation, and we’re willing to submit to the Church any materials [that it might need]”, Vladimir Nikolaevich said. According to the results of the investigation, the Ural Soviet ordered the execution of Nicholas II, his family, and entourage. It was the highest Soviet authority in the region, which included Perm, Yekaterinburg, Vyatka, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, and Orenburg Guberniyas. Solovyov said that the investigation unearthed no evidence that explicit authorisation from top Soviet leaders such as Lenin and Sverdlov was behind the execution of the tsar’s family. “We don’t have any documents of Lenin or Sverdlov linking them to this. As far as I know, none of the researchers found any such documentation”, Vladimir Nikolaevich said.

17 January 2011






These three stories were the total of the reportage on Interfax (and much of the other reportage on other sites was a rehash)… note well that there’s no reaction from the Church, either official or unofficial. Originally, the MP ruled against recognising the Yekaterinburg remains at a time when it was looking to bring the ROCOR back into Orthodox unity. Vitaly Ustinov was an obstinate and senile nutter who believed in the old White Army line about the tsar’s death, and nothing would shake him. Therefore, the Church made an official pronouncement against the remains. Yet, MP clergy served a Pannikhida over the remains… interesting, nicht wahr? Today, the ROCOR is back in the Church, so… you can catch my drift, no? I think that His Holiness is grappling with his reaction to this… it’s much more important than the visit of a minor and impecunious bishop from America, isn’t it? Let’s wait to see the OFFICIAL Church reaction to all of this. It bids fair to be “interesting”…


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