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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Ex-Ukrainian PM Timoshenko to Go to Germany for Medical Treatment (Ha, Ha… I’ll Betcha it’s Because Things are Going South for the Putsch and Merkel Wants to Save Yuliya’s Bacon!)

00 TImoshenko cartoon. 25.02.14


Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yuliya Timoshenko said that she intended to go to Germany for medical treatment. During a telephone conversation with Timoshenko on Sunday, German Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel invited her to come to Germany for treatment at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. On 11 October 2011, a Ukrainian court sentenced Timoshenko to seven years in prison for having acted in excess of her powers, which resulted in damage to national interests. The court barred Timoshenko from holding public office for three years, and she had to pay a fine of 189 million USD (6.72 billion Roubles. 210 million CAD. 210 million AUD. 138 million Euros. 114 million UK Pounds) in damages to Naftogaz Ukrainy. She also faced charges of financial abuses in the United Energy Systems of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Genprokuratura filed a lawsuit demanding compensation of 19.5 million gryvnia (80 million Roubles. 2.23 million USD. 2.47 million CAD. 2.48 million AUD. 1.63 million Euros. 1.34 million UK Pounds) from Timoshenko in this case. In late December 2011, the authorities transferred Timoshenko from a remand prison to a corrective labour colony in Kharkov Oblast. She fell ill on 18 August 2011, two weeks after her arrest {how convenient: editor}. She insisted that independent doctors look at and treat her. On 9 May 2012, she entered the Kharkov Railway Hospital for medical treatment. The opposition demanded that the government set Timoshenko free so that she could go abroad for medical treatment. Last week, the Rada freed Timoshenko from prison.

25 February 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Methinks that things are going south for the putschists… Yuliya’s going to Germany to escape the consequences of the collapse of the putsch. Yuliya’s a landshark… she wouldn’t leave unless she smelt trouble ahead. I wonder how much of the Ukrainian treasury she’s taking with her. The coup troika (KlichkoTyagnibok, and Yatsenyuk) are the Keystone Cops, Three Stooges, and Cheech n’ Chong rolled up into one sorry-ass package. Yuliya’s getting out whilst the getting’s good. They haven’t nicked Yanukovich, nor have they tamped down the revolt in the Crimea  and Sevastopol. The West is going to regret having backed these idiots… silly wabbits…

Besides, Yuliya needs new Botox injections and plastic surgery. Her greed is only exceeded by her vanity…


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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Federation Council Decries Western “Interference” in the Ukraine

00 Mama Bear and Cub. 29.01.14


On Wednesday, the Federation Council, the upper house of the Federal Assembly, called for an end to interference by Western politicians in Ukrainian internal affairs. The Federation Council resolution expressed “indignation at a number of Western politicians unceremoniously interfering … and consciously provoking destabilisation in the country”. Criticism of foreign influence on Ukrainian internal affairs appeared to be a reference to visits to Kiev, by a number of top EU and American politicians and diplomats. In December, veteran US Senator John McCain addressed a crowd of anti-government protesters in Kiev, pledging broad American support for the pro-EU movement. Earlier that same month, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland visited the epicentre of the protest movement and handed out bread to demonstrators {how sweet… everyone knows how the EU and the USA subsidise the protests in trying to topple the legitimate government: editor}. In its resolution, the Federation Council blamed opposition groups for the outbreak of riots, calling them a part of a “well-organised campaign to discredit and overthrow the legitimate government. Pogroms and fire-setting in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, the storming of an administrative building, aggressive actions against police that led to deaths and a significant amount of injured occur with the approval of those who’ve brought people to the streets”. The Council expressed “confidence that the fraternal Ukrainian people and their leadership would find a way to restore peace in the country”. On Tuesday, the Rada abrogated anti-protest laws and Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov tendered his resignation to appease the opposition and prevent further street clashes.

29 January 2014



Editor’s Note:

There’s not much solid news… but the oppos are being intransigent. I’ll say this… there’s much more going on than the Western news media blather reports. If Yanukovich doesn’t stay on, the country will break up, and, trust me, the West WON’T get the best parts. There are things happening as we speak that guarantee that. After all, the Supreme Soviet of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea outlawed the Svoboda slimeballs (and it’s NOT going to backtrack). The West is in for a rude and abrupt awakening if it believes that it can destabilise the Ukraine and take the whole megillah. Sevastopol IS a Hero City



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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

28 January 2014. Western Cheering Over Ukrainian Situation Premature… There’s More to the Ukraine than Galicia and the Maidan

00 Little Russia is Mine. 28.01.14


Vasili Nesterenko. We Stand for Sevastopol! 2005

We Stand for Sevastopol!

Vasili Nesterenko



00 Aleksandr Deyneka. The Defence of Sevastopol. 1950s

The Defence of Sevastopol

Aleksandr Deyneka


The Crimea is Russian, not only in its population, but in its history. It isn’t “Ukrainian” in the slightest bit. It’s OURS… our blood soaks its soil…


There’s much cheering amongst the zapadniki at Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov‘s resignation and the repeal of the recent anti-protest laws. I’d say that the elation is premature; unfortunately, the West prefers to listen to the Uniate running dogs in their special services, not to sources from within the Ukraine. Firstly, there’s been no real disturbances in the Russophone East, save for a kerfuffle in Sumy. The same is true of the Crimea and the South. That is, the base of the Regions/KPU coalition is still behind Yanukovich. Indeed, the Crimea outlawed the Svoboda neo-Nazis… that’s far from capitulating to the mobs on the Maidan, isn’t it? Yanukovich is buying time… but for what? Trust me… Russia will allow NOTHING to threaten the naval base at Sevastopol (it was a Hero City twice over, in the Eastern War and in the VOV).

I believe that if the pro-EU quisling oppos try to seize power, they’re in for a nasty surprise. I’ll not say much else, as I don’t wish to tip off the plug-uglies. However, it’s clear that there are many in the Ukraine who won’t accept an EU colony (for that is what the EU/USA duopoly has on offer)… I’ll say this, just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean that they’re weak or submissive. If the Ukraine were to “join” the EU, it wouldn’t be in the same form that it is today… that is, there’d be some territorial “adjustments” due to popular demand. That would flummox the EU, as they’d have to bow to those democratic demands, wouldn’t they? I hope that Yanukovich trounces the oppos, but if he doesn’t, hoo-boy, are they in for an education. I, for one, would pass the jug and cheer…

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Ukrainian Government Big Warns of State of Emergency… EU Tells Rioters to Cool It

00 Riots in Kiev. 01. 27.01.14


In a video statement released Monday, Ukrainian Justice Minister Yelena Lukash threatened to ask for a state of emergency throughout the country if anti-government rioters don’t leave the Justice Ministry building in Kiev (occupied by rioters Sunday night). She said that if they won’t leave, she’d have to ask the Council of National Security and Defence to declare a state of emergency. In the video, released by Inter, Lukash also warned that she’d ask Ukrainian President Yanukovich to halt negotiations with oppositionists if they didn’t evacuate the building promptly. According to Ukrainian law, only the President, with approval from the Rada, can declare a state of emergency. A spokesman for Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov said that a state of emergency wasn’t discussed at a Cabinet meeting Monday. The Justice Ministry takeover was part of unrest this weekend after oppositionists rejected President Yanukovich’s offer to give the premiership and deputy premiership to their leaders. Lukash said that rioters vandalised the building when they broke in last night. Oppositionist bosses insist that the Ukrainian government call early elections and repeal recent anti-protest laws.


On Monday, in a statement posted on its website, the EU representative office in Kiev urged Ukrainian oppositionists to break with violent elements engaged in rioting, saying, “We call upon the opposition to maintain the peaceful character of demonstrations and to dissociate itself clearly from all those who make use of violence in pursuing their aims”. In its statement, the EU delegation called on the Ukrainian government to repeal anti-protest legislation, which it said restricted “fundamental freedoms”. The EU delegation also affirmed that the bloc “remains committed to economic integration and political association with the Ukraine”.

27 January 2014




Editor’s Note:

The EU is telling the oppos to cool their jets… that is, it told them that they were stupid to have turned down Viktor Fyodorovich’s offer. I think that the oppos blew it and that they fell neatly into the government’s trap. Let’s face it… Klichko‘s a dumb jock manipulated by his German handlers, Yatsenyuk is an overambitious Khodorkovsky-wannabe, and Tyagnibok is a neo-Nazi thug. The government security forces show no signs of failing morale or indiscipline. It’s NOT August ’91. The security forces pulled back in good order… the oppos dumbly rushed in, giving the Justice Minister a pretext to ask for a state of emergency. The stupidity shown by the zapadniki and their local stooges is mind-boggling. There are NO reports of any mass unrest in the south or the east… that is, Viktor Fyodorovich’s back’s covered. It’s too early to read any tealeaves, but I’d say that if Galicia seceded, Yanukovich (and all other sensible people), would cross themselves, belt down a shot, shout, “Slava Bogu!”, and say to all comers, “Good riddance to bad rubbish”. That’s my take, for what it’s worth…


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