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Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Mayor of Québec and Forced Halal

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The Mayor of Québec refused to remove pork from school catering menus and explained why:

Muslims must realise that they must integrate and learn to live in Québec. They need to understand that they need to change their lifestyle; the Canadians who so generously welcomed them don’t need to. Muslims should realise that Canadians aren’t racists nor xenophobes. Canada had many immigrants before Muslims came here. Just like other nations, Canadians aren’t going to discard their identity or their culture. If Canada welcomes someone to its land, it wasn’t merely me who welcomed those foreigners… it was the Canadian people as a whole. Finally, they need to understand that Christian roots matter in Canada (Québec)… its Christmas trees, churches, and religious festivals… their religion should remain a private matter.

For Muslims who don’t agree to this and don’t feel comfortable in Canada, there are 57 wonderful Muslim countries in the world, most of them sparsely populated, ready to welcome them with open arms. If you left your country for Canada, and not for another Muslim country, it’s because you believe that life is better in Canada than elsewhere. We won’t allow you to change Canada to be like those 57 countries. If you came to Canada with the idea that you’d supplant us with your prolific spread and eventually take over our country, you should pack up and return to the country from whence you came.

If you can accept the situation, then, stay. If not, then, get ready to leave.

Russian Demotivationals and Motivationals


As for me, I hold two complementary positions. Firstly, if you want to attack and hurt Muslims, you’ll have to get through me. I’m not alone. If you want to hurt the harmless, you just might end up hurt yourself. Secondly, Muslims can’t dictate to us how we order our society. If we wish to eat pork and drink beer and wine, such is our prerogative. Just as Muslims have the right to live as they please, so do we. In a word, let’s have mutual respect. If certain Muslims want to live a life in a society in full consonance with Sharia law, I’d suggest that they move to a Muslim-majority country (and do so with some haste, at that). That’s my word to the few loud Islamist activists. As for ordinary Muslims, y’all come and be welcome. Do pass the shawarma and fattoush, if you will…


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

25 December 2012. A Multimedia Production. Some of My Favourite Things… It’s Catholic Christmas! In French, No Less!

01b Christmas 25.12.10


Mireille Mathieu sings Les anges dans nos campagnes (The Angels in Our Fields), the original French version of Angels We Have Heard on High… you heard me right, the Anglos ripped it from the French… this time, the French are right. By the way, Mme Mathieu is a very strong Catholic Christian, but she doesn’t make a big show of it (which means that she’s for real, unlike the loud sorts (you know who they are)).


01d Christmas in Japan


Vox Angeli sings Noël Blanc (White Christmas)… in this one, the Frogs rip one from the Anglos! Turnaround is fair-play…


01a Christmas 2010. Paris


Il est né le Divin Enfant sung by les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois


01 Paris Christmas 2010


Trois anges sont venus ce soir, composed by Augusta Mary Anne Holmès (1845-1903) (a French composer of Irish heritage, descended from one of the “Wild Geese”, no doubt), sung by Marie-Michèle Desrosiers.




Have a most wonderful holiday and Holy Day… ours is on the way, thirteen days on. I’ll tell you a secret… if you stop by, there’s always room for one more…


25 December 2012. It’s Time for Réveillon! Feast Ye Bounteously…

00 reveillon. 25.12.12


Québécoise chanteuse Julie Dassylva sings an old Québec and French fave, Petit papa Noël


Minuit, Chrétiens sung by… the Red Army Chorus!


Here’s a more traditional rendering of Minuit, Chrétiens sung by the Quebecker French pop singer Bruno Pelletier… he’s from Ville de Québec, in the heartland of French Canada


It’s now about 03.00 EST, which means that all the Quebeckers got back home from Midnight Mass about an hour-and-a-half ago. Trust me… the party’s still on, and it’s gonna roll on till four in the morning, at least. Grand-père has given his blessing to the family, and mama has brought out the bûche de Noël for the dessert after the dinner, but everyone knows that it isn’t a REAL réveillon unless the tourtière is on the table! Yes, I’ve attended a réveillon… and, yes, les Québécois et Québécoises do know how to party hearty. My head knows!



Saturday, 8 September 2012

As John Robles Sees It… Québec and “Independence” In the Americas: History and Today


With the secessionists winning the elections in Québec, the world is full of speculation that they’ll secede from Canada. In this piece, I take a brief look at independence in the Americas and give my take on the Québécois and others in North America who claim to want to be free, but refuse to pay the price for that freedom. Classically, the French and the English have never really shared much love for each other. This goes back to the years of the great empire building and the wars for the Americas between the Spanish, French, and English, with the Portuguese and other nations playing a smaller role.

The Spanish, one could say, won the wars for the Americas hands down, partly because they were able to assimilate better with the Indians and the indigenous peoples. Rather than attempting to annihilate the natives completely, they assimilated into a single ethnos. The Spanish won more territory, taking over part of North America and almost all Central and South America, except for a smaller area won by the Portuguese.

For the French, loyal to France and the Bourbon throne, it was a different story. For their part, the English were mostly drunken cut-throats, murderers, and misfits of all sorts, who hated England, who engaged in a campaign of genocide against the indigenous people. The English chased the natives far to the North, where the French also waged a war of annihilation on the Indians, albeit on a smaller scale. In turn, those who refused to pay allegiance to their rightful king chased the Tories, who were loyal to Britain and the British King, to the North, in what history knows as the American Revolutionary War {this was the first and most successful of the Three Great Godless Revolutions: editor}.

When the grandiose schemes of Napoleon led to the failure of the French Empire, Québec became a consolation prize for the French settlers in the Americas. It was a cold and unforgiving place; a land that the English weren’t all that interested in. In the end, in fact, the French ended being subjugated and controlled by their historic rivals from across la Manche, as English-speaking Canadians and the Tories paid allegiance to Britain and its Monarchy, they controlled what came to be known as Québec.

Personally, for me, it’s difficult to feel sympathy for any of these people as they committed the worst genocide in the history of all mankind against my people. Given that fact, they’re all living on stolen land, so, to me, any discussion of Québec becoming independent from Canada seems absurd and a denial of history. Nevertheless, for the most part, the Indians are gone and those who’re left are contained and voiceless, except for a very few. Ignoring those facts, as the world has been trained to do, allow me to continue. The Québécois are proud of their heritage, their language, and their culture. They’re also proud of what differentiates them from the English and, in particular, from Americans.

Amongst these differences is the level of violence in society. Many French Canadians view themselves as pacifists, and violence, especially gun violence, in the country is rare. Therefore, the American-style shooting outside of the victory speech by the new premier has many worried that this may be a sign that American-style mass shootings may be coming to Canada. That’s not very likely, as Canada has strict gun laws and a working social safety net for the population, including housing and healthcare; nevertheless, people are worried. Will Québec secede from Canada? That’s not very likely either, as the people are too comfortable with what they have and the way things are, they may complain, but few are willing to pay the price and go through all of the trouble that’d be involved. Freedom and independence are not as important as all of the nice things they think they’re provided with, and many just want to be left alone to live their lives, pay their mortgages, and raise their children.

Therefore, we have a continuation of the bickering over the division of lands stolen from the Indians. Since this is an opinion piece, I’ll give you my opinion… we should allow the Indian people to hold a referendum on whether they wish the invaders to stay on their lands. Based on the answer, then, we should proceed from there. That’s wishful thinking, since that’s never going to happen, and, in fact, the whole topic isn’t even worth discussing because it’s up to the people of Québec themselves to decide on whether or not they wish to stay a part of Canada, and they won’t be doing that anytime soon. In their eyes, they have too much to lose, and I’ve already said that it’d be too troublesome and adversely affect their comfortable lives. The same problem exists in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, the Maldives, and a host of other territories or possessions, where the people are too comfortable with the things that they think the colonisers have given them, and they fear the consequences of self-determination.

In this way, capitalism and the West manipulated and literally bought off much of the world. Were trade and import export levels balanced worldwide, this would no longer pose a problem, but unfortunately, there are only a small group of countries controlling the flow of goods and services worldwide. If we could break this grip, then, there might be a chance for equality and an improved standard of living for the entire planet. This idea doesn’t sit well with the USA or the world’s leading trade powerhouses, for if they lost the trade wars, they’d lose a significant instrument that they use to advance their imperialist ambitions.

In reality, it’s strange for me, a person of Arawak (Taíno)/Spanish descent, who’s assimilated and been accepted in Russia, to be writing about French and English squabbles, people who not long ago brutally committed genocide against my people and are still bickering over the lands they stole, with the Québécois making claims to wanting their own country on lands that aren’t theirs to begin with. If the Québécois want independence, I say, “More power to them, they should stand up and have the fortitude to fight for their independence and stop whining”. Many peoples would go to war for such a chance, but all the Québécois have to do is have a referendum and go through some difficulties. If freedom isn’t that important to them, so be it, but stop whining. I’d say the same thing to my fellow Puerto Ricans, but they’ve been so brainwashed that the very idea of freedom, self-determination, and independence is an abomination to them. They’re too afraid to even think about such a thing, and they’re content to be an American possession.

Before I go, I just want to say to those who might write to me about Chechnya and the Russian Caucasus, those lands are and have been a part of Russia, and were not annexed or taken possession of. The question shouldn’t be where would we be without our McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Chevrolet cars, the question should be… “What would it be like to breathe freely?”

8 September 2012

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service


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