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Sunday, 22 July 2018

22 July 2018. Things That Don’t Go Bump in the Night


There are two descriptors going the routes that are pure bullshit. One is “Cultural Marxist”; the other is “Antifa”. Neither one corresponds to reality; people shouldn’t use either.

Let’s take the first one. I’m a leftist, a Christian Marxist to be precise. I can attest that Cultural Marxism is a total and utter fabrication, an imaginary construct of the Ruling Establishment. Virtually all of those labelled Cultural Marxists are in academe, not in real life at all. Most real Marxists want nothing to do with the cultural anarchy proposed by these sorts. Mind you, I believe that we should leave people alone and not legally persecute them for their choices. However, that isn’t the same as approving societal anarchy and labelling it “good”. The so-called Cultural Marxists are mostly university-bound Ivory Tower domeheads with no influence on real-world Marxists such as Comrades Zyuganov and Xi (or on real-world leftists in general). People will do what they’ll do and we shouldn’t give them legal penalties to punish them for their choices unless they actually hurt others or use force to coerce others into their practises. I’ll assert that most “non-traditional sexual minorities” (to use Patriarch Kirill’s careful and non-judgemental phraseology) don’t hurt anyone else nor do they coerce others to follow them. We should leave them be and let them live their lives in peace. If they show proper decorum, and respect other’s contrary choices, what’s there to complain about? That goes for all parties on all sides of the question, of course.

Antifa supposedly describes the Anti-fascist Left. As a real-life anti-fascist leftist, I can attest that it doesn’t go bump in the night, either. It’s a straw-man, an imaginary will o’ the wisp. It conceals the fact that a good deal of the Radical Right is, indeed, organised and disciplined. It posits a notional left that’s equally organised and disciplined (I wish that were so, but it isn’t, sadly enough). I can assure you that most leftists never heard of Antifa until it appeared in the media about a year ago. I certainly didn’t. None of my acquaintances and associates did either. There was no such organisation, nor was there any such real-life group calling itself thus until the label first appeared in the media. It’s utter bullshit from top to bottom; it’s complete moonshine from stem to stern. I wish that we leftists were as organised as some of the Radical Right is. I truly do, it’d mean that we might be able to fight the oligarchs and their Upper Middle minions and attack-dogs more effectively. However, an organised and disciplined movement called “Antifa” doesn’t exist, nor is there any indication that it’d arise anytime soon (or anytime later, for that matter).

Don’t let the Establishment and the Right label us. Explain things to those who might listen, pay no heed to the invincibly ignorant, and oppose the actual Radical Right (the smallest group of the three I just mentioned). Just because someone reposts Radical Right material doesn’t mean that they’re Radical Righties themselves. Have a care and show some charity and discernment. Don’t turn real and potential friends into implacable and hardened enemies… that’s the real intent of the Ruling Establishment assholes who invented the trashy “Cultural Marxist” and “Antifa” concepts in the first place (it’s divide et impera at its finest). Keep it focused and sweet.



Friday, 26 January 2018

26 January 2018. FB Vox Pop on Rod the Clod Dreher

This still has tread and cred… Rod the Clod wants the same Nazi jackboot on our necks as Pence does. A loser in every which way but loose… it IS time to take out the trash and clean out the house!


Let’s think about Section 8 housing. If word got out that the government was planning to build a housing project for the poor in your neighbourhood, how would you feel about it? Be honest with yourself. Nobody would consider this good news. You wouldn’t consider it good news because you don’t want the destructive culture of the poor imported into your neighbourhood. Drive over to the poor part of town, and see what a shithole it is. Do you want the people who turned their neighbourhood [into] a shithole to bring the shithole to your street?

Of Sh*tholes and Comments, Rod Dreher

If I was feeling less charitable, I’d call Rod Dreher a mean-souled, dough-faced, shit-for-brains bastard, and damn his eyes. However, I’m feeling charitable, so I’ll just say this… Rod Dreher’s professed Christianity is a complete and utter sham; there’s nothing of Christ in a man who could make a statement like this. He worships at the altar of “Middle-Class Respectability” and empty moralism, nothing more. It’s perfectly clear that the heart of the Gospel has no meaning whatsoever for Dreher and his cohorts.

Radoje Spasojevic

Rod Dreher is such a dumbass and a vile little man. I only take things seriously enough to engage when they come from intellectually honest thinkers, not self-promoting bullies. If he doesn’t want to be dismissed as a crank, perhaps he shouldn’t have made a career out of being one.

 Julio Gurrea


Like so many, I’ve been on the receiving end of Rod’s inimitable charity and wit. I’ll content myself with saying that no one who traffics in as much personal vilification as he does can call themselves decent, let alone a Christian. I prefer to let it be. Dwelling on this idiot and his (publicly-expressed) bile does no good. I’m only one of his minor victims… he’s hurt others in more major ways. He’s typical of konvertsy… ignorant, loud, self-centred, smug, and arrogant… with a refusal to learn anything from anyone. Leave him be… but do oppose him and those like him. They’re a toxic danger to the Church here in the diaspora. God do preserve us…


Friday, 20 October 2017

20 October 2017. What “Conservatism” Brings in Its Wake… Why No Decent Person Can Espouse It


American Conservatism is one of the more objectively evil and positively destructive ideologies on offer. Destruction hangs like a pall all over the Northeast. The Albany region is the last gasp of the prosperity that “trickles out” from the Boswash Corridor. To the west of us, starting with Amsterdam, it looks like a war took place. A war DID take place. It was a war of the rich against the rest of us. To maximise their personal gain, they closed down vibrant industries and killed numberless communities and brought pain and beggary into millions of homes. They moved industries to compliant Third World countries and to former slaver Southern states in the USA, where they run actual sweatshops. They don’t invest in much of the USA… for that’d mean that they’d have to pay real wages and follow real regulations (even with a weakened regimen, most American regulations aren’t the Oligarch’s Bonanza Paradise of Indonesia, Mexico, and the Cayman Islands or of the neo-Confederate Kleptocracies of Texas and South Carolina).

These people feed upon the people’s misery. They don’t give a good goddamn for their fellow-man. The Republicans amongst them congratulate themselves on their “Pro-Life” stance. Isn’t that satanic and diabolic? They bloat fat on profits earned by sweating American prisoners paid less than Chinese coolie wages (the USA is the world leader in imprisonment), but they bleat about “saving babies”… whilst smiling at drone attacks, proxy wars, the Gitmo Gulag, the DHS Gestapo, and violence from racist police (not all cops are racists… but the rightwing coddles the racists amongst them). None dare call it duplicitous and malevolent…

However, that war isn’t over yet… I repeat… a spectre DOES haunt Mar-a-Lago. Reality WILL take its due.


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

29 April 2015. Say “Thank You!” Before It’s Too Late

00 thank you for the victory. russia. 28.04.15


This year is the seventieth anniversary of the Victory over Fascism… the youngest vets are in their eighties. Show your gratitude before it’s too late…

The Uniate nationalists in the Ukraine HATE VIctory Day… why? It’s because they honour Nazi collaborators who served in the SS, the UPA whores of the Nazis and Americans, and the Trawniki men who served in the Nazi occupation forces and in the concentration camps shoving Jews into the ovens. If you support the Ukraine, you support those who glorify Nazis. Ugly, ain’t it?

I support the HEROES of the Red Army. If you denigrate them in any way, you’re my enemy, and I’ll oppose you (I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s clergy… if they refuse to honour the Great Victory and the Red Army that won it, that means that they honour stinking collaborators and stand with the theomachistic junta in Kiev). It’s time for us in the Russian diaspora to make all those in our ranks who refuse to honour the Soviet legacy “stand and deliver”. Our Patriarch honours the podvig of the Soviet people… so should we. We should start by demanding that the sellout quisling Potapov leave Radio Liberty and issue a public renunciation of his treasonous work for the US government (he supports himself and his family via his treachery to Holy Rus).

We should stand up for our bleeding coreligionists. If we don’t, we help hammer the nails into them. That’s all that one has to say…


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