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Sunday, 13 September 2015

13 September 2015. Vote AGAINST the Republican Anti-Life Programme

00 Oppose the GOP Anti-Life programme 130915


I wrote this 2½ years ago… it’s still as true as ever…

The so-called “March for Life” is coming up. The usual cast of suspects is making the usual Sturm und Drang concerning it. At one time, before I wised up, I supported the Pro-Life Movement. Then, I looked beneath the surface, and what I saw appalled and repelled me. The same pols who supported so-called “Pro-Life” measures were also for:

  • perpetual warfare in foreign parts
  • the gutting of the social safety net to fund corruption-riddled defence contracts
  • opposition to single-payer healthcare to benefit their corporate paymasters
  • derisory tax rates upon their wealthy contributors
  • the promiscuous use of the death penalty
  • the increasing role of the “security state”
  • using prison as a “solution” to the so-called “drug problem”
  • shitcanning all labour and environmental regulations in favour of libertarian “economic freedom”
  • the extending of personal and human rights to corporations

Whew… and that’s NOT exhaustive! In short, they OPPOSED what the late John Cardinal O’Connor rightfully called “the seamless garment”. There’s a reason why Timothy Cardinal Dolan didn’t come out in favour of Wet Willy in the late presidential election… Willy was AGAINST the “seamless garment”, and Dolan couldn’t support him without ripping up Catholic social teaching.

We have loud sorts amongst us. Follow the money… Potapov is (or was) a mid-level US government flunky (a propagandist targeting the Orthosphere, no less!)… Freddie M-G is (or was) an apparatchik at NPR… Dreher and Mattingly are rightwing stink-tankers… Webster is a stink-tanker and a chaplain in the US Army Reserve. When you add in that Lyonyo’s a member of the CFR (Anne Schmemann works in a CFR office that issues mendacious and self-serving apologias for American aggression abroad) and that Serge Schmemann and Sophia Kishkovsky are part of the New York Times Pravda-machine (the jewel in the crown of the American Corporate Media), well, what does that tell you? They’ve all sold out to the godless powers-that-be for a comfortable life and above-average incomes. You can follow Christianity or you can follow Sergianism. It’s interesting… the ones who loudly accused the MP hierarchy of “Sergianism” during the Sov era now stand exposed as Sergianist cheerleaders for Free Market buccaneering and bloodsucking. Fancy that… what they criticised, they now espouse. God DOES have a sense of justice, doesn’t He? Do you want to honour Christ, or shall you worship Mammon (the Almighty Dollar)?

Choose well… your eternal destiny does rest upon it…



Thursday, 16 July 2015

16 July 2015. NO Orthodox Christian Should HAve Anything to Do With Sleazy Anti-Abortion Group “Live Action”

00 Right Wing Lies. 160715


There’s a sleazy anti-abortion group calling itself “Live Action” that’s been caught more than once in deceptive and misleading edits of material released to questionable rightwing media outlets such as Fox News. Their tactics aren’t on the up-and-square, so no Orthodox Christian should have anything to do with them. Their videos are, charitably speaking, not what they appear to be. Of course, the rightwing eats it all up. Here’s some interesting material. I am NOT pro-choice… however, I REFUSE to use questionable tactics nor do I believe that those who do so are fit company for decent and Christian people. It speaks much about the konvertsy that they accept this rubbish uncritically. It speaks much about the Republican Party that it accepts such rubbish uncritically. NO, a thousand times NO. We should not have ANYTHING to do with liars and deceivers. Abby Johnson, I believe, is such. Have a care… there are truly gnarly people out there, and most of ’em look NICE. Do remember that “nice” and good are NOT synonyms.

NO… the Church is NOT allies with all who call themselves “Pro-Life”… I believe that and will state that to anyone, lay or clergy, it doesn’t matter. If you believe otherwise, you aren’t only my opponent, you’re against the “Mind of the Church” as well. We can NOT use deception for “good ends”… if we do so, the good transmutes into evil. Do think on that. It’s one thing to accept an evil situation (as did Patriarch Sergei Stagorodsky of Happy Memory)… it’s quite another to ally oneself openly with questionable elements (as did Jonas Paffhausen and his signature on the questionable “Manhattan Declaration”). After all, Patriarch Sergei had been in prison twice “for Christ’s sake”. I’d comment that none of the loudmouthed anti-abortion sorts have suffered likewise (certainly not Fatso). Have a care… the times are evil, and the rot is within the Church as well. “The foulest flowers of evil grow in the shadow of the altar…”


Sunday, 11 January 2015

11 January 2015. How Pro-Life is the “Pro-Life Movement?” A Point to REALLY Ponder

00 06.10.12 Oppose the Republican Anti-Life Programme


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Respect for Life from Beginning to End. 2012


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Now, THAT'S Pro-Life... 2012


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Pro-Life Means... 2012 copy


I didn’t wake up one day and say, ”I’m gonna have cereal for breakfast and an abortion for lunch”. It was a difficult decision. It was also a decision that I’ve thought about every day for twelve years. It left deep emotional scars. Even though it was the right thing at that time in my life, it wasn’t something I wanted to do. People that stand outside of clinics with those signs are assholes. They aren’t Christian. They screamed at me and made the most difficult day of my life a million times more difficult. I’m not alone, either. I’m sure millions of other women have had the same experience. Therefore, if you’re one of those people holding up pictures of bloody foetuses and screaming “murderer” outside of a clinic, prepare yourself for hell because if you believe it exists, that’s where you’re going.


I need add nothing. I HATE the Pro-Life Movement as it’s a shameless whore for the US Republican Party… a faction that upholds perpetual warfare in foreign parts, torture, the TSA Gestapo, the Department of Homeland Security Cheka, the enriching of the Affluent Effluent at the expense of the rest of us, the gutting of Social Security, and destroying the social safety net. That’s NOT “Pro-Life”. If you’re in the so-called “Pro-Life Movement”, I oppose you and all of your works, as they go towards upholding an objectively evil political movement, one so evil that it merits the label “demonic” (for no man can serve two masters).

I don’t like abortion… I think that we should do our best to limit it… however, the present Pro-Life Movement is a sham and an imposture, and I’ll have nothing to do with it. By the way, I’m not the only Russian Orthodox person in the USA to feel this way. To oppose the Pro-Life Movement is NOT to endorse abortion. I oppose the hypocritical politicisation of this serious issue and its hijacking by amoral monsters such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Don’t forget how Cruz virtually spat in the face of Arab religious leaders… you want to support such godless sectarian filth? Now, that negates one’s Christianity…


The entire piece from which I took the excerpt is here.


Thursday, 6 November 2014

6 November 2014. Here’s Another Thing that the Pundits are Overlooking… Initiative 594

00 Political Cartoon. 05.12. Guns


Firstly, read this. Note the author… David Frum. You heard me right… David Frum. Yes… an anti-NRA piece written by DAVID FRUM. Note well that the rightwing punditocracy isn’t trumpeting about this… for it goes against their narrative for this election. Here is first major victory against the NRA… a political earthquake, really. Look at what happened Tuesday… the Greens emerged as a political force in New York State (and maybe the nation, as well)… Personhood failed in Colorado… the Dems handily won in PA… Al Franken beat the Koch Dollars… and the NRA received its first major setback in decades. That is, the “Republican Sweep” not only didn’t occur… it only resulted in control of the US Senate, which is bootless, as the Prez will veto all their lunacy. Congress already has an approval rating FAR below that of the Prez. His is 42 percent… theirs is 13 PERCENT. Let me repeat that… 13 PERCENT! If it goes much lower, it’ll be in single digits. The GOP has two equally distasteful options open to it. The first is to cooperate with the Prez… loons like Rubio and Cruz will scupper that. The second is to be obstructionist. Obstructionism led to the present abysmal approval ratings for the Congress… more of the same will shove their numbers truly into the shitter.

The GOP has a shitty hand to play this turn. Several spectres haunt the GOP… and oil prices are in the dumpster (their Big Oil sugar daddies won’t have the gelt to give them). Gun Control… Personhood… Anti-Fracking… if the trends continue, I wouldn’t want to be the GOP candidate in 2016. They’ll be left as the party of the Evangelical, the ignorant, and the racist… which would give them a permanent 25 percent national minority (but with control of the Southeastern USA). Will they dodge the bullet? I think not…


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