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Monday, 20 August 2012

20 August 2012. The Monomuckos Crowd Goes Off the Deep End Again (As Per Usual)


Here’s a good illustration of the level of posts on Monomakhos. Don’t be coy… fight ’em! 


Yet again, the toddlers at Monomuckos prove that they’re not Orthodox, not in the slightest degree. If you wish to read the complete rant, click here (I don’t think that it’s worth your time, but I’ve got to document my point). I’m only going to focus on one aspect of this twaddle, for it proves that the konvertsy never converted in their heart-of-hearts, and that they remain anti-Christian Sectarians in all but name.

Note this:

For this reason, I feel it’s necessary to release this information to the general Orthodox public immediately, particularly, to tithing members of the Orthodox Church in America (my emphasis).

Let’s get one thing straight… there’s no such thing as a “tithing member” in Orthodoxy… no way, no how. The tithe was an aspect of the Old Law done away with by Our Lord Christ. It resurfaced amongst the Radical Reformation, and really took root in the so-called Second Great Awakening, which saw the genesis of some of the most feral of the Radical American Sects (Southern Baptists, Holiness movement, Mormons, Millerites, to name but a few). That’s to say, it isn’t “of the Church”. In fact, it’s heretical.

Let me explain. “Tithing” sets up a “two-tier” level of membership in the Church. Firstly, there are “full” members, the tithers. Then, there’s a second, lower, level of non-tithers. The Church doesn’t teach that; it never did, it never shall. Our Lord Christ never taught the tithe, indeed, he attacked pettifogging legalism and juridical attitudes with all of his powers. The Church has NEVER taught the tithe as part of the Deposit of Faith, its unknown in Church history. The Church has ONE level of membership for all… that’s why the tithe’s heretical, and that’s why it’s absolutely dangerous and corrosive to True Christian faith.

For us as individuals, tithing is even worse than on the corporate level. It sets up prelest of the most disgusting sort… it gives that warm feeling of self-satisfaction that’s the harbinger of the death of any genuine spirituality. Let’s not be coy. The Church and its Mysteries are NOT for sale. There’s NO set amount for what you give of your worldly goods for God’s work on earth. NONE. NADA. НИЧЕГО.  Many moons ago, I must admit that I was deceived by the tithing heresy, too. It seemed so “logical”, so “fair”… but I was lucky. A monastic took the time to explain the true situation, and I’m grateful for that. When you look at it carefully, it’s one of the most horrid fabrications out there, on a level with imiaslavie (a heresy championed by Paffhausen and the Manton conventicle… JP picked it up from his scabrous guru Podmoshensky).

Be careful! Many things are NOT what they appear at first glance. There are many potholes in the road, and many look innocuous, as they’re covered over with realistic-looking camouflage (that’s to bait the trap for the unwary). There be steamin’ cowpats amongst the flowers, kids… do have a care, or, you’ll have an odoriferous ol’ time cleaning off your boots…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 20 August 2012

Albany NY



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