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Saturday, 28 November 2015

28 November 2015. Officer, Don’t Shoot! I’m Innocent!

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I’m using subtlety to make a point here. “Black Lives Matter™” is off-the-beam. The issue is power vs unpower. Not only do poor blacks get shot… so do poor Latinos, poor Native Americans, and “poor white trash”. Does racism play a role? Yes, but not as much as some think. Mostly, the cops are reacting to an artificial level of fear instilled by the media. The media, in general, is irresponsible, but so-called “conservative” media is such to a much greater degree (Fox News is the worst culprit, but the National Review and the American Conservative aren’t far behind it in mendacity). That is, most of it is post-2001 hype and nonsense. Twenty years ago, there wasn’t as much police violence.

The issue is NOT race. The issues are class conflict, a false sense of insecurity, and an increasing gap between the rich and the rest of us. Race is divisive… that’s why the powers-that-be use it to divide us. Race is NOT the issue… power and quality of life are the issues that we face. The sooner that we realise that and do something about it, the sooner that excessive police violence will end.


Sunday, 15 November 2015

15 November 2015. Bernie on Racism

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

3 September 2015. Another Reason I HATE Liberals

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This is actually one of the more palatable images in this series (I kid you not)


Firstly, I am a LEFTIST… NOT a Liberal… NOT a Progressive. I HATE Liberalism. In the USA, Liberalism and Conservatism are but two sides of the same corroded and worthless Neoliberal coin. Both have the same roots; both have a basis in Enlightenment stuff n’ nonsense. Both believe in Mankind’s perfectibility… I shit you not. Click here for the rest of the images in this series… I found it condescending, self-centred, and full of self-righteousness.

If you come from the White Working Class, you get dumped on from both spectrums. The Liberal thinks themselves superior to you, but hides it beneath a phony “compassion” and a cooing and soothing condescension. The Conservative openly thinks themselves superior because they have more money than you do (that is, a Rod Dreher is far less guilty than any of the Liberal pundits, for he doesn’t hide his feral agenda). I find that the last time that the White Working Class got a square deal was during the New Deal and World War II. Since then, we’ve had to feel sorry for all the things that we didn’t do, for all the things that we didn’t order, and for all the things that both Conservatives and Liberals find onerous.

That’s why I’m for Bernie. He wants to bring back an updated New Deal. That’d be good for ALL OF US. That’s what I want. GOOD FOR ALL OF US. If you want to continue to shove things down my throat, don’t be surprised if I rebel at it. I’m for the good of EVERYBODY… NO FUCKING EXCEPTIONS. That’s why I’m a Leftist; NOT a Liberal or a Progressive. After all, the Liberals brought us NAFTA, Welfare Reform, the Easter Bombing of Belgrade, and Dollars for Banksters… if you want more of the same, vote for Chilly Hilly or Butcher Biden… as for me, I’m backing Bernie. If you have any connections to the White Working Class, you’ll do the same. If we can get JUSTICE FOR ALL… now, that’s something well-worth fighting for…


Thursday, 27 August 2015

27 August 2015. Have a Care With Black Lives Matter™… It’s the Latest Liberal/Radical Meme of the Month

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I wrote the following on FB:

I oppose Black Lives Matter™ because it takes away from the main point … POLICE BRUTALITY. I know many cops and it concerns them just as much as it concerns anyone else. BLM is theatrical and isn’t serious. YES, it does offend me, and my criticism is from a LEFT perspective… it’s a bourgeois attempt (all too successful) to drive a wedge between people.


I’ve found that “liberals”, “progressives”, and “radicals” have adopted Black Lives Matter™ as their mascot movement of the month. If you’re critical of this set of narcissistic asshats, why, they get all huffy… “How dare you! Black Lives DO Matter! You’re just WRONG!” No… I can disagree with the zeitgeist, especially, when it’s wrongheaded and divisive. Jimmy Carter lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980 because the Repugs successfully painted him out as a lickspittle servant and the Stepin Fetchit of the Affirmative Action crowd. That wasn’t so, but truth doesn’t matter in politics as much as perception does! By kowtowing to and sucking up to this fringe group, Democrats and the Left paint themselves out as mindless enablers of racialist con artists and arsonists. NO… a thousand times NO… I’m NOT saying that there’s no problem. I’m saying that if we want to cure the problem, we have to go beyond the surface and grapple with deep realities. Black Lives Matter™ doesn’t do that. It engages in empty and verbose “protest” such as what we saw in Seattle. We need a national discussion, not on “Black Lives Matter”, but on “Why is there so much police violence towards the powerless?” I have friends in the police who have things to say about that… indeed, their comments (which aren’t just knee-jerk rightwing nonsense) are much more germane to the discussion than empty-headed protestors stomping on and burning American flags (which does no good except to inflame those we might’ve reached). Not all cops are monsters. If you think otherwise, you’re my opponent, and I’ll see you on the other side of the barricades. Do things like this concern me? OF COURSE, THEY DO! However, that doesn’t mean that I must buy into the juvenile, superficial, and divisive narrative that Black Lives Matter™ purveys. Apparently, that upsets many people… so be it. I’ve stated my position clearly. If you want to call me names or consider me the lesser for it, so be it. I can do nothing about you and your reactions. However, I’m going to be “honest to God”… that’s all that matters in the end.

No, I do not like Black Lives Matter

I will not give them my vote

You can even call me a goat

No, I will NOT kiss their bum

And I will not beat their drum

I will speak the Truth as I see it, Sam I Am…


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