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Sunday, 4 December 2016

4 December 2016. DAPL Stopped… FOR NOW… Will Trump Reverse the Order?



There’s much glee about the supposed rerouting of the DAPL by the Army Corps of Engineers. I’d say that it’s much too early to break out the bubbly. Trump will take office in six weeks, and he’s got his own money invested in the pipeline. Furthermore, he’s an asshat who enjoys suckerpunching people. Therefore, just because Obama and the Corps of Engineers rejected the present route, doesn’t mean that Trump won’t reverse that order. There’s no call for any celebration yet. It’s time to organise… for when the plug-uglies pull a fast one (it’s not a question of “if”). Besides, the Corps didn’t nix the pipeline, it merely rerouted it, which means that DAPL is still a threat to the environment. I’d point up that’s there’s no call for joy in Mudville, yet. There’s every chance that the oligarchs are planning a riposte, with their boy in office. Have a care… the times are evil…

The First Nations won a reprieve for the time being, not a lasting victory (sad to say).


Friday, 15 July 2016

15 July 2016. An Image Seen All Over the World

On Saturday, militarised and overly armed police arrested Ieshia Evans, a nurse from Brooklyn, outside the Baton Rouge LA Police Department during a protest against the killing of Alton Sterling.


The vacuity and inanity of the so-called “Conservative Movement” is beyond comprehension. The Baton Rouge PD should have sent a single female officer in everyday uniform to arrest Ms Evans, if arrest her they had to. This excess force was uncalled for; it was stupid in the extreme. However, it was the Conservative Mindset on Parade… if you want an illustration of its evil intent and evil doings, just look at the above image. This is what Trump the Chump means by “Make America Great Again”… excuse me, I’ve got to find a corner to be sick in.


Sunday, 24 April 2016

24 April 2016. You Don’t Spit at People to Make a Point

00.01v Occupy Wall Street. 19.10.11. Phoenix AZ USA

This is more respectful than the “Black Lives Matter” people trampling on the flag… here’s the sad part… the BLM people knew that they were inciting, and didn’t care…


If you want a symbolic gesture, don’t burn the flag, wash it.

Norman Thomas

I saw an online image of two black ladies trampling on an American flag to show their commitment to “Black Lives Matter”. That move was both unwise and inflammatory. It showed ungrounded contempt for the symbol of this country. I’m a Leftist… I’m patriotic… the two aren’t exclusive of one another, despite what the loud rightists say! To trample on the flag isn’t only stupid, it’s spitting in people’s faces, for surely these women should’ve known that their act would incite people to anger. There are right and wrong ways of protesting, indeed, there are right and wrong ways of rebelling against an evil.

You don’t spit in people’s faces to make a point. Full stop.


Thursday, 26 February 2015

“National Guard” Irregulars and Nationalists Clash in Kiev

00 junta irregular 'Naional Guard' thugs. 26.02.15

Junta irregular “National Guard” thugs… as they lack all training and discipline, the only useful tasks that they can carry out are the most basic internal security duties… these arrogant bully-boys aren’t really soldiers or cops… they’re just “muscle” in uniform.


On Wednesday, our TASS correspondent reported from the scene that “National Guard” irregular militants and cops clashed with nationalist demonstrators near the Arsenalnaya Metro station in Kiev. The junta force encircled the protestors and searched for contraband. Police seized a Molotov cocktail from one of the protestors, and the nationalists later started to scuffle with the cops to halt the security checks. Several protests and a march staged by nationalist groups and football ultras opposing junta policies are due in Kiev on Wednesday. Police expect that a march that’ll start near the Arsenalnaya Metro station should draw thousands of people. In response, the junta deployed police and National Guard irregulars in downtown Kiev. The number of protesters outside the National Bank of the Ukraine (NBU) building doubled, reaching 400. Our TASS correspondent reported that several dozen demonstrators kept vigil there throughout the night. The protesters demanded that NBU Governor V А Gontareva and her deputy Aleksandr Pisarchuk resign. The Genprokuratura Ukrainy opened a criminal case against Gontareva, accusing her foreign currency speculation in August 2014.

25 February 2015




A good deal of the junta forces are now tied down in internal security duties (which is all that they’re good for, given their lack of real military training). How much longer does Poroshenko have? God alone knows. Also note that the junta’s using the Genprokuratura to harass all those inconvenient to them… they needn’t be opponents… only inconvenient. It’s a wonderful day in the neighbourhood…


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