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Thursday, 26 February 2015

“National Guard” Irregulars and Nationalists Clash in Kiev

00 junta irregular 'Naional Guard' thugs. 26.02.15

Junta irregular “National Guard” thugs… as they lack all training and discipline, the only useful tasks that they can carry out are the most basic internal security duties… these arrogant bully-boys aren’t really soldiers or cops… they’re just “muscle” in uniform.


On Wednesday, our TASS correspondent reported from the scene that “National Guard” irregular militants and cops clashed with nationalist demonstrators near the Arsenalnaya Metro station in Kiev. The junta force encircled the protestors and searched for contraband. Police seized a Molotov cocktail from one of the protestors, and the nationalists later started to scuffle with the cops to halt the security checks. Several protests and a march staged by nationalist groups and football ultras opposing junta policies are due in Kiev on Wednesday. Police expect that a march that’ll start near the Arsenalnaya Metro station should draw thousands of people. In response, the junta deployed police and National Guard irregulars in downtown Kiev. The number of protesters outside the National Bank of the Ukraine (NBU) building doubled, reaching 400. Our TASS correspondent reported that several dozen demonstrators kept vigil there throughout the night. The protesters demanded that NBU Governor V А Gontareva and her deputy Aleksandr Pisarchuk resign. The Genprokuratura Ukrainy opened a criminal case against Gontareva, accusing her foreign currency speculation in August 2014.

25 February 2015




A good deal of the junta forces are now tied down in internal security duties (which is all that they’re good for, given their lack of real military training). How much longer does Poroshenko have? God alone knows. Also note that the junta’s using the Genprokuratura to harass all those inconvenient to them… they needn’t be opponents… only inconvenient. It’s a wonderful day in the neighbourhood…


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Miners from the Western Ukraine Stage Protest in Kiev

00 Donetsk. Monument to the Coal Miner. 31.08.14.


On Wednesday, at least 1,000 miners staged a protest action at government buildings in Kiev. Workers from Lvov and Volyn Oblasts in the Western Ukraine took part in the rally. Coal miner union members demanded that the state amend the law “On Ukraine’s State Budget for 2015”, to include spending for stable work and development for the coal industry, labour protection, and wages for miners. The protest action participants drummed their helmets on government buildings’ concrete fences, carrying placards, “Tax on Miners’ Pensions… Government’s Disgrace”, “No to Shutdown of Mines”, “Our Coal… to Power Stations of the Western Region”, “State Without Coal… People without Electric Power”, shouting “Shame”. The protesters said that they have “haven’t been paid their wages since November”. They also demanded the return of cancelled social benefits. The rally participants refused to disperse, saying that they’d continue their action near the Ukrainian President’s building on Thursday.

28 January 2015



Thursday, 6 November 2014

6 November 2014. MERDE! French Farmers Show What They Think of Sanctions

00 Cow pie. 20.08.12 copy



French farmers show the world what they think of sanctions against Russia. Merde! Literally… there IS a God in Heaven…


Monday, 1 September 2014

1 September 2014. #NoToNATO and #StopNATO… Stop the NATO Warmongers NOW!

00 StopNATONow! 01.09.14


It’s time to speak up. NATO is an “alliance” without a purpose, without a soul, and without any humanity. It’s outlived what little “usefulness” that it once had. There’s no need of it, so, the USA could save BILLIONS by rolling it up, closing down its HQ, making its well-paid minions redundant, and pulling American forces back to the homeland and to the defensive perimeter (that is, off the Eurasian mainland to the UK, Azores, Guam, and Australia). There is no need to waste money on this bootless “alliance”… unless one wants to make the world safe for the rapacious Koch brothers and their ilk. Look at the murders occurring now in Novorossiya… if you support NATO (and its Republican/Conservative (UK/Canada)/Liberal (Australia) backers), you support evil and chaos… you support the blackness of Amoral Capitalist Nihilism. Today, Rightwing Nihilism often claims to be “Pro-Life” (they’re anti-abortion, which isn’t the same thing)… have a care… the times are crank and without pity…

That’s the real choice… a sane defence policy or an aggressive drive to conquer the world. That’s what the Affluent Effluent and the GOP want. Don’t give it to them… now, THAT’S Pro-Life!


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