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Monday, 26 August 2013

26 August 2013. Let’s Fight the Battles of Today… NOT Those of a Century Ago

00 Romney Racist T-shirt

This is the TRUE face of the Republican Right in the USA… scary, ain’t it? Their analogues in the West are their bound brothers… do ponder that.


There are all too many on the left who’re still fighting the battles of the early 20th century.  Of course, that era (and its barbarities) has passed into history, and any panacea based on the problems of that time are passée. Nevertheless, the basic weltanschauung of the Right hasn’t changed one little bit. They believe that they’re entitled to a “piece of the pie” far larger than that of the Average Joe. They “earned it”, you see. Mind you, they did none of the labour involved… but they “owned” the capital, dontcha know. That “entitles” them to glom a disproportionate part of the common wealth… and that you’ve NO right to complain of it… they’re “respectable” and “good people”, after all. Yet, be wise to the tricks of the Righties.

Firstly, they think that the laws don’t apply to them. Certainly, we all heard the “too big to fail” argument… odd how that applied to multinationals and their well-compensated executives, but not to Nick’s Diner down the street or Mel’s Heating & Air Conditioning. That’s galling enough, but I’m asking you to carry it through to its logical conclusion. Who believes that the laws don’t apply to them? Well, spoilt children and criminals, that’s who! You can easily see where I’m going… the Weekly Standard, Fox News, the Washington Times, and the post-Buckley National Review are the “Godfather’s Media”… with this caveat… Don Vito would’ve shown more class and shared more of his wealth (didn’t John Gotti, the “Teflon Don” do that? Isn’t that why the people of South Ozone stood behind him for so long?). Their arguments all have a common “Achilles Heel“… they assume that one accepts the postulates of Radical Liberalism. You see, there are NO Conservatives in the mould of Burke, Bismarck, Stolypin, Franco, and Dr Johnson left in the modern world. Indeed, the Radical Right has purloined their vocabulary… gutting the substance of their arguments to fit the Procrustean Bed of their oligarch paymasters. Liberalism preaches Free Markets, Individualism, and non-regulation… NOT Conservatism, which speaks of Tradition, Legitimacy, and regulation of man’s sinful impulses.

Surely, you can see where I’m going without the need of spending an overly-long time on spinning out the argument. So-called “Globalisation” is a criminal enterprise of the highest order. It doesn’t matter that it’s “legal“… sometimes, the most criminal doings are “legal”… reflect well on the fact that Hadamar and the Holocaust were LEGAL in Nazi Germany. The Righties want globalisation in order to flout the labour, safety, and environmental regulations of the developed states. That is, they wish to fatten their boodle bags by breaking the laws of their countries (this is the reason why so many businesses have “moved South” in the USA… the Southern states allow businessmen to beat up union organisers and bully workers).

This leads us to a conclusion as to the “prosperity mongers” on the Right. Yes… there’s “prosperity”… but only at the expense of workers in the Southern USA (Texas is the vilest location there, although Florida‘s not far behind by much) and the Third World. “If these people were any good, why, they’d be as prosperous as we are”. That’s not the worst of their argument… there’s a racism that’s never too far from the surface. Wiillie Romney didn’t rein in his racist supporters (“Keep the White House White”)… that’s a fact, and no person of colour (or no anti-racist, for that matter) should forget this. In short, the Right is rooted in racist and criminal assumptions… so, of course, they hate the government… they don’t want ANY bound on their greed and power.

We do have a choice…

A Note to Christians:

Don’t forget what the Bible says:

The love of money is the root of all evil.

I’d say that the Bible and the Republican Party are at odds. I know where I stand. Do you? Think on it…


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