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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Orthodox Hieromonk sez Refusal of Medical Treatment is a Sectarian Notion, Not Truly Religious


On Wednesday, Hieromonk Makary Markish, the head of the internet project Batyushka Online, told us that only sectarians refuse necessary medical treatment, for all traditional religions hold that medical intervention is a good thing. Earlier, the Leninsky Raion Court in Ivanovo granted the Prokuratura’s demand that a blood transfusion for a girl should go ahead despite her father’s refusal on grounds of religious belief. Fr Makary noted:

We don’t need to involve the concept of “religion”. This belief (of the girl’s father: RIA Novosti) isn’t religious, it’s sectarian. It’s an attempt to put people in irons using pseudo-religion. We must rigorously draw a line between religions and sects. Unfortunately, the law hasn’t defined this border yet, although work on it is already in underway. We don’t know what religion the girl’s father professed. However, such a situation arose with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their prohibition of medical procedures is one of their tricks to limit human freedom. In Orthodoxy, such a situation is impossible. For us, religious life is a mixture of human earthly life and the Heavenly Kingdom. In this context, we see that medicine is an honourable profession; it benefits both bodily health and the soul’s health. In principle, it simply isn’t contrary to religious beliefs.

18 January 2017

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Monday, 5 October 2015

16,000 Junta Militants Deserted with Arms from Units in Novorossiya

00 debaltsevo. dnr. broken ukrainian tank. 22.04.15


Anatoly Matios, the junta Chief Military Procurator, told TV 112:

The Ukrainian Military Prokuratura toted up how many deserters left units in the area of operations in [Novorossiya]. We opened cases on 16,000 deserters who left the area of operations; a significant portion skipped with their weapons. We declared them “wanted”, but the MVDU found no more than a thousand of them. Where did they go? They didn’t find them; they just went home. If lowly local cops won’t do their jobs, well, the whole system doesn’t work. The absence of inevitability of punishment undermines governmental authority.

In June, the Military Prokuratura said that only 400 soldiers received a fine or suspended sentence for leaving their units, only three soldiers received seven-year prison sentences.

5 October 2015

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Paintings and Icons Disappeared After Right Sector “Protected” Cultural Centre in Podkarpatskaya Rus

00 Riots in Kiev 02. 06.02.14

Would you entrust your valuables to the likes of these? Methinks that the Right Sector hoods appointed themselves “protectors” of the centre and helped themselves afterwards (did the manager refuse to pay them off?). This lawlessness is rampant… and Republican neocons and Democrat interventionists both drool in glee over this…


When conducting an inventory of the property of the Medvezhya Dubrava (“Bear Oak Grove”) cultural centre in Podkarpatskaya Rus, the staff discovered material missing, with a value of 10 million gryvnia (31.2 million Roubles. 881,000 USD. 973,000 CAD. 954,000 AUD. 638,000 Euros. 530,000 UK Pounds). Specifically, the MVDU stated that 28 paintings and 6 icons of historical and artistic value disappeared. The cops asked the director of the centre what happened; the manager told them that he’d allowed Right Sector members to “protect” the centre from 23 to 26 March. The Prokuratura opened a criminal case under Article 185 Part 5 of the UKU (theft).


The US Republican Party approves this sort of thieving nastiness when they vote overwhelmingly to aid the junta. No Orthodox Christian should cast a vote for ANY Republican this November… they want to plunge a knife into the back of our motherland for the sake of filthy lucre. What do you want… do you want to support Christian Russia, or, do you want to support amoral “greed is good” moneygrubbing America? It’s up to you…


31 March 2014



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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

First Media Outlet Fined for “Gay Propaganda” in Russia

gay parade in st petersburg


Editor’s Note:

This is the FIRST case against a media outlet since the law came into effect last June. I seem to notice a disconnect between reality and all the brouhaha in the West. This is what’s real, kids… the other’s bullshit. Aren’t you ashamed to have listened to CNN and Fox? You KNOW that they don’t tell the whole truth… they do their best to satisfy their oligarch paymasters, not you, after all. Silly wabbits…



On Thursday, local news website Amurburg.ru reported that, for the first time, the Prokuratura opened a case against the media under the anti-gay propaganda legislation introduced in Russia last year; a newspaper editor who reported about a school teacher allegedly fired because he was gay received a fine. The court fined Aleksandr Suturin, editor-in-chief of Molodoi Dalnevostochnik (Young Far Easterner) in the Russian Far East, 50,000 roubles (1,430 USD. 1,590 CAD. 1,600 AUD. 1,060 Euros. 880 UK Pounds). Suturin blamed the verdict on a “shadow morality police” and “brown plague”, saying that he’d appeal the decision. Molodoi Dalnevostochnik, the oldest publication in the Khabarovsk region, came under fire because its website has a label warning that only people above the age of 16 should visit its website. A law passed in June prohibited “promotion of nontraditional sexual relations among minors”. The age of majority in Russia is 18.

The story in questioned, entitled “A History About Gay-ography”, dated back to September. It detailed the claims of a local geography teacher and gay rights activist who said that he had pressure to quit his job at school and Neo-Nazis assaulted him because of his sexuality. Suturin denied in court that the report constituted “propaganda” of gay relationships. The law against “gay propaganda” provoked a backlash in the West and prompted calls to boycott the Sochi Olympics taking place next month. The law prohibits informing underage children about the “attractiveness of nontraditional sexual relationships” and giving them “distorted ideas about social equality of traditional and nontraditional sexual relationships”. However, President Putin repeatedly said in public that the law doesn’t amount to discrimination of LGBTs.

30 January 2014



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